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  1. Hi and welcome from the West Midlands
  2. Giving hubby a kiss goodbye as he's off to work :(
  3. Im 5ft 9 inches and a UK size 16 so im curvy
  4. 4 gym workouts a week for 1 hour plus daily power walks. Id love to up the gym to 5 workouts a week just cant find the time right now.
  5. In the 7 months since I joined Shys I've been in contact with several Shys ladies online and in person and though im still looking for that special lady friend im more confident in myself and the fact I know she's out there somewhere, I just need to bide my time till I find her!
  6. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, a really good sequel
  7. I'm so bloody restless!
  8. A short break in London in May then the Canary islands in August, roll on the summer! :sungum:
  9. I think Americans have very sexy accents ;)
  10. Hi & Welcome, Make yourself at home, were a really friendly bunch :party:
  11. Help, my minds so restless this evening and I just can't settle

    1. bluebell


      sending good vibes

    2. Mamandyou1964
    3. bluebell


      Whatever it is, I hope you'll sort it out. Wish I could help

  12. Just popping by to say hi and welcome. I hope you're settling in and have had a warm welcome from the ladies