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  1. Things ain’t what they used to be.

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      Hey there, what's up?
  2. You’re not receiving PM’s Celeste.

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      Oh, I'm sorry myladylove  I'm maxed out...I'll clean some out 

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      Please try again, I made some room :)

    3. myladylove
  3. In love
  4. I don’t use it but have encountered many people who do in the course of my life and have heard it said that sexually it “let’s the beast out”....
  5. Yeah the painful teenage crush, ouch been there, the one you never stood a chance with cos he could have his choice of women and you were hardly on his radar. But basically men are quite simple in their rejection of you whereas women are cruel and vile with it. They’ve been inside your mind as well as your body, they’ve read you and sussed out all your weaknesses and have stored them all up ready for the big rejection. When it comes you are in shock, what? you who declared undying love and devotion and swore never to hurt me, you really don’t want me any more? Why? No answer. Instead fights are picked, throwaway comments are blown out of proportion, suddenly in her eyes you are a ‘wrong un’ a manipulator, only with her out of desperation, not normal. Had these thoughts been in her mind all the time? Why now? Then comes the biggest blow of all, she has cheated on you, you are no longer needed but she wants to make you out the baddy. It was all a lie, fools fooling fools. You would think that women being more articulate that a truthful conversation might have eased the pain, but oh no, gotta make a big drama out of it. Not sure I am more to women than men, just more sensitive to the emotional pain they can cause you. Maybe if I had a positive experience with a woman I would feel different but the chances of that being pretty remote I find it hard to motivate myself to pursue one.
  6. Sometimes when I think of her, the way she treated me and the things she said about me I get angry and wanna slap her face. Other times I wanna hug her tight and break down sobbing. These are the crazy emotions left after an unresolved break up with a woman, even after many years.

  7. Sometimes it’s best if we just stick to what we know and if others are bored by this they can go do one. Don’t ask me what I am talking about cos this could apply to several issues in my life. Think I need to buy a good book.


  8. Cats were my first love and I think they will be my last.

  9. There are more questions than answers and the more I find out the less I know.

  10. I get it cos mine is remaining in my home town, cos like a soapstar you get typecast which lessons the opportunities for new and different experiences.
  11. I agree, chin up Kairi. ( Means keep going proudly).
  12. Can’t get used to losing you, no matter what I try to do, wanna spend my whole life through, loving you.

    1. JadeBleu15


      Just seeing this one, leaving a hug right here

    2. myladylove


      Thanks Jade. :-) 

  13. Take back that sad word goodbye, bring back the joy to my life, don’t leave me here with these tears, come and kiss the pain away, I can’t forget the day you left, time is so unkind and life is so cruel without you here beside me.

    Un break my heart, say you’ll love me again, undo this hurt you caused.


  14. Yoga cancelled this week so enjoyed a morning swim.