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  1. I just came across your profile and thought about saying hi! I wish I could be as clear as you about my 2016 goals. See you around! :)

    1. TakeMeToTheSea


      Hi! And after reading your profile, I wish I was as good with words as you are. Loved reading your blurb about the girl across the street.

  2. 9 here! Whoever has seen my Shybi profile, will recognize the following story as my "About me" information. I'm posting it here to talk about those girls previous to the one from the story, girls I never really wanted something with, but girls that I was kind of attracted or even infatuated with. The difference between those and the one from the story, it's that I wanted something with the later, she made me want to take action, the others did not. Also, this one seemed interested as well, the others did not. So here, before starting, it's my "about me" again: "I still remember the first time I locked eyes with a woman I liked. We crossed the street at the same time, she was going one way, I was going the other way. I thought I was never going to see her again, but I was wrong. 15 minutes later I entered a movie theatre and there she was. She was selling popcorn, I was in line to buy a margarita (best place to watch movies!). She recognized me and gave me the most beautiful smile ever. We talked for a bit while my friend insisted we were going to be late for the movie. I came back to the same theatre about 4 times in the next few days. Unfortunately, my friend was always there (at any mention of me going to watch a movie, he would always be the gentleman and insist on accompaning me), so we didn't say anything more than "hello's" and "glad's to see you're back". I would go home every day thinking of her, but never had the courage to say anything. Eventually I stopped going, and when I decided to come back, she wasn't working there anymore." Now, I want to go back at least ten years, maybe a bit more, to my first years of high school. I had just transfered to this big all women high school, and everything was super new to me. As a way to shake that weird I-don't-belong-here feeling off, I signed up for every extracurricular activity I could find. That got me some friends fast, and even more important, it got me to met this girl, María*. She was one year older than me, she wasn't particularly pretty, not ugly either, just a normal 15 year old girl, but she was nice, and there was something about her that I liked. She was part of the Softball team, and since noone from my class was part of it, I started hanging out with her and her friends, I remembered looking at her more than I'd look at anyone else, but I thought I was just curious about her, and never, in those times I'd look at her, I considered the possibility of a relatiionship different from friendship with her. I think I should also mention that, to that day, I had never really met anyone that was gay or bisexual, and for me, those were foreign concepts that existed only when I'd sneak out to the tv room at midnight every monday, to watch in awe this show called the L word, but that's a story for another time. What I liked more about María, was that she wasn't really the popular type, or the nerdy type, she wasn't the best player of the team, and as I said, she wasn't the prettiest, but her friends all seem to gravitate towards her, and I guess whatever that was, captivated me as well. I had a pretty late sexual awakening, and during all those high school years, when all my friends started having their first real boyfriends and relationships, I was focused on the next match, the next concert or the next play. I couldn't care less about boys (or girls) and I was fine with it. So, María, yet intriguing, was never really a crush of mine (at least I never consider her as one). Now, I want to fast forward six years to some of my post secundary years. Just as with school, I transfered universities a couple of times, and in one of those places I met this girl *Raquel. We were only about 4 girls in the whole program, so we all became close friends rather quickly. At this point, I had been "exposed" to a bigger world than when I was in high school, but still, that I knew of, I had just met maybe three lesbians and one gay guy in my entire life. I think it's important to note that I wasn't exactly sheltered, it's just that people where not that open (and still are not) about their sexuality in the circles I moved at the time. The thing with this girl Raquel was, that even though in reality all I wanted was to be friends with her, she opened a door I hadn't open before. You see, I used to laugh a bit when my friends imagined their future with their crushes or boyfriends, because I thought it was streatching their relationship too much. But then, here I was, imagining what it would be for me to grow older with Raquel, have a family with her and all the things that come with that. Again, as weird as it might sound, I didn't even fancied here sexually, it was more about me feeling we were very compatible and that it was someone like her, if not her, that I wanted for my future. I spent weeks fantazising about that, but when I saw her face to face, I had no real desire to have something with her, it was more, I think, that I gave her looks and traits to an imaginary character in my mind. I transfered universities once more, and in the place where I finially completed my degree, I met a wider spectrum of people than ever before, and suddenly half my friends were gay, or lesbians, or big allies of the LGBTIA+ community. That felt great, because before that, I always felt kind of pushed out everytime I presented myself as an ally of said community. I grew up more comfortable with all that, but never really fancied any girl I met, and even politely (and not so much) declined the advances of a couple of girls that came after me (I don't regret it, but sometimes I feel like I could have at least explore the path with any of them). And that was me, until the day I met the movie girl, about a year after graduating from university. This time was different, I felt how both my mind and my body reacted to her looking at me, talking to me, how whatever was happening to me would increase every time I went back and she recognized me, how I was begining to realize it was attraction, in the purest form, what I was feeling. I guess this three women are the main reason I'm part of this forum today, and I wanted to mention them as part as that introspective journey I decided to take when I joined Shybi, all in search of whatever makes me happy. Until next time, 9 *Not their real names, just in case.
  3. Sounds like it. One day I'll definitely take a few walks there.
  4. I feel like I'd love a walk somewhere in Ireland or Scotland, never been, but it's a feeling I've had for a while.
  5. I like to believe we are not alone in Space, because that would be such a waste of space (literally), but I never give too much tought on them. If you would have to listen to a song for the rest of your life, which song would it be?
  6. Welcome SweetK129, you'll like it here, everyone's very nice and there's a lot to read and learn.
  7. It's third season final season? And now I'm curious, why did you like season 2 better?
  8. If I remember correctly, Vampire, it happened kind of at the same time that I opened my account here and bought a new cellphone and this one has a 9 minutes snooze button, no 5 minutes option, no nothing. I guess that's where that comes from, but I agree with you, I fall asleep again in those 9 minutes, every time. Thanks TaureanGirl for comming and suscribing. I'll check that "no guests" option. Hope to see you both around.
  9. I loved the first season of The Following, absolutely loved it. The second season was kind of weird but I still kept going and finished it, but at that point I was not buying it anymore and never got to see season 3. Some told me that third season was good, is it? should I go back to it? I had such high expectations for this show....
  10. Love your 'About Me' section. Life is very strange, (I always think of 'Sliding Doors' when reading about similar things. I think some things are meant to be. Maybe it wasn't the right time in your life? Maybe your time will be just around the corner :) x

