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  1. Robin Wright. Ruby Rose. Alexander Skarsgard. All. Day. Long
  2. Interesting article! Thanks for sharing. Agree, I think it's a slightly different phenomenon. While certainly not averse to photos with anyone involved with, I haven't ever thought about sending / exchanging with my friends.....think there would be a few 'wide eyes', lol!
  3. Love without labels. Love it. Great short film, good post
  4. This is AMAZING! How cool would that have been to be part of that?! Great share...
  5. Sub. Always.
  6. Thanks, celeste teal much appreciated x
  7. .....cos that's me all over
  8. A wee bit of fun! Orange also....probably the "most outgoing and down to earth" ...and the rest, sounds about right :-) There's quite a lot of oranges!
  9. Excellent choices, Virgogirl! Was lucky enough to see them live here. Amazing! I'd also throw in : Are you gonna go my way, Lenny Kravitz, Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue, Relax Frankie Goes to Hollywood.... Far too many, all with awesome memories! Ps BTW, someone gonna tell me the easiest way to embed a video / clip??? I must be being dumb...or just tired, lol! Huge thanks in advance!
  10. Hey ChemFem lol, sorry. What I mean by that is you see some beautiful intricate rope work, not just wrists, ankles, conjoined ties. So, I mean a bit more refined and applied :-) And never been suspended. So that would be cool I think Anyway, on the bucket list ;-)
  11. Yeah, ''tis a good movie. Good choice :-)
  12. Hey Sparkles, which Matrix is your favourite? Most say the first, but I loved Reloaded.

    1. Sparkles33


      Hey :-) Have to say, I genuinely love them all. If I had to say any,  probably the first one, as I remember thinking 'f%#k, that was amazing!" And couldn't wait for the next one. 

       They're a bit like marmite - people either love or hate them! 

    2. #No1Crush


      True, I used to love the games as well.

    3. Sparkles33


      And...bought the soundtrack! 

      Still enjoy watching them :-) 

  13. Just saying hi :-) Thanks for following