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  1. NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is currently pregnant if anyone is interested - she's 37 and is probably the youngest we've had. Interesting story here about the welcoming, popular reaction to the baby news etc and possible political effects:
  2. I am in New Zealand. No slaves here, there is an indigenous population called the Maori, there hasn't been as many issues as in Australia. There was a treaty between the British colonists and the Maori that is the nation's founding document (1840) and this underpins much of history and NZ governance to this day. New Zealand is a separate country to Australia, though of course we are similar and close by - but it's not like I can walk or drive to Australia - takes three hours to fly and it's much larger in landmass and population! . Today NZ is multicultural, Here's NZ's second highest govt figure, who is part-Maori the Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, who will be acting Prime Minister when the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has her baby in a few months. I don't think I'll be back soon to reply here as I am busy currently but just thought I'd give some accurate info about NZ.
  3. Silly question, have you ever looked at Grindr? Bearing in mind it's for men. I'm curious about most of these sorts of things. Cheers

    1. Hungry


      What's your curiosity with it? Apart from the obvious...

    2. bikiwi


      well I look at anything I haven't seen before! I've joined all sorts of app things, then deleted them again eg. Bumble, Tinder etc.

      I'd have no reason to say on app only for men, though - I am not a man...I'm disqualified. A gay man told me there was bi men on it, though. Hence the real reason for my curiosity, I'd like to look at the men!

    3. Hungry


      Of course there are, but you can meet bi men on things for swinging and poly that wouldn't disqualify you, I get the curiosity, but you don't meet the requirements, for more go somewhere you can... then you have more data so to speak! 

  4. To be honest, heavily duting policing the rights of other people to be free in their sexuality is a bit silly. It sort of then nullifies and mutes the following kinds of women: bi women who are married to or in a relationship with a man. If two bi women have a casual relationship with each other, but each also has a male partner, are they using each other as sex toys if their bond is not emotional and if it becomes emotional between the two women, then that's cool, it's up to them to negotiate it with each other and their male partners. If a woman occasionally has threesomes if she is with her male partner, are they both using the person if female as a sex toy? If a woman has a casual relationship with a man, is she using him as a sex toy and is he using her as a sex toy? If that relationship is between two single bi women but is not committed, are they using each other as a sex toy? If a person is a swinger, or a member of the fetish community and identifies as bi, is everyone they sleep with if not in a committed relationship with them a sex toy? If a person is a man a woman, a trans or a gender-queer and they then have sex with someone who identifies as binary male or female and it's casual, are they using them as a sex toy? We could go on and on.
  5. You're just angling for a you can have an argument, as I saw what you posted earlier. I've never been with a woman and may never be, so that's a moot point and even if I am with a woman, what goes on with legal, consenting adults is their own choosing.
  6. I'm in an exclusive relationship with a vibrator, it brings me great pleasure, Yet I feel somewhat guilty as I'm only using it as a sex object. It fulfils my needs and I don't feel I'll ever truly commit to it. I hope it doesn't take it too hard, I'll never marry it. I didn't give it the love it needed, it only brings sexual release. To my vibrator, I sincerely apologise, I've been using you for sex only. Can you forgive me? And if you can't, I'll buy another one, just like you - maybe a different colour or brand....It's a cruel world out there. PS what the special blue vibrator doesn't realise is I am cheating on it too from time to time, with a small purple bullet one, a larger black rabbit, a purple rabbit. and a pink rabbit.
  7. I made it clear to the woman last week, I was happy to chat at this stage and consider sex at some later date, as I am dating men too at this stage. She still sent me a naked pic, despite all that, so it was her choice to send a pic to someone who told her it's not the right time for me to be with a girl right now. I wasn't turned off totally, she's an attractive woman, but I decided to leave the website later, I am no longer there.
  8. Thanks for the helpful responses, a lot to think about!
  9. This appears to be an academic essay written on the music of Bruno Mars by a young bi woman.
  10. well I agree with this, but I am a fan
  11. There's two stories about lesbian parenting and conception in there.and these are not controversial. The first one was "controversial" (that they removed) as it was in the context of the Metoo sex assault thing. Topical might be a better word.
  12. well that's disappointing that they removed it, and no reason why. here's some other queer content they feature, it's not about rape or sexual violence, however. I hope it makes up for me wasting your time with that link in some way! Very disappointed!
  13. the topic is gone! I wonder why they took it off, it was getting attention on social media
  14. Every couple of years I get big urges to have sex with girls, join websites, very nearly meet them, then chicken out. A woman had even sent me some naked pics etc and was very keen to meet for sex even though I told her I wanted to slow it down as I was going to keep dating men, Well the naked pics did not do much for me lol. I still watch lesbian porn etc, but will stay dating men. I'm not one of those idealistic types who swears off sex as it "objectifies" women, nor am I the type to marry a woman. I guess I have no label! I am very turned on by women, however, still and won't rule out sex when the time is right!
  15. I'd sleep with an Indian lady, except, well I have a block on sex with chicks at the moment! But yes if I ever do, I would like an Indian girl.