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  1. Grrrrrr....May I ask how you identify ie gay straight or bi? BISEXUAL..a person who is attracted to both men and women. You make it sound like a bi woman has done something wrong by marrying a guy. Who are you to tell anyone how to express their sexuality? Have you never heard of fluid and have you checked the year on your calendar or maybe you just flew here in a time machine from the 1950’s? I for one do not have to justify my life choices to you or anyone else. Jeez....
  2. It’s like, I dunno, not feeling it anymore really, that is the bi thing, like it’s just not me anymore. Yeah I’m fluid and persecuted and thought of as Lesbian by morons but I am certain I am not that. Sex just doesn’t come high on my priory list any more, I no longer long for it. I do long for friendship companionship and freedom to be. Gonna take a break ladies, love you all, (platonically) and concentrate on that..



    1. these-broken-wings(TBW)


      Right there with you!  All the best x

    2. estee


      Sending you love, be kind to yourself and be free to be yourself without judgment from others xx

  3. I don’t like being identified offline by people who have somehow identified me online and attempt to impose on me in RL when I haven’t agreed to meet you beforehand. Today I am in a bad mood and have a headache having been tortured at the dentist. :-( 

    1. JadeBleu15


      Agreed, I would think that’s an highly invasion of privacy thing. Hope you feel better soon. 

    2. myladylove


      Thanks Jade, guess I’ll get over it. :-)

  4. myladylove

    I am feeling _____ because ______

    I am feeling annoyed and irritated cos I have two dental appointments looming and am struggling in general to get my life on track so far this year, like too many things to get going with and not enough energy and time.
  5. Mines gone all purple and kinda square shaped! Lol..(The new website that is)...:-)..

    1. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      Same! It's quite a change. I think we used to have square shapes for avatars and I remember when it was changed to round I was shocked haha

    2. la-femme


      It's the Theme. You can change it back to the default at the bottom of the page ( you don't need to do it every time ). Or there's a little picture icon top right of this one where you can change the background colour. Hope this helps a bit. LF xxx

    3. myladylove


      Ha ha, thanks, it was just a bit of a shock, Ill give my eyes time to adjust first.

  6. myladylove


    I find I have nothing or very little in common with Lesbians, most of my life has been lived in a heterosexual lifestyle with a couple of diversions into the gay world some 30 years ago. It was somewhere I needed to go but I have no plans to go back. As an older woman I am contentedly single and still learning the art of making friends. This has become more important to me than sexual attraction or sexual relationships. I think we all need to go to different places to learn our lessons and grow and find what fits for us. I do think it is great that women can now legally marry, this, as bi women leaves us ‘open to’ and free to choose. I actually don’t like the word ‘Lesbian’ any more and feel it is maybe a bit outdated? As we go through life we meet who we meet and feel what we feel and make our choices accordingly. For me, true friendship, things in common, similar experiences in life and shared values are essential to forming relationships be you male or female.
  7. myladylove

    One-hit wonder?

    It has evolved for me throughout my life and I think this is what is meant by ‘fluid’. We rush to identify ourselves when we are young, grab a partner and say yes this is me and this is who I am. However life is not always that simple. I started off as rampant poly het, then evolved into bi, then for a while thought I was gay, then back to bi. I am contemplating leaving my bi experiences in the past but that doesn’t mean I am gonna jump on a man and say with smugness and relief I am straight. Being one thing or the other is just too rigid for me. I have decided to just go with the flow.
  8. I agree, in life we have to live and learn and this applies to our sexuality. Even if, as in my case, the experiences turn out to be somewhat harmful to us, we have learned. If not we would drive ourselves and our partner crazy with resentment and longing. Sometimes we need to suffer to grow, there are though still the moments of joy that will stay with you forever.
  9. I wonder which part of ‘no esn’s’ my adoring public didn’t understand....btw I deleted that profile months ago and it is no longer relevant whilst I continue to contemplate what is best for me. Happy 2019 fans..

  10. I had a little prick in Sainsburys this morning....and before you all gasp in horror, it was a diabetes test and pleased to say my results were in the normal range.

    1. JadeBleu15


      Haha!! Excellent news. 

  11. Incredible that was written well over two years ago. Time for an update really I guess. Well still feeling much the same about being single and not needing a husband. Still miss my late hubby and my ex gf. May sound corny but have come to feel that both are irreplaceable. Have lived alone for seven years now and very much used to it. It’s hard for me because I would like to make new platonic friends who share interests in common but it’s like this bi label never goes away and your motives for anything you do questioned. Not that I deny being as such but why does it matter so much to other people. It has become something that is getting in the way of my moving on. I am determined not to commit to any relationship until I have friendship and respect in the community I live in. Basically I just want my time to be me and be free, do things at my own pace and make my own choices. Think I’m up against it...(sigh)...
  12. myladylove

    Who's Your Celebrity Crush?

    Josh Holloway, for him I would be 101% heterosexual, so handsome and that accent just sends me..
  13. myladylove

    No title, no idea

    Welcome back, I know the feeling and our pets are a great comfort.
  14. myladylove

    Geesh Universe

    Why do you think you should make the first verbal approach, surely if the other person started the eye lock, then once they have caught your eye, they should start the conversation. Even a quick smile to break the tension if you were with hubby at the time.