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  1. Blowing you a kiss and hope you will be back soon

  2. A few years ago a friend asked me this and I said bad sex is worse. I was fortunate to have almost 100% fantastic sex at the time! Nowadays things have moved on and sometimes I think, I'd rather not go there if it's going to be unsatisfying. I overthink things terribly and get my hopes up only to be disappointed. So what do you think, which is worse?
  3. Is anyone watching this? Behind the scenes at the UK's largest supplier of sex toys. Funny as you might expect. Lifetime Channel, 10pm on Sundays
  4. I like to listen to podcasts when I'm doing housework so that it's not wasted time and my brain is engaged. They are good when travelling, too, because you don't always want to read or listen to music. I like: The Skeptics Guide (they are brilliant at debunking bad science and talking about the latest discoveries/research) The Infinite Monkey Cage (BBC series with Prof Brian Cox and comedian/science populariser Robin Ince, a humourous look at different scientific topics) Science Weekly (The Guardian newspaper podcast, a different theme each week, I pick and choose the ones that sound interesting) Stuff You Should Know (a different subject each episode, it could be literally anything, again I pick the topics that interest me) There are loads of other out there. Are you a podcast fan, and if so, what do you recommend?