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    I'm a professional wine drinker in training and just looking for someone to pay me for my skills! Now I'm single again I've rediscovered my love of shoes, clothes and spending hours shopping online for things I dont really need!!!
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  1. I go through phases where i can suddenly go a week and havent done it but then i get some time one morning and then its 5 times a day for as many days as I can keep going lol xx
  2. I am loud and have become a talker with lots of words I'd never use normally!!!
  3. Nothing to lose and so much to gain whether it be just a friend or more in the future xx
  4. On long drives I have started to put my hairbrush under me on the drivers seat with the hard handle in a position that allows me to wriggle and rub my clit against it whilst pushing down! Its not inserted and often I will be wearing jeans but it passes the time and makes me horny as hell!
  5. Yep I see what your saying but there are charlatans in all walks of life and as you say, its all about doing your homework first and getting the right advice and recommendations. No different to trying to find a good mechanic to service your car because sometimes self service just isnt an option
  6. I can see the point your making but to be so dismissive of tantric or holistic therapies could be quite offensive to many people who may have a deep believe in all aspects of meditative practices. Personally I'm not a big believer in homeopathy but I understand that many people do have a belief that natural remedies are better than my preferred route of going to my doctor for a prescription every time I feel unwell. I'm sure there are many providers out there that are advertising yoni massage as no more than a sexual service in exchange for cash but there are also a lot of very experienced tantric therapists out there that have given their life to learn and train in all aspects of tantra and a lot of customers who believe in there ability to help with a wide range of both sexual and general health issues. That said, I still fancy having one and am not fussed whether its from some experienced tantric therapist or some stunning 25 year old escort who is going to spend an hour just playing with me and making me orgasm!!
  7. Sex with my hubby was shit and boring but since getting divorced and having my first taste of another woman I have become a sexual animal with both men and other ladies!! I did wrestle with the idea that my behaviour would be seen as sluttish but I'm in my late forties now and am happy with myself and the fact that I know life is for living and enjoying. I look forward to settling down with someone who shares the same desires and love of life xx
  8. Waxed all the time and ultra smooth nowadays. Just my personal preference for myself as I have no issue with going down on a friend who is au natural down there xx
  9. Love it Love it Love it!! Love giving and receiving and giving again. Its all about trust and I find that once you have that level of trust and intimacy with your partner then everything feels more special xx
  10. Now thats put a stirring in me that makes me realise that I have been living like a nun!!!
  11. Hi hun, good luck and I hope it goes well and all your dreams come true. Did you come out after ending your long term relationship as thats a struggle I have xx
  12. I love the Fifth Element and Bruce Willis xx

  13. Thats so funny as I'm jet black at the moment and itching to go back to blonde!!
  14. Its very different but sometimes hard to explain why. The feeling of boobs against boobs is amazing instead of a boner poking you in the thigh and it can be so much gentler but its not the physical aspects that I notice most. Its the smell of her hair or her perfume, the sensation of lipstick covered lips against yours and your tongues touching but not being forceful, the subtle sounds are different and feeling your hands move over her hips and ass and the curves of her body. It's wondering if she is as turned on and as wet as you are and all the thoughts that are in your head as the signs again are not there in the same way as a man with that boner being dry humped against you!
  15. Been watching 24 again on Sky and whilst the dream job will always be Holly Willoughbys bra fitter, I wouldn't mind being some sort of super tough secret agent!!