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  1. Accepting of my lot but still motivated to improve health with more exercise.
  2. Hay hay, lets all go play. I like them. I would pick one of these to hang on my wall.
  3. So do I. Where do you live?
  4. I am glad you used the word 'backward' that is now their behaviour comes across to me. I lived through the sixties but I have never seen behaviour like it. Granted it has quieted down but now there is a tense silence and spontaneous muttered verbal attacks and the social exclusion remains. I have learned to ignore it and quietly go about my business but I am very guarded and hyper vigilant. I have a double stigma as I am despised for being single as well, like they have never seen an independent single woman before. Now that is backward.
  5. Tonight it is hot hot hot...

    1. myladylove


      So, this is how it has worked out for me and you know what? It's not so bad, it's peaceful anyway..

    2. Hungry


      Indeed. I slept really well :D Woke up early to the birds and blue skies what's not to love. The country would look so much nicer if it was like this more often!

    3. femmekat


      It was hot last night - duvet changed to sheet :)

  6. They know I have had Lesbian relationships and crushes despite being het married and put pressure on to define either way but even if I did they would still hate me. I'm sorry that you and your partner hav suffered so much, I am quite shocked to hear this. I did think I was the only one to experience the neighbour thing, it makes my life very hard. People say move but it's only gonna start up again wherever I live.
  7. Often people who say this want to 'out' someone for some reason.
  8. There is hypocrisy in others judgement that I have been pondering about. I agree with you entirely. It seems that people only class it as cheating if you are heterosexually married to your primary partner, like the legality of marriage somehow makes us devoid of other feelings and needs and if we have them we should be ashamed or not act on them. My experience of being in a het marriage and having a gendered monogamy agreement and the public horror that it provoked and still does, has, sadly made me reluctant to marry again. I like to be in charge of my destiny and in particular my sexual choices. Nobody gets to tell me what I can and can't do or can and can't feel, never again. Hence I remain in limbo with my life.
  9. Looks like we came together Kairi..
  10. I am 100% tired.

    1. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      I hope you wake up 100% refreshed

    2. myladylove


      Been a long time since, cat wakes me up before I am ready especially in the summer.

  11. Sunshine Blood test Hike shopping
  12. Double hugs, hope your day gets better. x
  13. So sad that we are fighting, too much danger too much hate, sometimes I need reminding, before it gets too late.