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  1. myladylove

    Really Confused

    They are most likely your bi (bisexual) vibes which often emerge as women age. Lesbian women will think of you as gay cos a lot of them (and before I cause offence I know not all of them) don’t accept bisexuality as something real but merely a closeted gay. As a bi woman myself I know it hits really hard the first time and is somewhat confusing but more and more women are coming to accept they have these feelings whether they act on it or not. That has gotta be healthy cos how we feel is who we are.
  2. myladylove

    Anyone watching Gentleman Jack? SO HOT.

    It started here in the UK on BBC 1 last Sunday night. It is extremely interesting to me to watch a drama based on a real life person, prior to this I had never of of this Anne Lister. How amazing that she kept coded diaries of her life, some of which are still being cracked today. She must have been so very intelligent and way ahead of her time. Such a brave woman. Her life did seem very privileged though and I do believe this is somewhat of an enabler even way back then as more respect is given to those of wealth and good breeding. Certainly one to watch and one is assured of good TV when Suranne Jones is playing the main character. Methinks more awards will be on the way for this lady, one of my favourite actresses.
  3. I dunno, maybe it’s me but there just seems to be something so empty and shallow about the way straight women relate to one another. Their malice, gossip and frustrations leave me feeling totally worn out. Who needs that? Think I had it sussed decades ago when I decided what I wanted from another woman. All that’s left now is for me to grow old in peace ALONE...apart from my loyal pussy of course. :-) 

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    2. contessmed
    3. myladylove


      For some reason the ‘like’ button isn’t responding for me on status updates but I just wanted to thank you for your response. You are spot on in what you are saying, I don’t want to make the same mistakes I made with friendship choices when I was young and dumb enough to simply do what everybody  else was doing. Knowing yourself better is one of the perks of growing old, (there has to be some) and despite the loneliness it’s a nice sort of content and self satisfied feeling.

    4. contessmed


      I do hope your loneliness doesn’t last long ... There’s quite a difference between feeling lonely and being alone . I have felt lonely in a roomful of people at times , but grateful never alone as I always have myself to talk to lol ( hopefully not out loud  )  ok occasionally - we all do once in a while ( don’t we ? :hysterical:

  4. myladylove

    Secrets are the best.

    I remember this yearning. Had it for years, did everything, all the usual ways of meeting people but the chances of meeting someone like this organically are sadly remote. The reality is if you want this you gotta make it happen. I sat down and thought about exactly what I wanted, wrote it down and placed an ad. The result was exactly what I wanted and one of the most enriching experiences of my life. Had I not have done this I would still be yearning..Just my take on it of course and entirely your choice how you go about it but you’re not alone that’s for sure.
  5. Orange is the new black....phew...I’m speechless, almost shocked!!! (Only acquired Netflix this year). Seriously a complete bi/Les education in itself. Not a nice place to go to get it though. Lol..

  6. myladylove

    Advice From Those Who Had A Hysterectomy

    Wishing you well, usually takes about three months to get back to normal and then you can enjoy being free of blood. Be sure to get plenty of rest in that time. x
  7. myladylove

    Femme vs Butch

    I think I am a combination of femme and soft butch and I like a soft butch girlfriend. Many women however don’t like these kind of labels even though they clearly have either traits. I think it’s harmless.
  8. Sometimes people just get busy with their lives and it’s hard to find time for friendships. It’s good that you both have lives outside of whatever is or isn’t going on between you. You have been very brave in owning up to your feelings which whilst she initially stated she had never seen you in that way before, may now have caused her to look at you differently. This means that she is going through just as much turmoil as you. In effect you are both scared and confused. Give it time and be patient when she bails. Eventually, hopefully there will be clarification if, firstly, your friend reciprocates and secondly if she wants to act on this with a married mother. This would be a lot for her to take on and will, take it from me, not be easy. Once there has been clarification with this first crush then you can decide how you want to identify in the future and how hubby fits into who you are. In the meantime I would just try to relax, continue with any support and advice services you find and enjoy your children and work. Being bi is just part of who you are, chill it’s not so bad. :-)
  9. It's a sandwich I would definitely buy.

    1. myladylove


      I think it’s good to raise money for a specific cause, and why not lgbt homelessness amongst young people. They are more likely to be homeless due to family rejection.

  10. I’ve been attracted to both. Sometimes it is a persons personality that does it for me and sometimes it’s their looks, sometimes it’s both and sometimes there is nothing I like at all about them. I do however like a person who is confident with a quick wit, good humour and able to handle themselves in a social situation. Other important qualities being, honesty, loyalty, sincerity and cleanliness.
  11. We have lost our M&S just before they introduced the LGBT sandwich....

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    2. myladylove


      Yeah it’s real, M&S is then gonna donate a certain percentage to young LGBT homeless.

    3. Mariazena178


      Oh ok well that sounds pretty cool x 

    4. femmekat


      I wish I had come up with the LGBT sandwich - add a G (Guacamole) to an LBT - it is genius!!

  12. myladylove

    Messaging etiquette

    If you mean PM’s (private messages) then normally people have chatted on the forums and got a bit acquainted before a pm conversation starts. There is no obligation to continue the chat although it wouold be polite to say why. Sometimes people just get busy and might catch up with you later. Also as this is a support forum not everybody wants to meet in RL but some do. It’s all down to personal choice. Hope this helps. If you mean forums, much the same, topics just tend to die down after a while.
  13. Its no wonder I proceed with caution and seek peace as an older woman when I look back at the tangled webs of my younger years...

    1. Mariazena178


      How old are you? If you don’t mind me asking 

    2. myladylove


      Nope. I am quite happily 64 years old. I say quite happily cos I am enjoying being retired and have acquired a fair bit of wisdom along with my wrinkles. Also one becomes grateful as each year passes when sadly those we have known and loved do not make it and we are still here with things to do and still much to learn.

    3. Mariazena178


      That’s very true, every day here is a good day right,  I’m sure you must have some good stories to share.I’d love to hear them sometime x 

  14. myladylove

    The best of both worlds

    Well that was meant for another thread but since you ask it was mainly a set up by interfering gossips and the outcome proved that you should never interfere or second guess another persons life. She came into my place of work, I had gone back to work part time after my sons started school. She then appeared around every corner and in every store I was in whenever I was in town. Crazy really..