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  1. :wub2: not long now baby

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      Any amount of time is still too long :blush2:

  2. Almost all of us are in the same journey but the thing is how far along we all are. How ready because of certain situations.Its a tough situation to be in I know it.It needs lots of compromises and to ask your self if you are willing to do them. I can relate to your girlfriend, my parents are religious and they will cut off contact with me and I am extremely close to them and all my relatives. I am not saying I will never leave but it's not possible for now. My girlfriend is in a slightly different situation than me and it's not about willingness to leave someone but there are other parameters too that need to be taken under consideration. I understand you getting angry because you think you are not important for her to change her life but this "unwillingness" as you said isn't making her feelings for you less I know it's hard and it needs lots of understanding too but it's all about choices we are willing to do
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    New and confused

    I can't really relate because I haven't told my husband but there are a lot of women here that are in the same situation and even if you won't get many comments you can search around and you will find a lot of answers