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  1. There we go!!! Heck yah!! ;)
  2. Yeah dunkin donuts gets coffee beans u can take it home. It's fantastic. And yea coffee and reading is such a good combo. *sighs*
  3. Being healthy is always a good thing. I need to do that too!
  4. Come taste my soul...the ice and fire dwelling within. Waiting for you!

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      reterning the peek and saying hi

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      Why thank you! Hi!

  5. I love all the replies! Tea or water is never boring and always so good for you. Coffee would be too if it wasn't for the creamer! Thank you ladies!
  6. Very powerful words. I forgot all about dr.suess and Walt disney. Wow. Kinda feel like a starry eyed girl again. Thank you for a walk down memory lane! Very empowering.
  7. I am fully revved tonight, I don't really know why but I am. I sometimes have an unbelievable sex drive, one I think my energy level cannot keep up with. I know sometimes my husband cannot keep up with and it's not his fault really. I just want to do it over and over again until I'm so exhausted I fall asleep. I know that I'm on the verge of it now, like if I laid down I could go to sleep but damn it, I want more sex. I want to wake up in the morning with her in my arms, tangled up in us both. Warm and cuddling. When his body cannot keep us warm, then my body will. I can kiss on her, do all sort of things to her body, until our moans wake him up. Then we can both feast on you while you simply just lie there and drown in the ecstasy. Then you can return the favor, and I can wriggle underneath both tongues. Then, while he is buried deep inside of me, I can be buried deep inside you. Over and over until at last he finally explodes inside of me. While he lays in a panting heap, I can continue to torture you, until we both collapse next to each other. Laying naked in our own sweat and trembling bodies. I want the room to smell like us, to share the experience but for you to know that you are mine alone. I want to sleep until the afternoon, then slowly move to take a shower with you. Washing and drawing your body into a deep relaxing haze. He would join only for a moment, to make sure that I was okay and that he knew how much he loved me until we stepped out. Making a naked line toward the bed, where I shall devour you until he finishes up in the shower. Where we shall begin again. Over and over until the night has swallowed the world around us. Till pure exhaustion has taken over us.
  8. I want to taste your sweet nectar while you taste our love pouring from my lips!

