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  1. I have both ankles both wrists and one up my spine and neck and left boob. Non of them really hurt except the touch up in my right wrist as its shading. Think I just love pain ;)
  2. Life is too short at times. Cherish every moment and everyone who loves you ❤

    1. #No1Crush


      Completely agree Shazza!

  3. Its fab. Buying his album today
  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of Shy. Glad you are trying to accept yourself. It feels good to final say it out loud. I'm bi!!
  5. Both. I dont like peanut butter its disgusting and I only eat really dark chocolate. So I could go without chocolate too but I'll keep eating it for now. If you could would you do things differently in life or stay the same?
  6. Dark and cold again :@

  7. You are welcome
  8. You have plenty to offer
  9. Thanks for the follow. How are things? Looking forward to the school holidays? X

  10. Didn't feel like saying hello then? X

  11. Awe the pleasures and torments of falling for a straight woman. Big sigh!
  12. Welcome. You are not the first to have these feelings and you wont be the last. Many of us are married, like myself and never gave women a second glance until things weren't good at home but when I did the confusion and guilt were all consuming to start with. I thought this cant be happening I'm straight lol well as 63395 has said you cant be talked into liking women and you wouldn't be here if you weren't curious. Thats why I found Shy but since I have I've accepted myself and I'm happy being bi and being me. Take your time. Its taken several years for me to feel confident and comfortable with who I am so just go easy on yourself.