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  1. I had a little prick in Sainsburys this morning....and before you all gasp in horror, it was a diabetes test and pleased to say my results were in the normal range.

    1. JadeBleu15


      Haha!! Excellent news. 

  2. Incredible that was written well over two years ago. Time for an update really I guess. Well still feeling much the same about being single and not needing a husband. Still miss my late hubby and my ex gf. May sound corny but have come to feel that both are irreplaceable. Have lived alone for seven years now and very much used to it. It’s hard for me because I would like to make new platonic friends who share interests in common but it’s like this bi label never goes away and your motives for anything you do questioned. Not that I deny being as such but why does it matter so much to other people. It has become something that is getting in the way of my moving on. I am determined not to commit to any relationship until I have friendship and respect in the community I live in. Basically I just want my time to be me and be free, do things at my own pace and make my own choices. Think I’m up against it...(sigh)...
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  10. Josh Holloway, for him I would be 101% heterosexual, so handsome and that accent just sends me..
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  12. Welcome back, I know the feeling and our pets are a great comfort.
  13. Why do you think you should make the first verbal approach, surely if the other person started the eye lock, then once they have caught your eye, they should start the conversation. Even a quick smile to break the tension if you were with hubby at the time.