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  1. It's not bad to want to be in control. I am in control too almost all my life
  2. I might be soon
  3. I would volunteer but I don't live in your country unfortunately Volunteer to help you start I meant
  4. I love it. I heard it in Greek and to my language it has a powerful meaning,of course that's because I am Greek
  5. To love is to recognize yourself in another
  6. The sea of trees
  7. my husband doesn't know.It depends how you view and deal with things.I am ok with him not knowing.Might be cheating from a moral view and for some i might sound cold or cruel or something but it's something i need to do for myself for once and not think of others needs as i do all my life.
  8. Everyone is different and thinks and acts differently.We are all making our choices depending on what we can handle and if others involved too sometimes depending on what they can handle.Sometimes we don't even have a choice because a lot are on stake. I am married to a man and we have a relatively happy marriage. With a lot of compromises on both sides. He doesn't know I like women and it's unlikely that I'll ever tell him. I decided,to leave him in a blissful ignorance for his sake and mine.To some might look bad. To me it is what it is and it's my choice for my reasons. Of course I am planning to act on it and then I'll deal with whatever this brings then
  9. I had an experience years ago. I didn't act since then
  10. I am not interested in another's devaluation of me based on their own insecurities. I know my imperfections more clearly than anyone could ever,but I also know I must love myself  despite them. While working to become  a better version of me. 

    1. ChemFem


      Well said. A better version of ourselves is the best we can be.

  11. She is the sweetest badass you will ever meet
  12. "I wish more people saw me in your eyes" she said And he sighed, knowing what he saw in her could never be seen just with eyes.
  13. That I am just not ready to face the world today
  14. That I miss something or someone. I feel that I just miss
  15. ;) who says I am talking only about sex @ChemFem?
  16. You and I both know that you are not but whatever you say! A switch I meant
  17. I didn't ask anything, did I? What's the last thing you thought? Before answering this? Xaxa
  18. You know you are the only one ;p As for the power, you can do whatever you want. It's not like I have a choice
  19. @ChemFem we all have our weaknesses ;) I don't like being dominated completely but I have no choice but to obey @lsroses as I am sure you noticed It's a one kinda woman thing or something