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  1. Yessss
  2. Do it !! L I saw another mention of thumb rings here somewhere ages back, and I was like “I wear a thumb ring!” Now I *proudly* wear it!
  3. I feel like a thumb ring does that for me as small and unnoticeable as it might be! I also enjoy treading the line of mashing up a kind femme with tomboy look, that makes me feel Similar to what you described
  4. Not sure if this will ring a bell for anyone here, but this is regarding a word/term I came across a while back here (a few years maybe??!) that I’m trying to remember or find. It was (from memory, a poor memory at that!) a post about whether bi people have a particular way about them different to other sexual orientations, perhaps was a question about bisexual identity or culture or maybe about ways our bisexuality May correlate with things like potentially being open minded or particularly flexible/fluid in other areas of life not even related to sexuality, perhaps on a psychological/personality level. I don’t know if this makes makes any sense at all! I’m struggling to recall the info, but the word/term that one commenter referenced in the reply to the original post was from memory a word that related to the propensity to be flexible/fluid/open/open minded/ in many aspects of life (not necessarily related to sexuality) but that the commenter felt that a lot of bi (and I suppose bi+ people) had this attribute that the term described. I remember reading it and thinking to myself that I could relate to it personally as someone who feels like they really exist in and operate within, and find my answers within, the grey areas... in a world so preoccupied with the black and white binaries of everything. I found this term very interesting And have been trying to wrack my brain for it ever since! Does anyone by any chance at all recall this post/comment???!! Not likely, I know!! :(
  5. Oh my gosh I thought it was cool to be a nerd?!? One of the female only dating sites I joined I’d say at least 30% of people were self proclaimed (and proud) nerds! And all kinds of nerd-dom. I would totally date a nerd even though I can’t say I am one myself. Let your inner nerd out! It’s a good chance to embrace your full self ;) but I totally understand the photo thing, just put a generic picture you like that might say something about yourself. And as far the introvert/staying at home thing, there were profiles I saw saying similar stuff (including mine about liking to hang at home!). One of the sites even has a space you can check (optional) about how often you exercise and I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were people who ticked “occasionally” or “don’t exercise”.. not all of us are or can be gym junkies ;) I suppose try to keep you identity as private and anonymous as possible for safety, peace of mind etc, but with that try to use the chance to be who you really are, afterall you don’t want to get involved with people you’ve attracted based on hiding parts of yourself, especially when those very traits will be celebrated by the right compatible person for you. Good luck!
  6. @BiTriMama i'm still having issues with the flag.. Have changed it a few times, but just goes back.. Anyone have any ideas?..
  7. Has this issue been resolved? I've tried changing it, but it keeps going back to the original.. Now I can't even find where to change it to try again!!
  8. Pretty sure I read somewhere that she is. Ive noticed a lotttt of gay/bi women are big fans!
  9. also try and turn on your gaydar (or bi-fi!), that can help a lot just in daily life, being able to kind of pick women who are also into women. And then simple chats or small flirtations could even lead to something. I know you want to be private though, so understandable if this approach doesn't feel comfortable/safe for you. Either way, good luck!