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    I grew up in a regional town in Victoria went to uni and realised I was bi. After an arts degree traveled and then went back to uni and became an RN. Married and two teenagers. Manager in Aged Care. Committed to family and friends and passionate about social justice. Caring for my own mental wellness.
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  1. Leopard

    Inspiring Pictures Of Women With Women

    Seeing people in love probably gives us hope for the world. Despite Trump North Korea Global warming etc etc and the Australian postal survey on marriage equality we look at people in love.
  2. Leopard

    Inspiring Pictures Of Women With Women

    These are real women in love not acting not pretending but being out there and saying this is real!
  3. I hope you had a beautiful day!

  4. Leopard

    Inspiring Pictures Of Women With Women

    I feel great being in the presence of people who love and care for each other and this comes across in these photos
  5. Leopard


    Religion means to 'bind back' and it looks after community to ensure justice prevails. In the ancient world prohibitions against same sex relationships, divorce and multiple relationships were often to protect vulnerable people from exploitation and being possessions of other people. Today its not the same but I do thing the justice aspect of all our relationships is a good question. Hate never goes anywhere but develop into yet more hate.
  6. Leopard

    Hands Up Who's From Melbourne!

    Im guessing you are in Tassie! A wave from Adelaide!
  7. Leopard

    Wonder Women

    Thank you for this great blog entry I learnt so.much from it. At this time with the same sex marriage postal survey in Australia it cheered me up! You are a wonder woman !
  8. I just missed you! Hope you are having a super special weekend

    1. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      We're having a late September heat wave! 

    2. Leopard


       A heat wave ? Wow its confusing

  9. Leopard

    New At This

    Im sure you will feel at home once you have explored the posts and connected with others. Surrounded by like minded good hearted women.
  10. Leopard

    I prefer being "second"

    There is always more love!
  11. Thank you for a most lovely story

    1. treelover123


      I feel like I have to thank the universe, god or some deity for having lived through this story. 

    2. Leopard


      It's amazing how gratitude changes things! A memory become a treasure 

  12. Leopard

    I prefer being "second"

    Maybe your number one can be the person you are with at the time. Negotiation and agreement I think of the essence I feel
  13. At times like this we need to be held tight and also be wrapped in the care of friends and those close to us. A void opens I feel vertiginous uncertain blown by squalls of emotion and yet speaking our story helps me feel a little more solid. Thanks for those great hearts who have shared this pain and ripping away of loved ones .....
  14. Pretty perfect pretty and beautifully shared