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  1. Hi how are you? Friends is a great show who is your favourite character?x

    1. AmyBelle


      Hello :) now there's a question, I feel like it's a tough call... chandler probably, but if you asked me tomorrow... that may change!! What about yours? X

    2. blackflameblue


      Hi probably chandler or phoebe :)

  2. I was changing the profile and cover photo. But gonna have a time out for a bit. Catch ya soon x

  3. Too young for Peter Kay? How young are you xD hahahaha

    1. AmyBelle


      No not for him, but for Phoenix Nights. 2001 it was aired, I was 11-12...

      I think I did watch some of them on DVD when I was a teenager :)

      im 27 now

    2. Rocker83


      Oh right. I thought you meant him haha. You're 6 years younger than me still so explains why you didn't see Phoenix nights. He did the garlic bread thing in some of his live shows. 

      Also I consider everyone younger than me a baby these days haha

  4. Thanks for the follow :)

    1. AmyBelle


      Oh good I did hope you wouldn't mind- you had added me a few days before the refurb :)

    2. Rocker83


      Always open to making new friends, definitely don't mind :)

  5. Just peeking back. Was lovely to meet you tonight. :)

    1. AmyBelle


      And you Rocker! There's no one in chat tonight! Chatting to myself!!

    2. Rocker83


      I'm in there now. Better late than never I guess haha

  6. Just peeking back. It was lovely chatting with you :)

    1. AmyBelle


      Just thought I'd have a little peek of everyone in chat! Nosey sod I am!! Hopefully speak again :)

  7. Thanks for adding me as a friend lovely x

  8. Hi AmyBelle, thanks for stopping by :)

    1. AmyBelle


      Hello. :) wanted to check everyone out!

  9. Good Morning! I sent you a FR and I hope you have a lovely day!

  10. Hey lovely lady :)

    1. Misspixiie03


      hope you are well! nice to meet you :)

  11. Dropping by to say hello :)

  12. Hello lovely lady :)

    1. softdeedee


      Hello there :) Nice to meet you!