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  1. Oh I know you do!!!!! But you are not having this one. Can't convince me
  2. Ha I knew very well what to do with you @Storm9! Very well!!!
  3. She tried her best @blueberry I bet she'll try again soon ;) but it's not negotiatiable
  4. No way you are managing me to have sex in the airport toilets!!!Not happening!!No matter how many times you will try.It is not going to happen!!
  5. @Storm9 Any time any place baby! You know it.You forgot the again,You should have said kairi are you willing to go down on a woman again
  6. you know what's on my mind huh?
  7. sure @BenedettaC I dont like it.I don't enjoy it so i m not doing it.I just can't ,i forced myself few times but its not working for me lol.And i am acting maybe selfishly though i don't see it like that ,give me pleasure and i will too.If i don't receive the same pleasure that i know i can give then not going to do it
  8. @Storm9!!!!!!A bag of what??My innocent mind can't think of how many dicks will be in that bag
  9. Cocoa is sweeter And more addictive
  10. Thank you for this morning 

    1. Storm9


      You never have to thank me! :wub:

  11. Hi and wellcome
  12. Not going down on a man anymore. Haven't done for long time and not planning to.
  13. I think scissoring isn't for everyone.And you are right it takes a lot of practice to get into the right position for both to feel pleasure.