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  1. Time for me to leave here.Since I joined the site helped me a lot. I had some good times, good laughs and some bad times.I had sleepless nights, sometimes for staying up late discovering someone, sometimes because I couldn't keep the sadness of not understanding behaviors. I discovered more about myself and I've made few friends. Not many. Very few decided that I am worth it and sticked around. I regret nothing!!And I am thankful for the few that gave me chances and for all that didn't. But the site has nothing to offer me anymore and I certainly have nothing to offer either. Maybe some day I'll feel like I can offer again.Until then αντίο και ίσως τα ξαναπούμε
  2. You will definitely not miss me!!! You can't without me and my weirdness! Admit it
  3. I don't need to be here to tell you what to do
  4. People demand again I won't leave mylady :p. So for one more time I might make it a sort break.
  5. Anything that moves your senses as long as it is a ballad
  6. I just read this and thought we could pass our time with commenting here So, if you ran your own small country, what would be rule number #1? It could be anything, crazy, weird amazing personal rules
  7. How far are we willing to go? For us married women here that we lean slightly to the Gay side or have been with a woman and discovered that we are more than the bi label. Has being with a woman quitenend your curiosity or has it made things worse?
  8. I see you started following me!  :wink:  I like your pic 

    1. Apsalar15


      Yeah I thought I should follow all the gang xD cheers! X

  9. I'll ask again. What secret Conspiracy would you like to start?
  10. If I was single again I would have f... ed anything with vagina
  11. Punk I was thinking of you and your village, babe so you can go on and on. ;)
  12. lol yes sure it can be the village
  13. Coverdale
  14. In love with this song!
  15. @Storm9 forget about the salad.I told you many times what you will eat
  16. Guardians of the Galaxy
  17. when i'll figure how to i will post my plaid shirt