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  1. Train
  2. Wow, this is an interesting one. Mine was Mr Sandman by the Chordettes, know the song but never heard of the group, inspiringly it was an all girl group consisting of four ladies. I have also discovered that I was born on a Saturday which is something I didn’t know. Thanks for posting this. :-)
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  4. Wales
  5. Slightly better today..
  6. I could almost have an orgasm eating chocolate....

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      I'll bring some round ;-)

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      I can’t think of a sensible response right now...... * runs off to get chocolate *

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  9. Entertainment
  10. So I am hearing on the news this morning that by 2019 the government wants GP’s to ask patients to define their sexuality when having a face to face consultation. I’m glad it’s that long away, gives me time to think what I would say as I am a very complicated person with all sorts of issues bound up in my sexuality. Of course we have the right not to answer the question. ‘No comment’ might be my best response, what would be yours to such a question when you perhaps were not feeling too well anyway?
  11. Loose women’s cool attitude is that sexuality has gone way past needing labelling and that it is none of the NHS’s business. Apparently most young people these days identify as fluid bi. Based on that if I was really pressured into giving a label I would say fluid bi and that’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I would like to think that gone are the days when we are made to feel guilty and ashamed for having sexual feelings. All the recent fluid bi on the soaps has made me feel relieved of the pressure to label myself either way and made my biphobic neighbour who is always calling me ‘Lesbian’ and spreading shite around about me look like the arse that she is.... Hooray for relaxed attitudes and informed people. Perhaps the NHS should ask the bigots and bullies to define what their issues are and get them specialist help. I do think that a better idea might be to put some info on the notice board in doctors waiting rooms pointing lgbt people in the direction of others, that way it would prevent it becoming a problem in the first place.
  12. Like withdrawing for a while despite having issues that need attending to.
  13. Cooling
  14. Mmmm, naughty but nice.
  15. Sunshine
  16. Custard
  17. I had to fill in a form recently when I worked with my local council anti social behaviour team regarding harassment I am subject to. The form asked this same question ie what is your sexuality. I turned it onto humour and wrote ‘unlikely’ and never heard anything back so I guess a lot depends on how you are feeling at the time. I also remember when my hubby was terminally ill and was getting visits from all kinds of different professionals one woman asking him what his sexual orientation was. I was quite enraged by this, I mean a dying man?
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