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    I grew up in a regional town in Victoria went to uni and realised I was bi. After an arts degree traveled and then went back to uni and became an RN. Married and two teenagers. Manager in Aged Care. Committed to family and friends and passionate about social justice. Caring for my own mental wellness.
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  1. Thank you for this great blog entry I learnt so.much from it. At this time with the same sex marriage postal survey in Australia it cheered me up! You are a wonder woman !
  2. I just missed you! Hope you are having a super special weekend

    1. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      We're having a late September heat wave! 

  3. Im sure you will feel at home once you have explored the posts and connected with others. Surrounded by like minded good hearted women.
  4. Thank you for a most lovely story

    1. treelover123


      I feel like I have to thank the universe, god or some deity for having lived through this story. 

    2. Leopard


      It's amazing how gratitude changes things! A memory become a treasure 

  5. Pretty perfect pretty and beautifully shared
  6. Sometimes when people are in a strange and new place they give themselves permission to try new things but sadly there is a kind of internal pull back to the everyday. It seems that maybe these women have secret longings they hide in public
  7. just calling by a wave from the big island

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    2. Leopard


      I love Tasmania

    3. southern star

      southern star

      me too! Haven't ventured to South Australia yet. Did the great ocean road, but did a u turn back through the Grampians. Looking forward to checking out Adelaide's festivals sometime.

    4. southern star

      southern star

      PM if you ever want to chat. :)

  8. Hugs to you story weaver dream maker and creative genius with an amazing sense of humour

    1. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      Hugs! Welcome back XXX :)

  9. Feeling more connected after some time away to care for health and mend some friendships. I have missed you!

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    2. nudous


      Welcome back! Missed you!

    3. Leopard


      thank you Nudous hope you are going well

    4. Cherished
  10. From my teenage years I have suffered recurrent episodes of mental illness. I was diagnosed with a rapid cycling version of what we call bipolar and have had times of depression. This is managed with medication but sometimes I'm erratic in conversations and connections here on Shy.

    However I suffer with PMDD and you may want to know more about this for yourself. You can look this up usefully on the Gia Allemand Foundation.

    I live a pretty normal life and hold down a responsible job but being quite unwell with a virulent winter virus set everything off and I'm recovering slowly.

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    2. Leopard


      Thank you and for all the messages. I have been spending too much time in front of a screen so will be back in a week or two.

      You all mean so much to me

    3. nudous


      Hope you're doing well!

    4. Leigh1968


      Thinking of you and I hope this finds you well.  ~L

  11. When the chat room returns perhaps some of us can try this - purely as a learning activity of course! There must be some experts among us here on shy!
  12. I agree too. Why do we do this to ourselves?
  13. Women who love to lean a great book title