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  1. I hear you too with empathy.
  2. Hi from me, doggy looks nice, love his colours.
  3. When sleep eludes you make a cup of tea and enjoy the sound of cat purring.

    1. Hungry


      Are you sure it's the "cat?":P Relax, we've got all night, you'll get there eventually..

    2. myladylove


      Yes, it's been a long time since there was a lover of either gender in my bed. Cat sees me through my sleepless nights. Heard strange noises out the front of my house, put the porch light on but feeling tense. Sound carries on these warm nights. 


  4. Satisfied with the day, anxious about the perps.
  5. Wondering what shite my neighbours are cooking up against me now...
  6. Another hike today and home to cut my grass? There is no stopping this lady once she decides to do something her way.

    1. #No1Crush


      Can you pass me some motivation please ? :)

      I keep looking at the back garden saying to myself I really should mow  the lawn and then I close the door again lol.

    2. myladylove


      Ha ha, guess u just gotta be in the mood, getting angry often spurs me on, good therapy exercise. I use a push me pull me non electric mower as well so it's quite a workout. Fortunately my bit of lawn is not too big.

  7. I had to bite my tongue as well because I also enjoy Bene's posts and envy her vast experience. But I do have to say that with everything I have to face day to day in my life, vile abuse, harassment, social exclusion from sporting activities and educational courses, incitement of neighbours against me and total isolation that a monogamous relationship with a Lesbian and a group of supportive Lesbian friends would feel like a walk in the park to me.
  8. Happy anniversary, can't see the date you joined, how long is it? 

  9. No one can deny, this love I feel inside, my love, my endless love.....

  10. There was an interview on This Morning (ITV) just last week about what they were referring to themselves as a 'Throuple' that is three people, One man and two women in a committed relationship. The first woman had been open from the start about wanting a woman as well as a man and the man had agreed and they all got on well and now live openly with this arrangement. The first woman has a child with the man and the second is expecting the mans child, so bisexuality is certainly something that is real and that people are starting to talk about and consider as a lifestyle.
  11. No cake and a nice long hike, I'm doing my bit. Anyone recommend a reasonably priced Fitbit? 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. myladylove


      Think it will once again boil down to me updating my phone although I do have an up to date mini iPad now.

    3. Hungry


      Your phone is probably up to date enough. I remember you replying to a phone thread ages ago and what you had then should do. The bluetooth connectivity will just be a case of whether you use data roaming now on your phone, if the setting is already switched on you're good to go, assuming you want to track on the move and when home the Ipad will give you a clearer view of all the options. 

    4. myladylove


      Thanks Hungry, will check this out. :-) 

  12. I wish I could be free of bullying and harassment so that I could gain my social confidence, move on from my loss and find new friends and companions to share life's experiences with.
  13. An adult bully tries to avoid responsibility for their own bad behaviour by blaming the target for causing it.

    1. Hungry


      All bullies do that. Not just adults, it's more infuriating though :nono:

  14. Connection I think. Connection with others who have had similar feelings and life experiences.