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  1. I got infj the advocate. I'd say it's pretty accurate.
  2. janet jackson do you mind and never gonna give you up lisa stansfield. mmmmmmm.
  3. I met someone like that and she was my gf for a time. Then she eneded things because even though I told a few friends about us I couldn't tell my family. That was diffucult. But we are still very close friends and talk all the time. I'm thankful she encourages me to be happy with myself no matter what.
  4. I think I am still struggling to figure things out. I know growing up I was always closer to girls than boys. As I got older I only had girls as friends and a crush on a guy. Then I met my husband. I have been questioning things now for about 3 or 4 years. Every time I have a serious gf I feel closer to her emotionally than to my husband. Then the relationship ends one way or other. I don't have any problem being with just my husband but I do like a gf sometimes anyway. He is supportive as long as we are both involved in the relationship. Which is ok.
  5. My husband knows and is ok with things. We just have to keep things between us and not let anyone else know except a few friends. He has said that if I ever decided to tell my family that I was bi or had a gf that I was on my own. So that is how it is for us. I know most of my family wouldn't accept things as they are very conservative. I'm excited to move next month from this small town and make new friends.
  6. is excited to be moving to Az soon.  Hope to make lots of new friends.  

  7. I can relate. My gf broke up with me a few weeks ago and now all I want is to be with her. My husband though supportive of me being bi, does not want the three of us in a relationship again. But I will say that after being with this woman I have felt like a teenager again myself. I'm struggling now because I love my husband but am also very attracted to women and this woman in general. I sought her out after lack of emotional connection with my husband.
  8. I would say chemestry for sure. Also a nice perfume. And this may be an odd one but if a woman says romantic things to me in another language such as spanish it's so very hot mmmm.
  9. Happy Valentine's day weekend everyone.

  10. Here is a quick update. So the girl I thought I was in love with has decided she just wants to be friends and have an nsa relationship. Based on her actions mainly lack of communication I don't feel like she was ever my gf to begin with. So I'm now searching for a new gf. Thanks to all for your advice.
  11. I told my husband I was curious about girls about 2 years ago. Since then I've struggled to figuree out if I'm more attracted to girls or if I can be happy with my husband and a gf. He says I can have a gf for the 2 of us and it's ok for me to be with her while he's at work. So we'll se what happens. I thought I had a gf but she has made evident by her actions that she isn't ready for a relationship. I haven't yet had a chance to tell her how i fell about this. But so far things are good with my husband and I.
  12. I hope everyone has a great day. Hugs to all.

  13. wants a gf who will not just say I love you but will mean it with their actions as well as words.

  14. I've only known this girl for about 2 months. So far our relationship seems to be working but I think at some point I may have to choose my husband or her. So I've been trying to sort out my feelings for my husband. I've thought about leaving beacause I feel more physically and emotionally connected to this girl. But I feel secure and stable in my relationship with my husband. I don't know that I could devistate him by leaving. Just a few feelings I'm trying to sort out. I"m sure things will work out in time as they are meant to.
  15. I've been honest with him I'm just not sure he believes me. As for therapy that's not an option right now due to financial and transportation issues.