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  1. I wanked on an airplane once Super horny, just pulled the blanket up to my chin (lights were out) and went for it. The stranger next to me had no idea.
  2. I must have been 14, I can remember we were moving house at the time and I was left alone in the old house for a while. As soon as it happened I was addicted! (Probably why I don't let myself near drugs lol).
  3. Fascinating to read all the different experiences. Feel free to add more.
  4. Hi all I've read a lot of anecdotes on here about having threesomes and I guess I'd like to know - how did you get there? Did you initiate (if so how)? Did they, or your partner? Was it spontaneous or did you decide you wanted one and went looking? Did you use an app or site? Finally did you set out rules beforehand or go with the flow? TIA
  5. I'm into public sex. I've had sex with my husband in the woods a couple of times, and in a desert (so nice to be warm and naked in the sun). He fingered me on a picnic rug at a park once, which was probably what got me started on it! I'm not an exhibitionist but the thrill of being caught is a buzz.
  6. Hi - maybe look on for London bi or lesbian meets? You could also sign up to the Her app. I personally joined Skirt Club and went to a couple of their events, which definitely confirmed I am bi
  7. Good to see it's gaining wider coverage, if not exactly acceptance. I would like to open up our marriage but I don't think hub would get as much out of it as I would and that wouldn't be fair. I have asked him if he encounters anyone tempting to discuss it with me and we can go from there, which I think is at least a start. I definitely wouldn't agree with springing it on him like the woman in the article.
  8. Hi - I can recommend Remittance Girl:
  9. Oh this a huge thing for me. I'd love to see him with another woman, it's probably my number 1 fantasy. I've told him if he gets the chance to go for it (and let me know). Sharing is caring ;)
  10. Ah OK shall I delete this thread then? I didn't realise I should add to existing ones. This is just my experience (as a newbie). Sorry!
  11. I wasn't so nervous because I'd eased into it with the earlier educational evening, so i got to see the kind of women who would be there and how the staff run things. That said, I was nervous! I was supposed to meet for pre-drinks at a bar and I was too late so in a flap about that. But a few glasses of champagne and some entertainment and games, plus chatting to wonderful women really put me at ease. There were several rooms and visiting and watching the goings on was very enticing. I would go back.
  12. Hi everyone Brief history: I started feeling bi curious a couple of years ago and was open about it with my husband. I downloaded the HER app and a woman on there said that for my situation she would recommend trying Skirt Club - so I did some research and joined. I attended a couple of their events, firstly a light educational evening, and then a full Skirt Club last year. For me it was a really good experience. The evening was divided into segments and the final romp was a lot of fun. Women I'd been chatting to during evening were suddenly interested in me for more than chat! It was lovely feeling free enough to touch and kiss other women. One thing I'll say is that because we are women I think we're usually good at spotting 'no thanks' signs and not pushing things like men do, but there was definitely one rather aggressive woman who came on very strongly and I noticed a few people avoiding her. She seemed a bit Girls Gone Wild. Anyway, I loved going (and coming!) and it was a comfortable, safe environment to explore that side of myself. Husband liked hearing about it afterwards
  13. TBH I was never certain how my husband would take things. He's very quiet and doesn't state his opinion if not asked. So I told him about my first attraction and gauged his reaction and then took it from there. If he'd reacted negatively at any stage I would not have pursued. I'm lucky in that he is open-minded. That's part of what makes him so attractive to me.