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  1. Hello pavements, it’s good to see you again....

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    2. shazza21


      So off putting. Most people can't get their head around married couples being ok with one of them having a relationship outside of their marriage because monogamy has been inbedded as the norm. Some of us just aren't normal lol ;)

    3. myladylove


      It depends what you want and knowing what you want is the first step. Just vaguely saying you want a woman is not enough. The woman wants to know where she stands. Also it is not unheard of for a Lesbian to go with a married woman. Both the Lesbians I had affairs with knew I was married but it was made clear hubby wasn’t playing.....

    4. shazza21


      I know what I want and no hubby isn't going to join in. Just want that special friend I can make feel special regardless of how she identifies 

  2. The problem is that the males and females that I attracted in the spring and summer of my life are impacting negatively in the autumn and winter of my life.

    1. shazza21


      Don't let them. Be proud of who you are xx

  3. That this weather is holding me up but that’s better than venturing out and doing myself an injury. NHS hospitals to be avoided at any cost especially this time of year. (Sigh)
  4. -12 brrrr...onesie warming on the radiator..

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    2. myladylove


      So true, me, I get stir crazy when I can’t get out.

    3. Hungry


      Aren't we all.. :blush: Don't worry about it's the season of eating anyway...

    4. Hungry


      I know what you mean, I came home early before it colder just so I wouldn't land on my backside :P 

  5. I was gonna run some errands and do some more Christmas shopping today but the pavements here are like ice rinks, don’t fancy falling arse over tit really..

    1. shazza21


      I'd volunteer to hold you hand so you don't fall :air_kiss:

  6. I’m not the only one born around Christmas time then, it’s a white birthday this year for us ladies.

  7. Soothing
  8. I have to admit I am not entirely clear what a ‘community site’ is. If I were only looking for gay/bi friends and not a lover I would specify this in my profile. I have seen profiles with this clearly stated and have seen others stating they just want sex. It’s about being clear from the start but it maybe is that some are confused and scared or when meeting you just don’t ‘feel’ it.
  9. We have quite heavy snow here this morning, still falling and settling.

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    2. #No1Crush


      I love it! It’s not settling here :(

    3. Hungry


      Just ice and sleet now. Only issue is that's gonna freeze.. so I'll be indoors!

    4. Newtothis12


      We've had a fair bit of the fluffy white stuff. Lovely out walking in it this morning. I love the silence it brings.  Constingancy plans are in place for work tomorrow x x

  10. I agree that being upfront about your marital status from the start is better. Why start a relationship with a lie? But also include if you intend hubby to be part of the relationship in any way. Certainly don’t mention children only in the context that you have some if the profile asks this question. Although many years ago now I can remember exactly how I worded my ad the first time I sought a female lover non organically following a disastrous organic affair. I worded it... ’Married bisexual seeks 100% Lesbian lover, no male involvement’. How the relationship goes after making a connection in this way just depends on how you feel about each other and how well you get on like any other relationship. My gf never met my hubby or children and that was how I preferred it, it was something for me, my leisure time but of course we are all different. Just give it time. Good luck.
  11. Good morning Lizzie, how’s things with you?