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  1. I personally don't click easy with others. I've been trying to change that. For me I always try to approach new people with patience and a level of respect. Sometimes I had to silence that little voice that was critical or dismissive. even set in it's way. I wound up connecting in ways I didn't think possible. My advice: give them your undivided attention and quiet your own thoughts.
  2. Has anyone ever experienced or known someone who experienced a stroke? if so what was experience like and what advice could you offer to someone caring for a victim? My father was recently discharged 2 days ago. He's able to walk but his right side has been affected. His condition has improved immensely since we first took him to the hospital. The doctors gave us an estimation of a month for the initial recovery. I live in another city and attend univeristy. My brother stays with him during part of the week. I want to stay with him on weekends. I likely won't take a job until the month is over and we've seen improvement.
  3. I've never really been in this spot. Well I have been before but it didn't go well. What if it seems like your getting along with someone But after awhile you start to feel like your not good enough to keep their interest? but in your head you know your wrong cause the person is that amazing. How do you get through that insecure feeling?
  4. Maybe you should ask him again. Even if it turns into a knock down argument it would be better to put your cards on the table. It maybe uncomfortable but at least you know where you stand. Many men tend to tell you what you want to hear cause they want you to be happy. The emotional response is something they can't always anticipate within themselves. I think its a bit silly to stereotype it as all men want threesomes. But if you see somethings wrong I could understand the need to comply in desperation. Please be honest with him cause I'm certain if you don't you will hear the d word again.
  5. Is your sister's girlfriend different in personality compared to your family and circle of friends. I apologize if this a bit forward. But do you think you infatuation could just be based on envy? or the fact she's a new face and your fascinated with her? If so maybe you can use that to build a good report with her. I wouldn't recommend confessing to her but if you get along then it shows your supportive of the relationship.
  6. peanut butter
  7. I'm laying on my stomach on my bed.