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  1. Fck!!that's all i have to say. Now i have more images ;p Also i like the song but i didn't have the luck to watch this video
  2. I wouldn't mind a demo of your God given hands
  3. Interesting!!A demonstration would be usefulyou know,for educational purposes only
  4. And I just read this. Looks like she is playing with you a little. It's up to you how this will evolve
  5. Maybe she just feel very comfortable with you to tell you so many details and nothing more. You can't know unless you do something about it, not straightforward ask her of course. The way we perceive a situation and someone's actions are totally different for everyone
  6. Please don't apologize, I enjoyed it xaxaxa
  7. I use a vibrator and fingers, depends on my mood. I can do it without touching myself toobut this is a whole different experience and I don't know if it counts for masturbation. I can't explain why and how now in public
  8. The visuals I have now!!
  9. I don't know about the community but it will definitely help me
  10. Xaxaxaxa xaxaxa no, definitely not! Don't forget I am waiting for you at casa d'Irene ;) I promised you a glass of red wine if I remember correct. And a lot of education
  11. I will be glad to show you mine, you know, for research purposes. But my dear Isroses I am talking about a whole different experience we don't even have to be at the same room!!
  12. That would be interesting to experience!! You know what I am capable to feel, this is the most interesting let's say part! If you want a test don't hesitate to inform me