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    2. TaureanGirl


      Sorry I should have said- Sliding Doors is a film, it's quite a few years old now. Gwyneth Paltrow is in it.

      It's one that makes you think, I'd recommend a watch :)

    3. 9_more_minutes


      I will definitely check it out. I guess, I could have googled it and be sure, but asking is way more fun (and easy), haha

    4. TaureanGirl


      Yes do, I remember it being pretty good.

      Oh yes definitely more fun to ask me! :)

  11. 9 here! I've toyed with the idea of a blog for as far as I can remember being online, but never really thought I'd get one. Okay, that's not entirely true. I did have a blog when I was still in high school which lasted for a few years, but I never really used it the way I was supposed to. I wanted to write, but I did very little of that. Then I used it to showcase my photography, but again, I didn't post that many pictures. Eventually, the blog became a place for me to post music videos I liked, and to upload homework every time a teacher asked me to (it can happen a lot when you go to University to get a communications degree). And it's been lying there, unused for years. I have never used it the way I originally intended to because, well, one of the things I don't like about owning a blog is having people connecting my writing with myself. I'm not afraid to speak my mind, but I do pick my words with great care when I don't know who can be listening or reading them. And you never know who will end up reading your blog, right? I think it all comes to the fact that I'm very Internet shy. Now, I've been part of Shy's for a couple of months, and I've enjoyed every single second here. I'm learning a lot about life, sexuality, women, etc. as well as about myself. I love the fact that, in here, you can be as public or as private as you wish, that you can let everyone know you, or remain completely anynimous without missing any of the experience of the forum. That gave me the idea of starting the kind of blog I always wanted, but doing it here, where I'm more myself than anywhere else, but where no one knows exactly who I am if I don't let them know. I've been more truthful here than in other aspects of my life, and that's a thought that both scares me and makes me feel like this is the place. So, I've decided to start this blog. It's called Hit that snooze button as a reference to my Username 9 more minutes, which is the time my Alarm Snooze button gives me before starting again. And now that I'm on that topic, 9 more minutes is my username because I feel like I'm about to wake up to my true self, but I'm still struggling with those last remains of confortable (numb) sleep. I will most likely not write every day or even every week, but I'll try my best to make it work this time, mostly for me, but also hoping that whoever ends up here enjoys whatever I'm ranting about. Until I come again then, 9
  12. So, I was going about my day, listening to some recommended playlists on Spotify and this song started playing: "Je t'aime... Moi non plus" by Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, and it cought me by surprise when she started almost orgasming in the middle of the song. So yeah, in case anyone wants to listen to it, here it is:
  13. Hi! Just passing by to say hello and tell you that you just got yourself your first blog follower. I hope I get to read a lot from you! :)

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    2. 9_more_minutes


      You're welcome. Something about your style caught my attention, so let's see what you have to say in the future... haha :)

    3. TaureanGirl


      No pressure there then! Lol

      I'm no J K Rowling, but I I think I could write a book about my life if I had a few years spare to write it!

    4. 9_more_minutes


      Haha, no no, no pressure at all. I won't demand a new update every couple of days. You do you, and I'll enjoy the parts I get to read.

      And if you think you could write a book, you should, try writing a chapter a month or something, and before you know it, you will have a first draft.

  14. I'm very not cool with Alan Rickman dying.

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    2. 9_more_minutes


      I feel like a dear uncle just died.

    3. TaureanGirl


      Me neither, so very sad. These things seem to come in waves, where quite a few leave us in quick succession.

      Let's hope no more now for a while :( x

    4. 9_more_minutes


      I know, there's usually a saying that this kinds of deaths come in waves of 3, so let's hope David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Celine Dion's husband (can't remember his name) are enough to keep Death at peace for now.... :(

  15. It sounds like you've been quite unlucky with your therapists in this aspect. I hope you get to find one that knows both sexuality and OCD. I guess it also adds up to the frustration when you go to someone for help and they are as clueless as you. Maybe that's something that doesn't make our situation any easier. And I also think Bluesy hit a spot with the overthinking being higher than the actual desire. That going around and around inside your head makes you super confused. My head hasn't stop spinning since I was like 14, and here I am at 27, still wondering.... Hope you find that therapist soon!