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  1. Comfort
  2. I was wondering if any ladies on here have any experience and advice to give about using henna hair dyes. I have been colouring my hair with chemical dyes both shop brought and at the salon for decades now. Unfortunately my scalp appears to be protesting feeling very sore dry and itchy. Not wanting to be the grey that I now am I am wondering about trying more natural products. I have heard though that henna can make grey hair go bright orange? Normally I just have my roots done, I am naturally brown and would want to use a brown or red brown shade.
  3. Relief
  4. Enjoy
  5. Personally I need pressure on my friend clit.
  6. I worked with a woman once who claimed that she had orgasms on the bus every morning on the way to work claiming the vibrations of the engine enabled her to....
  7. Taste
  8. Flowing
  9. Troubled
  10. Chocolate biscuit
  11. Bullies
  12. How miserable people are these days and how my hairdresser did my hair a little too dark yesterday and I sat there and allowed her to. Wish my life could change quite soon, it’s going nowhere fast right now and I don’t even know where I want it to go.