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  1. Great article, thanks for posting. :-)
  2. We look back and reflect on those who hurt us, admittedly adding to already present damage, and we have to learn from this, lonely as it is, the need to protect ourselves from further damage is just so paramount. In fear we move forward, little steps, retreating when more potential damage shows its face, ever alert, wary. Step by step, one day at a time....

  3. Absolutely, I have opened up romantically and emotionally to a woman and had my heart smashed to bits. Women are very complicated, I can only say as I have said before on this site that I no longer trust Lesbian women for different reasons than they don’t trust me although much the same. I differ from the article in that I would never contemplate a relationship with a straight woman, I am more likely to dislike or have zilch in common with them. I am bi but don’t intend, based on negative experiences, to act on it. That doesn’t mean I am any less bi. I would be more likely, particularly at my age, to form a companionship relationship with a man or remain single.
  4. Flabby joints were a bit more cooperative this week at yoga, I can feel some of it coming back, amazing really given the years that have passed since. You also feel the benefits straight away. It is worth doing.

    1. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      Good for you! 

    2. myladylove
    3. blueberry


      Oh, you inspire me to go back having yoga again. Looooong time since I've been. 

  5. Touching moments from the wedding of Harry and Meghan.
  6. Flabbergasted, suspicious, exhausted.
  7. Been there.
  8. I would choose purple, apparently it is the colour of spirituality and I am a very spiritual person. If we could choose more than one colour I would choose all the colours of the rainbow cos I love rainbows and all the natural wonders that nature offers us.
  9. I’ve never been exclusively with a woman.
  10. I had open honest communication from the start but still my ex ended up condemning me for wanting her and hubby. So it would seem that even though some Lesbians may try to make it work something just doesn’t feel right for them. Now that I am a single bi woman I tend to avoid relationships with men, not because I don’t like or fancy them but because I have a fear of once again being in a relationship with a man and then also wanting a woman and having to experience the fear and frustration that causes. Maybe Lesbian women could try and understand how we feel a bit more and not be so quick to judge us. It is difficult from both points of view. I am not comfortable labelling myself either way, it’s a lonely place to be but it is just me.
  11. Why can’t new members join shy’s, ? I noticed a lot of newbys when I recently came back after a break.
  12. Never again will I be so desperate for love.

    1. Beaulieu1


      Hey...everyone is desperate for it in their own way.....

      It's what we all love and be loved..

      Big hugs to you x  x

  13. Aaaahh Kairi, know what you mean but haven’t you written this chapter before? LOL Me too though. Sometimes things going on in our real life distract us then after a while we miss shy’s and return. Anyway whatever happens for you wishing you well and lots of love and happiness. xxxxxx
  14. Spot on again, I too had come to this conclusion, that people who would harass and bully a person for a same sex relationship dating back decades really are not worth the time of day never mind friendship. In that sense being bi is a gift. As I have no immediate plans to explore my bi side again I will use it as a ‘decent friend’ detector. :-)
  15. ‘Bat shit crazy’ ha ha, tell me about it. I’ve been there. Lol