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  1. Blowing you a kiss and hope you will be back soon

  2. Supersonic Laugh out loud funny. And great music.
  3. A smile goes a long way. Compliment her on her hair/clothes/shoes. If you're British discuss the weather. Talk about the venue: it's too loud/quiet; the food/drinks are good/expensive etc etc. Good luck!
  4. Yes! Can't stand waiting around for the action. And don't you dare argue with me...
  5. Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar
  6. Hunt for the Wilderpeople - a brilliant feel good film
  7. Hi UV, haven't seen you on shy's for a while, you ok?

    1. Unintentional Velvet

      Unintentional Velvet

      Ooops, not looked at my visitors for a while! Hi back to you.

    2. myladylove
  8. I recommend anything by Kathy Lette especially The Llama Parlour, Altar Ego and Nip'n'Tuck. Carrie Fisher is very funny too.
  9. Hey, just stopping by as I am up late with an ill husband. Still liking Tom Hiddleston post Taylor Swift? It's out me off rather xx

  10. Hi there (waves) (smiles)

    1. bi-the-ocean


      Hiya!:) So glad I made 20 posts and can comment now, It felt so rude being unable to reply!!

  11. Been away and have come out to a few close friends. That it all.

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    2. Pierette


      Hey welcome back and congrats on coming out to your friends :) hope it went well xx

    3. Unintentional Velvet

      Unintentional Velvet

      It just came out after a few drinks with close friends, as it were, and it felt good, and no-one died. As you were.

    4. bi-the-ocean


      Well done and congratulations!! Noone died sounds positive.. lol ... but are they really coping okay? do you think the dynamics of your friendships will or have changed?

  12. Haven't seen you around posting for a while.....hope all is well!

    1. Unintentional Velvet

      Unintentional Velvet

      Thanks just been elsewhere!

  13. Mmmm Friday, house is clean, PiL tomorrow and Brucie on Sunday.

  14. How tremendously excited. It's easy to overthink situations. See what comes up in conversation, how things go. No matter how experienced someone is, they can still get nervous! Not much advice to offer, except, have a great time. And tell us all about it ;)