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  1. Boudoir photoshoots are quite popular in the UK. Wouldn't mind doing one, just not a priority at this stage. Go for it, and hope you like the results! ;)
  2. If it's feasible, can't just some of the tgreads like Word Games ones be taken out of the update box?
  3. Hi and thanks for stopping by =)

    1. Tltl


      Thanks. Hope you're enjoying the site.

    2. softdeedee
  4. Will post something more in detail later. Don't do drugs before sex (don't do drugs at all), so not sure how they affect your perceptions, alcohol in moderate to not excessively large quantities can be relaxing and release some inhibitions, and open up to suggestions.
  5. Very hot! Love attendants in heels!
  6. Symptoms that arise when I see a fit girl/woman: - becoming nicely wet down there - my thighs instinctively get together and if seated I tend to rub them against each other - will to play with my nipples. And with hers, with some light or wet kissing thrown in.
  7. You have two issues in one question: 1. Is it more acceptable for men to do this towards anyone (forget about it being male or female, that would be a third question)? The social convention is that it is - I am not saying that I agree with it. 2. Is it different for men and women public displaying of lust (let's be blunt) for young people, and let's assume they are all legal age. Personally I think that drooling over someone who is out of your league (age or otherwise) looks as sad/funny for both genders. It is also more common to see young women with older men than younger men with older women, so I guess social conventions are not favouring women here either.
  8. Very interesting topic, with different views as one would expect. I have been sexually involved with both genders, only in love with some of the males. Women for me work very well on a purely physical level. The "more" than sex could include laughs and a friendship, but if you're talking emotional attachment (not even necessarily love), never found it and not looking for it.
  9. Not in any rush to get to the NF when I qualify. If you are after bi and lesbian stories, pics or vids, there are tons of great materials available for free in the Internet. I concur with Lilac that people should read the information available and take it at face value. And wish to thank every active mod for giving up some of their leisure time to keep this great site going.
  10. Are you looking for a question or an answer? :scratchhead:
  11. Heaven must be missing an angel! Welcome. Hope you find the support you're looking for, and have lots of fun in your journey here!
  12. Bad sex should never be an option. Up to the person concerned and her partner(s) to turn it into good sex!
  13. Are you quoting someone? Not since I got together with my husband, since the answer is obviously yes.
  14. Better without family. :) Love the hair and dress. Xx

  15. An idiot. I guess pussy in the US is much used for coward.