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  1. Apologies for my delayed response. I have been extremely busy with work and then mother's day. Thank you all for the reminder of what I should already know. I think I'm gonna focus on loving myself for awhile and working on that self confidence because I know that's what is most important and I find that super sexy in everybody. Shallow people are just that, shallow and I should not let it get to me. As for my friend I do know she can be shallow at times but I also know she is closeted and only uses girls for hook ups and doesn't want to get involved in a relationship with one due to fear of judgement so I should not take it to heart when she says things like that. I love her for many reasons, she is family to me after all, but that is not one of them lol. Thank all of you ladies for your responses. Once again apologies for my delayed response.
  2. I have a rant and it's just something I get frustrated about wondering if anyone else has the same issues as me. I've been searching online to possibly move past curious and into a relationship with a woman. However, I have self esteem issues and for some reason I feel like I'm not good enough to get with a woman. Crazy right? But alot of these ads I've seen have been ridiculous. Some read about like this, "I'm 5'7 110 pounds fit and lean blonde tan so I expect the same." Expect the same? Expect the same? Would you like a mirror to make out with? Grrrrr.... I love diversity! I love differences and exploring something other then myself. I've been exploring myself all my life! I don't get it lol. Also one of my lifelong friends is bi (no possible chance for hookup there I don't find her attractive sexually too much like sisters) and she says things like, "Oh I like skinny girls. I have enough fat for the both of us." She's a size 4! What is it with people? Okay I'm not fat but I'm not super skinny either. But all this high expectations of what people want in a lover makes me extremely self conscious and not want to even try! Anybody else go through this?
  3. **update** well I did give her her present and she loved it!! Turns out when she said she doesn't celebrate her birthday she meant she just doesn't do anything special for it. But cards and gifts are totally acceptable! What I did was just told her I got her a present before I knew she doesn't celebrate her birthday. Kept it short and sweet. It worked really well no regrets
  4. I will keep it short and sweet then just like me :s I will update as soon as the time comes and I get a chance to tell her and give it to her.
  5. Good advice. Her reasoning is not due to religious beliefs. However, I do want to respect her choice. I could tell her what happened. "I got you something for your birthday before you told me you don't celebrate your birthday. I would like to give it to you because you're my friend and I think you will like it. Your birthday was just an excuse to give it to you. Please take this gift as a token of our friendship, birthday or not." Or something along those lines. Would this be a good idea?
  6. So a friend of mine's birthday is coming up and I got her a present and a card. Except I did not know that she doesn't celebrate her birthday! Ugh. Now I don't know what to do. Should I give it to her when it's not her birthday as a "non-birthday present" or just forget it altogether?! Only problem with the non-birthday thing is the card which I wrote a sappy note in. It says happy birthday all over it. What should I do? Feeling stuck.
  7. How does one nonchalantly flirt? It seems so easy for her to use pet names and I'm not used to it. I kinda feel like she would do it more if I was able to do more of that with her. But at the same not come across as creepy? Oh I am a terrible flirt when it comes to girls! But with my husband or guys in general before I was married came so easy. Maybe it's because I've not crossed that realm before, I've yet to lose my girlginity lol. Plus I am very introverted I have a bubble that I don't let many people into. It makes me seem like I'm a rigid nervous ackward person but once you get to know me I open up. Plus she's able to enter the bubble without me getting uncomfortable. So my goal is to appear nonchalant and friendly while inside I'm freaking out and nervous until the day comes where I'm not super nervous. Be still my heart hahaha.
  8. So a few weeks ago I randomly ran into an old friend I had lost touch with many years ago. Back before cell phones or social media so we lost touch. I'm excited about it and I cannot wait to hang out with her more to catch up. Problem is she doesn't know about me being bi-curious. I don't want it to get in the way of this new relationship we are starting. But I am feeling some things I don't quite understand. I feel from the texting and chatting we have done that we have a special connection. We've had many similar life experiences and we share similar personality traits. Not to mention she's the most gorgeously beautiful woman I've ever met!! She's really into calling me pet names and sending "hello beautiful" texts so much so that my husband has given me permission to date a woman. He must see something in our relationship that I don't? We've exchanged a couple gifts nothing serious but I don't usually do that when first reconnecting with people. It's just crazy and I feel that there has to be a reason we reconnected after so many years. Because at the time I ran into her, neither of us were going to be there at that time but we both ended up being at the same place anyway. I'm just happy I found her and glad to have her in my life again. I'm trying not to bug her too much but it is hard not to text her all the time . I'm not sure if she is bi, or even into women a little bit. I would totally be ok with her being my gf, but if it doesn't reach that point I'm still happy to hang around her and be her friend. I'm too shy to ask. I'm just gonna wait and see how it goes. But I do love the little butterflies I get when she calls/texts 😍