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  1. Without going into too much detail I am involved in an online relationship where the subject of sexual needs has come up quite explicitly. It came up quite by chance, didn’t expect it too but once it did we both went for it. We have so much else in common and both seem keen but there are differences in what we both like. I had more or less decided, based on past experience, that that was it then but she wants to discuss further and see if it can be, as she put it, ‘worked around’. I am not clear what this means or if this is possible. Can sexual incompatibility be worked around or is it the most important part of a relationship? I think this is the drawback of being an informed woman, we may give up on something good based on something we haven’t even tried yet cos we know before we try what we like and what we don’t like. Would welcome opinions and advice and any experience others have of this issue in gay/bi or straight relationships.
  2. Ok Ladies, the time has come. Recent events and frank discussions have shown me, that despite brief liaisons in the past, the gay/bi thing is not for me. In fact I don’t believe any of it is for me anymore. That is not to say that I haven’t enjoyed the 2 and a bit years I have spent on here cos I have, I have learnt a lot and validated my past. To all those who became special to me I send you my love. To all of you I wish you health wealth and happiness. Time to now bow out gracefully, fond farewells. xxxxx 

    1. JadeBleu15


      Will miss you @myladylove  wishing you much joy and happiness. 

    2. lsroses


      It won't be the same without you!! Good luck with everything and I wish you the greatest happiness too.x

    3. SimplyTrouble


      I truly don't understand how the gay/ bi thing is not for you.. Because I never had a choice of what I am .. But I do wish you the best of luck .. Hugs xx

  3. My god this site is hot this

  4. Like I don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes....
  5. City
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  7. Discover
  8. I don’t know, I’m still taking it in, it’s hopeful but not gonna be as easy as I thought. The dread has gone but been replaced with overload and uncertainty.
  9. Will find out sometime today.
  10. Read it Kairi, it will be worth it in the end. x
  11. Lesbian sex is much more involved and varied than heterosexual sex. Different women like different things, the danger is that you fall for a woman who likes different things than you. It’s hard to deal with if you have been in the relationship for a while and then discover this. Shy’s is a good place to be to learn about these things, there are threads here about likes and dislikes and the terms used.
  12. I just think in general that women’s bodies are much nicer and more interesting but some men are very handsome and appealing when dressed smart and clean shaven. I knew I was bisexual when I was engaged to be married but never thought I would need to act on it. I have to say that acting on it was’nt always a joyful experience and the world of Lesbian sex is a bit of a minefield in my experience.
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  14. Improving
  15. Ever hopeful that everything is gonna work out and everyone will be happy.
  16. That things are looking positive. Thank you god.
  17. Well that’s my spring cleaning done for this year anyway.

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