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  3. Here comes the much needed rain for the gardens where I live....

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  5. It did feel like stepping into another world for me, it felt almost magical and exciting, like an adventure. It was certainly a welcome break whenever I could find the time, from the stresses I was under in my heterosexual life. I was in awe of her and her lifestyle and enjoyed being in her company. Do you have to choose? Not unless you want to. If you are just discovering this aspect of your persona then you need a little more time and perhaps some experience. My advice? Be sure any lady who you choose to get this experience with is, first and foremost, a friend with your best interests at heart.
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  8. The heterosexual lifestyle is vastly different to that of the gold star Lesbian. If we are to come together in an ever changing future we must respect and understand each other’s background and life experience.

    1. Androgynygrl


      So true we all have to respect one another's realities 

  9. She who harmed me was like a child with a broken toy, when it didn’t work right for her she threw it away.

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  11. Right now reciprocated love and sincerity is enough without crossing that line into what can be very nasty lesbianism.
  12. Ha ha, I admire your honesty and wisdom here, like me you have learned the hard way and found the solution that suits you.
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