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  1. Hi and welcome As you probably already know we are here to help each other with whatever each need. We all are different and seek different but relatively similar things. You don't sound sad
  2. Mylady everything OK? Why would someone do something like that???
  3. I am out too drinking but I drink cocoa I don't like chocolate
  4. She doesn't have friends to go out!! And why should I care that she doesn't have friends, I am not looking for any! And I am weird and can't stand the closeness!! I just can't act like best friends. 

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    2. Hungry


      Just tell her no. She clearly needs to be told that this is not ok. If not you can report her... I know that seems bad but if she doesn't stop then it might be the only way..

    3. ChemFem


      Honestly yeah, reporting may be the way to go. If she's touching you without your consent, especially to the extent it's distracting you from the lesson, that's harassment straight up.

    4. kairi


      I hope it won't get to this! I told her I don't really like to be touched very politely because she was trying to lift my shirt to massage me :wacko:

      I went out today with her because I am trying to be nice, I'll see her for the next two years every day, she asked many times to go out with her and I refused but I thought today that it would be too much to say no again. And she tried to manipulate me in a very disturbing way that I found complete  stupid to make me pay for something I don't need! I don't know with what idiotic people she is talking and she thinks she is clever to try to do something like that  but I am not that stupid :P

  5. Both. Do I have to choose?? Ah OK. Shopping center, tho I don't interact much I love the real thing I am bad with questions!! Let's see. Would you like to know how you'll die or when?
  6. I do nothing in pms hungry I am misunderstood, I am good and innocent. Well, not that innocent but in PM's I do innocent stuff
  7. If you want to join you know I don't mind ;) and you know what I think of you.
  8. Xaxaxaxa They don't teach us to take care of patients like this. Must be some kind of new thing!!
  9. Tonight is pretty warm here! I was walking earlier alone through my towns alleys and I was thinking of the people that live in the houses I was passing by. Everything is full of life and we don't stop to appreciate most of the times. 

  10. We miss you here my friend. I really hope everything is OK with you 

    1. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      We do miss you! I hope everything is ok with you too. 

  11. Really? My inbox is full ffs. I'll erase some and try again
  12. Hahaha OK. When you are ready let me know ;p