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  1. A badge would be so much easier lol but the more you become comfortable in who you are the more you will get an idea of which women are into women. Just get out there. Its not that scary xx
  2. I do often myladylove!! Love a good pun ;-)
  3. I second that!! From behind all the way and yes the orgasms are so intense
  4. It's both. Enjoy the ride all of you. Shy is a great place to share how you feel and lots of lovely ladies with loads of wonderful advice. Really helped me figure things out and finally accept myself xx
  5. Hi myladylove. How are things? Xx

  6. Found new flight to go see my daughter for New year. Stuff Ryanair!!! :)

  7. Hi ya both. Yep me. I'm a Kentish girl xx
  8. As long as it feels good and has the desired out cum any position will do for me ;-)
  9. You do sound like you have your hands full TC but you will find lots of support here and its great to have an outlet for your thoughts. We are all here if anyone needs a chat xx
  10. Welcome to the wonderful world of Shy. It helped me when I was totally confused. Just start by being yourself that really helps. I tried hinding who I was and it nearly destroyed me. Once you let your light shine the right people will gravitate towards you and you will make new friends maybe even some with benefits ;-)
  11. Welcome to the wonderful world of Shy xx
  12. Well well look who's here :P

    1. shazza21


      Only peeking :P:P

  13. Still in need of a coffee? X