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  1. Ha ha ha ha Kairi, this profile piccy always makes me laugh.

  2. kairi

    To all the UK ladies...

    That's not what you say every time I am calling you and making you... Laugh
  3. kairi

    I'm literally a Rubik's Cube...

    Happiness is in the little things in life. Maybe first you should start appreciating these and then you will see the big picture. Do you know what's the most important thing to be happy about? Life. Life is so precious and if we stop for a while to appreciate everything that is in this world, small things like the smell of grass, the summer sun that comes out early in the morning, the blue sky that we see every single day, appreciate the walk we'll go one evening and all the smells and emotions will bring we will be happier
  4. I was not feeling so confident when we were walking to your car, I was thinking when was the right time to kiss you :p But as soon as I did it I felt myself and felt you relaxing too at that parking lot. Also, you were worried I might be some crazy Greek coming to meet you at two in the night :p
  5. kairi

    To all the UK ladies...

    Change it to a greek accent, it's hotter
  6. kairi

    Netflix Series

    Sorry, I just read this I wasn't here much. It's a little weird and I was trying to understand it at first. I didn't fully understood everything, with this parallel lives and conscious soul thing lol
  7. kairi

    Feeling selfish?

    In my opinion your partner must be very sure for themselves and for your relationship to be cool about something like this. Very confident, and I don't believe many are. They might think they are to agree at first but in the process it becomes hard. And in the end there's no one's fault because you can't suppress yourself all your life and its inevitable that someone is going to get hurt. Many of us choose to hurt ourselves than our families especially when there are children but eventually we go back because you can't escape from yourself and who you are for ever
  8. kairi

    Feeling selfish?

    I will be a little raw honest because of what you said. Then you are not ready if it scares you You are not ready yet, you will know when it's the right time deep inside you. On the other hand you can't suppress it too at least not for long. But again, you'll know when you'll be ready
  9. kairi

    Feeling selfish?

    It's not an easy journey but I assure you if you decide to act on your feelings it will be fulfilling. Everyone is different and therefore we act and choose differently even in same situations. Whether you'll decide to act on your feelings or not depends on your individual situation and what you'll choose. You are definitely not alone and again the selfish and guilt part is just different for everyone.
  10. kairi

    What are you listening right now

    Love this song