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  1. I agree too. Why do we do this to ourselves?
  2. Women who love to lean a great book title

  3. Visual nails on a chalkboard - I love that metaphor!
  4. Looking forward to book club

    1. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      Me too! I'm looking forward to  hearing everyone's interesting comments and discussion as well as enjoying the books

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your coercive experience Leigh such a crime against a child. As for alone there is a quote about it being sex with someone you love who totally gets you and accepts you......
  6. Sending a wave from the winter rain to your summer.

    1. Leigh1968


      @Leopard a warm summer rainbow from my world to yours.

    2. Leopard


      Thanks Leigh I love rainbows

  7. I think the phrase 'setting the pace' is really significant. So often we and thinking especially about women exert suble or not so subtle pressure. That was a really great story on so many levels
  8. I hope you feel really accepted and affirmed here and also respected!
  9. Thank you for writing this. Learning not to try and rescue others has been difficult for me too. Its hard to care and be passionate about justice for other women especially. ....
  10. Just like me! I love my toes to look amazing. I wear just a hint of purfume at work. In a care environment we are careful with ill people who can be very sensitive to scent
  11. Saying hi hope you are having a great summer

    1. FlannelFish


      Hi Leopard! I am having a great summer, work is busy but that's a good thing :)   How is your summer going?

    2. Leopard


      It's winter here and wet and cold. We are lending you the sun right now !!!

  12. Why was there never a movie called:

    'Theres something about spreadsheets'

    It would be a budget one for sure!

  13. Thats so beautifully written and with such a sharp sense of human community. Wait staff seem so often unappreciated but they create the feel of a restaurant to make it welcoming. I was shocked at how little they earn and how they depend on tips which are.passed down the line to those who cook. We rarely tip in Australia I guess because we accept people should be paid. I would love to visit Arizona but the outback sky in Australia is amazing.
  14. Its one of those days of endless distractions

    1. Cherished


      Good distractions hopefully

    2. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      * practices some graceful leaps, and rapid twirsl to rise above the other distractions *

    3. Leigh1968


      Take a little time for yourself.  A cup of tea and a little quiet time.