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  1. I like wrist-holding, being pushed up against walls, neck kissing and gentle biting, her sucking on my fingers... umm, I could go on
  2. I definitely like people to be very direct and assertive because I'm pretty shy myself and get very nervous about approaching women. I always worry that I've somehow misinterpreted the situation and that I'll come across as creepy.
  3. Give yourself time, I find that you know you're ready for something at the point when you want it more than you are scared of it. Online dating/dating apps definitely have their flaws but for me at the moment I find it to be the best way to meet people as I'm not great at approaching people in person.
  4. I miss both the physical and emotional intimacy, just being able to be crazy and totally yourself with someone and lie in bed naked and talk.
  5. Welcome! I'm also new here. It's great that you've been able to start exploring this part of yourself, even though it's always much harder when you're in a relationship. I noticed after the first time I slept with a woman it unleashed a whole bunch of feelings I didn't realise I had. For a long time I didn't feel like a very sexual person but, well, now things have changed! I hope you find the support you need here x
  6. Thank you both! Unfortunately it's sometimes too easy to be influenced by the way others see you. I'm also now mostly interested in dating women and it's so exciting to be able to do that.
  7. Hi! I joined this site a couple of years ago because I was having trouble being open about my sexuality despite years of knowing I was into girls but never having had a chance to explore it. Even though my friends are open minded and a couple of them queer themselves, I've found it difficult to really be open about this part of myself. Partly out of fear that I was wrong because for so long it all just kind of felt like it was in my head, and because I thought based on my relationship history that people would somehow not believe me. Anyway, I'm now 26 and since about a year ago I'm now out to my friends, my mum and basically anyone who asks. I guess there just came this point where I could just no longer hold it all in. I slept with a woman for the first time and it really confirmed my that my feelings were real, and I've been trying to start dating more now (which is sometimes scary!). So a lot of things have changed for the better, and I honestly NEVER thought I would ever reach this point. However sometimes I really feel the need to talk to other bi women because a lot of my friends have moved away and sometimes I just have too many feelings to process about girls and life in general Last time I was here everyone was so supportive and lovely, but then for whatever reason I didn't end up coming back to the site. However I'm here now and very excited to hear all of your stories!
  8. Aww thanks everyone for the lovely comments! :heart: didn't expect to get so many replies. Haven't had time to reply earlier because i'm really busy with uni right now. I guess I just kind of feel that after 10 years of thinking about it I should have come further than this, and sometimes it makes me wonder if I'll ever be ready to come out. At times I feel like not being able to be open about my sexuality is holding me back so much. After all, I'm in a pretty liberal environment right now and I'd like to be able to enjoy that. And if I ever want to be in a relationship with a woman (which I do) I'd have to come out first, so... I think a big part of this is my social anxiety making things difficult. It's just very hard for me to relax and open up to people sometimes, especially about something as personal as my sexuality. AND then there's that little voice of doubt saying 'what if you're actually straight', so that's also a factor. But when I think about it I guess some progress has been made recently For example I'm now writing an essay which relates to queer theory (it's about lesbian vampire movies, haha), so i'm trying to kind of integrate this part of myself with the rest of my life. And I did mention this essay to my friends, so i guess they MIGHT draw some conclusions based on that (although i felt super awkward about even mentioning it to them).
  9. Hi guys, it's been a while since i've been on here, but right now i kind of feel like i need a chat... So the thing is, i've been pretty sure that I'm NOT straight since I was 14 or so... and I'm now almost 25 so it's been a good ten years. However I was in a relationship with a guy for 6 years, and before that I was way too shy to ever approach any girls (and also lived in a very small town), so i don't really have much experience in that department. I've never really tried to consciously hide my sexuality, and I can't remember ever feeling particularly ashamed or anything, but for some reason it's just really hard for me to talk about (to the point where I might start shaking and just can't get a word out of my mouth). I guess I'm slowly trying to open up the closet door now (though i'm not sure if i there ever really was a closet?), and I think from the way I act/some of the things I've said some people have started to catch on... but i feel like i just can't say it out loud. And the ridiculous thing is that most of my friends are at least bi themselves and totally open-minded, and they probably kind of already know (which makes it sightly more uncomfortable), so I feel a bit silly for making a big deal out of it. I guess partly what I'm afraid of is not being taken seriously. And I feel a bit embarrassed that I've remained 'closeted' for so long, when most people these days seem to come out in their teens... So, does any wise human out there have any good advice for me? Has anyone else had similar experiences or am I just weird?