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Status Updates posted by kairi

  1. Hiiii I was thinking of you :) How are you? 

  2. I just love summer!!!!!! 

    1. Vampire


      I love winter. lol. We only get 3 months of it. So nice not to be swearing all the time. Don't smell much BO in winter. 

    2. kairi


      I must move to your country then Vampire! I love summer and hot!! :P

    3. pinklotus


      I have to agree. Summer rocks!! 

  3. I don't understand your profile pic. You'll have to explain it to me soon 

    1. Nidalaeh


      It's Harry Potter.. The Deathly Hallows symbol.  http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Deathly_Hallows

    2. Storm9


      What Nidalaeh said :)

  4. I see you started following me!  :wink:  I like your pic 

    1. Apsalar15


      Yeah I thought I should follow all the gang xD cheers! X

  5. Hey!!! You returned? How are you?  

    1. kairi


      I don't use have Skype on my phone and haven't used it for sometime now :)

    2. Curious15


      Yes I am back! :) I am good. Lots have happened since the last time we talked. How are you? 

  6. fb2af0fa5147cde3e106eb8247eb43dd.jpg

    Well said.I am not good with words

  7. Gee! I wonder why you have bad luck too!  Maybe it's because you complain about everything and everyone??:wacko: Like that grouchy smurf, the only one missing is gargamel Για να δέσει το γλυκό  lol

    1. ChemFem


      Xaxaxa the grumpy Smurf that is a great image. Hopefully you will be around people soon who do more than complain.

    2. kairi


      Μπα είναι μόνιμο! Can't get away that easily :P I have it almost every day 

  8. I was dragged to go see the new Tomb Raider but  in the end I was the only one that loved it!! :hyper:

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    2. kairi


      Gee @Vampire it's OK I have big enough for both of us!  :P

      I would say ass but I am not that kind of girl. I like boobs better 

    3. BenedettaC


      OK @kairi, I'll wear something that conceals rather than reveals...so that my boobs aren't in competition with my eyes for your attention...and I won't turn around, so you won't be tempted to look at my ass...

    4. kairi


      Well @BenedettaC now I am the one that can't say anything to that!! 

  9. heeeeyyyyy


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    2. kairi


      i missed you too  :P

    3. Songbird16


      What have you been up to lately? 

    4. kairi


      The same :P Life has ups and downs and i am busy with school and reading mostly.I need to up my grades xaxa

  10. So... Pinklotus. How pink are you??  :P

    1. pinklotus


      :lol::lol::lol:!!!! I can't even think of a good enough come neck for that one. @kairi you totally win!

    2. pinklotus


      come back*

    3. kairi
  11. ε ρε γαμώτο με αυτες τις φωτογραφίες!!

  12.  I went to see the lying kind played by a local group and I don't know how to feel  ha! 

  13. Δεν θέλω να σηκωθω από το κρεβάτι! Βρέχει κιόλας! Γαμησε τα. 

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    2. pinklotus



    3. kairi


      So, @pinklotus next time ask me, I'll translate it better than Google  :P

    4. pinklotus
  14. Some times being away in a place  almost secluded without the comforts you are used and away from people that make you anxious makes you think how much you need this peace

    1. JadeBleu15


      Peace is priceless!

  15. My phone just fell on my face because clearly doing two things at the time is not in my abilities :P

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    2. kairi


      Xaxaxaxa true! If I had a beautiful woman to help too it would certainly be enjoyable! Know anyone that might be interested??  :wink:

    3. Cute&Curious


      Well, then you wouldn’t really need your phone now would you? I may know some interested participants :wink:

    4. kairi


      you know huh? How interested and willing they are ? :P

  16. I love this weather!!! Makes my mood and I need it

  17. Facade and pretence on full force today!! Since first thing in the morning!I need an Oscar or  God to give me more patience because I don't have  anymore!! I just don't 

    1. shazza21


      Just keep smiling and bite your tongue lol x

    2. kairi


      Pretty much what i do all my life then! so,i indeed need an Oscar