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  1. Yes it is under this video but here's the link https://www.xnxx.com/video-f72en0f/reading_time_2
  2. I believe the thing is how ready we are to do it once we know.
  3. As I already said I consider myself to be relatively silent
  4. You are not a big failure! You want to live the life you deserve, this isn't a failure.I hate being judged too but there comes a time when you realize that those who judge you don't matter that much anymore, theyve been judging all your life no matter what. So why give them a power over you? I think most of us lost ourselves in a life that we thought suited us for our reasons each. But deep down we know who we are. We just have to find the strength to remember it and admit it
  5. Πόση τρελά και υποκρισία υπάρχει στον κόσμο μας.Μεχρι που είναι διατεθημενοι κάποιοι να φτάσουν.Ποσα πρόσωπα έχουν κρυμμένα μέσα τους και να τα αισθάνομαι ένα ένα χωρίς να γίνομαι πιστευτη. Και να προσπαθώ να τα κρατήσω μέσα μου αλλά δεν κρατιουνται,να προσπαθώ να ελέγξω τι αισθάνομαι, τι νιώθω να μην μπορώ να εκφραστω όπως πρέπει σε μια γλώσσα που δεν είναι δικιά μου.Γαμω την τρέλα του καθενός που νομίζει ότι είναι έξυπνος με τις μαλακιες που λέει
  6. Oh I believe you already know I am very good!!!!!
  7. I have books baby but if you want bring one you like. You'll be reading in English unless you want me to read in Greek
  8. Anything that moves your senses as long as it is a ballad
  9. I live in Greece. Alcohol is relatively free. We are not allowed to serve alcohol in kids under 18 of course but as someone said above by the time we are teens or young adults alcohol isn't a big deal because it's not a taboo. Of course because it's more free here there are exceptions that teenagers drink with no limits but we are more tolerable.
  10. https://www.xnxx.com/video-f72d9ab/reading_time
  11. Makes you feel great doesn't it??!! Powerful or something
  12. Racism exists everywhere I believe even inside us sometimes.Its a heavy word to say it all the time and everywhere. We are all different and we think differently, we can't control what everyone is thinking about us but we can control ourselves and our own thoughts and reactions . I don't believe we all have been conditioned to value lighter skin over darker. We are humans above all and yes I agree we have our preferences and shouldn't beat ourselves about them and our fantasies should be accepted from the people that love us even sometimes from ourselves and not be taken as anything else.
  13. Yes!! I'll post a little later I can't right now
  14. Hi and welcome Read around a little and share with us when you feel comfortable
  15. You are being heard! Reach out and you will see that you are not alone. Sometimes we discover comfort in places and people we are not expecting. Shy is one of them. Most of us here started lost and confused, we only wanted to be heard for our reasons each. This site might have lost some of its old glory but there are still women that care.You sound all over the place indeed but I think you know what you want and what you are looking for, you just not sure about the outcome.You sound like a strong woman that don't give up easily. Stay strong,have faith and everything will be alright
  16. Hi and welcome
  17. Hi and welcome