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  1. @Storm9!! Lol I can't wait :p
  2. Lol @Storm9!!! A pic of me again that you wanted :p
  3. A pic of me my beautiful girlfriend asked
  4. I decided very early before I even started a relationship with a woman that he won't know. What they don't know don't hurt them.It depends on us of course and if we feel guilty or not. Personally I don't, with few exceptions.The thing is that a relationship with a woman is so much more than the sex and more fulfilling in every aspect. And you have to make some choices whether you like it or not eventually
  5. I don't like labels though I used to say I am Gay disguised as bi in a straight relationship :p When I joined I was just curious for some attraction I had for women because I grew up in an environment that only the "traditional" male female relationships are acceptable.Thats what most of us learned. Things have started getting more clear for me while time passed until I am now in a relationship with a woman and things have become crystal clear. I am still married but have zero attraction to my husband sexually, while for her I get instantly aroused. I can appreciate a male body in general but nothing more. Anyway, for any of you that likes labels I am Gay and when :p I leave my husband there will be no men in my life.
  6. Are you excited for our shopping together baby? :angel:

    1. Storm9


      Nope not happening. 

  7. I don't think I minimized anyone's experiences, I am sorry if you feel like that. And believe me you are talking to someone that can literally sense and feel energies so I am in position to very well know others perspectives. You are right I don't know anything about this part of your life or your life in general and I never assume anything about anyone. And I am certainly not comparing. I am totally different than you. I will not say about my life and the restrictions I have or have not, because as you said it's not a competition even if you took it like that I only tried to say that almost everyone here is facing a lot of difficulties, some choose to share them some not in this supportive site. But it's our attitude that is making the difference. Bad and darkness will exist whether we like it or not but it's up to us how we will choose to face it.
  8. She must be very hot and sexy. And most importantly very good in bed!
  9. Lol that was good! :angel: