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  1. It’s so true, no matter if there is attraction if you can’t hold a conversation then it all goes outa the window. I can respond if someone asks me something but within a group I struggle to know when to join in and get overwhelmed and annoyed by it all, especially as I’ve gotten older. The whole thing is just so exhausting and if I have made a big effort to socialise I am overstimulated and exhausted for days afterwards. I believe they call it social anxiety.
  2. Anti bullying week in the UK, 12th to 16th November.

  3. Aaahh, bless, hope he stays well. x
  4. So glad to hear that progress is being made for you on what has been a long and painful journey. Breaking up a unit is hard and sad for children but as they saw it coming then not such a shock, they will be happy to see you happier. You are an independent woman and I am sure you are going to be just fine.
  5. When you are so physically and mentally exhausted that it makes you cry.

  6. I think bisexuality in itself changes and fluctuates, not sure why this happens. For me I knew I was bisexual when I was engaged and even laughingly discussed it with my fiancé. I think ‘laughingly’ is the key word here, I/we never took it seriously, it was not something that was gonna stop us pursuing our dreams of, home, family life together etc, but this was the 1970’s. But then some years later, early 1980’s, it became less of a latent possibility and more of a ‘ I gotta do this or I am gonna go crazy’ feeling. I then had to incorporate this into my life with hubby, two children and home which was no easy task. If somebody were to ask me now why this need emerged so strongly when it did I really could not say, only that I was just 18 when I married, 19 when I had my first child and 21 when I had my second and that we all grew up together and that becoming fully bisexual was just part of my personal evolution. I’m not saying that this was easy but the passing of time and with there being much more knowledge and education about sexual matters these days does help to come to terms with who you are.
  7. It was something to do with the religion of the registrar, it was a while ago now, but it went to court and the registrar won based on the fact that it went against her religion. But in general my home town is quite homophobic, the nearest lgbt meet-up is an hour or more bus ride away and most of the local lesbians are in couples and anti bi.
  8. No I don’t live in Northern Ireland, I live in South East England and the registry office in my home town refuses to marry gay couples last I heard anyway.
  9. Clocks go back this weekend then, winter is on its way! 

    1. Active Life

      Active Life

      Not in Phoenix...:whistle:

  10. I can’t avoid this pile of paperwork in my office for much longer.

  11. Dear ex of many moons ago, was the way we met really so disgraceful? Isn’t the world full of people despairingly looking for love? Anyway, thank you for the good times  before it, well er before you, well don’t know how to describe it cos still don’t know what went wrong but yeah thanks for that...

  12. Referred myself to NHS social anxiety service. They do everything online regarding initial assessment. Had appointment for phone assessment Monday morning but didn’t like the pre assessment online questionnaire so cancelled appt. Don’t suppose it would have helped much. Sometimes these NHS things just pull you down even more, they tend to get information about you from the community and as my main tormentor actually works in the NHS I would just be a lamb to the slaughter. (sigh), yet another circle turned in vain. Oh well plodding on...

  13. So last night I found myself looking at a row of naked vulvas on the tv, ‘Naked attraction’ the programme was called. Very surprised by the frank discussions of preferences for body types. Was transfixed for the rest of the programme as aspects of pan sexuality were also openly discussed. Am actually quite pleased to see another educational programme which actually shows the reality of the diverse world we live in today. Well done channel four. (Not for the easily offended)...