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  1. So what you're saying is that basically it's a wee bit like starting a car. If it's revved up and the engine's warm then yeah no problem. But on those cold, frosty mornings it takes a while to get going. Hey sometimes, it's so icy, it doesn't even get going at all and you have to call out a specialist mechanic ha!
  2. Thank you. Aye, I read about your surgeries. I am so very sorry.
  3. Definitely agree with that. That is what struck me about the photo in the train. They were oblivious to the passengers around them. Stuck in their own beautiful world. The one on the left I find particularly attractive.
  4. The dress I have in mind is sort of half way between midi and maxi. So you like girls in heels do you?
  5. Each picture is stunning. Thanks for posting. If I had to choose my favourite, I'd go for the one in black and white (10 pictures up) inside a train.
  6. Put it this way.....If you, Sue Perkins and I met in a bar and she fancied both of us, I'd tell you to 'go for it', and I'll just go home. No, she doesn't do it for me at all!
  7. Distance aside, your dinner parties sound fun!
  8. Hmm. A bonnie lass.
  9. Nobody knows you when you're down and out by Kate Melua
  10. Sorry I wasn't much help, you were seeking advice. I'm not the most precautious when it comes to safe sex.
  11. I don't use dental dams, and have come across only a tiny percentage of people who do. Tried it once and found it awkward, to the point it killed the moment. As for condoms, that's different. I keep a pack in my handbag at all times, in case a guy doesn't have for whatever reason.
  12. I'm guessing it could depend on... a) size of breasts b) law of gravity Perhaps someone with more scientific knowledge could help!
  13. haha very funny! Well, to answer your obvious, I didn't meet his parents. They both died years ago! That is what you meant, right?