  9. Yeah they were so tired from playing in the snow! My pack isn't as big as I would like, I have the room, its just my dad and hubby have set the limit at 3 for now. A lot of time and hard work to keep it running because they are all so very different. With medium/low energy breeds, having more then one is a lot easier than most think. My family was blessed! And thank you for commenting, I think all of them would be wagging their tails if they could read! ^^
  10. Eh I liked to think they are and very very spoiled. Pets are such beautiful and amazing friends! I'm sure if they could read they would be Licking the phone. ^^ thanks for the comments.
  11. Oh I'm sorry! I tried searching but my computer hates me :( Thank you all so much for the quotes. Powerful and beautiful!
  12. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! I'm sending my love to all of you shy girls. I met my husband in college, nearly 6 years ago...a kid who had nothing figured out but was on top of the world. I was a innocent little girl who gave too much of herself to everyone that she met and never wanted much out of life. You walked into that little classroom and sat next to me, and suddenly my world changed. I found myself becoming this giggling school girl whose heart raced every time I thought about you. Who was always seen with you and did everything with. We were the best of friends, who secretly wanted something more. You flirted, I flirted and gave you everything I had. You were mine and I was yours. The days passed, we fell deeply in love and life threw us challenge after challenge. 5 months after meeting you, I moved in with you and we became partners, trying to enjoy life to the fullest. Yet still life tried to get in the way and we surpassed. Now here we are...about to celebrate our 3rd year of marriage and it doesn't even seem that long ago. Life has been incredibly harsh on the both of us from all sides. You ask me on your low days why I continue to stay, why do I continue to put up with you and don't I want something more out of life. I gave up a lot to be with him, but I never looked at it that way. I have no regrets when it comes to us, I might change a few things but I would keep them the same, if it turned out the way that it did. I always tell him, that I stay because I love him, plain and simple. Not the word that gets thrown around, casually but the true deep love that means if we go to war, I got your back. Sometimes its too complicated to explain what this definition of love it but I do. I plan to love you for the rest of your life and I'll never stop. No matter what hell we've been dealt with for the day, I will continue to love him and be proud of him. He's my best friend and I will forever be his. I think when you stop trying to describe what love is with words, that is when you are truly in love. You cannot describe this type with words, with a painting or a picture. It is something that you have to see with your eyes and experience with your soul. You have to be willing to accept someone when they are at their lowest because you too will have low days. It's the small things, the kisses, the bumps, the brushes, the smiles, the tears, and the joy of being near one another. It's those stupid moments, that you try to describe to someone else but realize that they had to be there and be that person you love in order to understand. When you have a secret communication and you understand what it is that they are feeling. I never wanted a romantic relationship, I wanted a real love. A love that can conquer everything and continue to fight even when everyone else says that it won't. When your back is at the wall or your about to sink under the water, they are the one who pulls you up from drowning, from loosing yourself. To save you from yourself. To be the only thing that you like about yourself. Those are just a few of the reasons why I love him. May everyone find a love like that and make it theirs.
  13. So we went to see deadpool yesterday! It was so awesome! We got there with like 4 minutes to spare, thanks to the car stalling and I was blown away by how busy a theatre can be at 10:30am on a Saturday. Apparently everyone decided to not sleep in and go see this movie, because we thankfully found some seats way in the very back. Not the best seating and I could hear my hubby begin to complain already. Thankfully once the trailers started to roll through, he forgot that it was crowded and smelly in there. He absoluetly loved the movie and kinda wants to go see it today. ^^ I told him if not today because of snow, then maybe next week sometime just in IMAX. No spoilers I promise! It was incredibly funny, the humor was not for the faint of heart because it was vulgar but in a naughty, parents aren't there type of way. It had a great plot, ending was perdictable but not dissapointing. It had a fun little sex montage which was so awesome and it was kind of kinky. I got turned on that is for sure and I'm pretty sure my husband was sporting a semi next to me. It had a lot of gore but it wasn't a complete focus in the movie. It had a great storyline with a lot of good underlining tones that I think just about anyone over 18 would appreciate. I personally would not take my child under 18 to see it because it has a lot of inappropriate stuff that I just wouldn't want to have to explain. It's an adult comic book movie brought to life, plan and simple. You hear the F-bomb a lot. It was wonderfully put together and what I wish every movie was like to a certain extent. Not as much sex as I though it was going to have, they kinda lumped it together which was fine with me, in the way that they played it out. It was a nice little romance, boy trying to save girl type story which is always nice. I wouldn't let the whole V-day type movie to take your girl to thing, but if you love comics, action packed, sexy, dirty movies then you will probably like this flick. I do have to say I'm very impressed, it had a budget of 60 Million which is very low for what they pulled off and last time I checked, so far they are up to 120 Million in profit. It made my husband very happy and gave him a little confident boost with everything that he is dealing with, so it made me exceptionally happy and I would totally go see it again. So if you haven't you really need to because you'd be missing out on a great flick that really has set higher standards for movies, hopefully from here on out. Rated R was the best thing the director could have ever done. Yay for V-day Deadpool. I made my baby happy which is all that matters.
  14. Very very true. Robert Frost is always such a great person to get quotes from. Simple yet powerful, always a favorite! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Okay I have a total of 5 healthy pups but two are with my grandma and 3 are part of my pack. Sadly I lost my baby that I had when I was 10 about 2 years back and that really hurt. But here they are. And their stories. Daegan - the all black pup in the pix shes turning 2 in April. Rescued from shelter on August 11 2014. Black lab + German Shepherd + Collie. My husband and I's first pup together. His first dog. My 7th dog. Sassy- White/tan pure German Shepherd on floor in pix. Turning 3 this year. Rescued from horrible breeders. My mom's gift to my dad before she passed away. Very bad allergies from poor nutrition as pup. Jenna - senior citizen at age 9 laying on couch in pix. German Shepherd + Malamute + Lab. She is a piggy and will eat anything. Begs like a pro. She sheds like crazy and loves to do her howl bark to get ur attention. Also rescued from shelter! So there is my wonderful pack!!!! What do you think? Hope everyone can see the pic!