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  1. Silly question, have you ever looked at Grindr? Bearing in mind it's for men. I'm curious about most of these sorts of things. Cheers

    1. Hungry


      What's your curiosity with it? Apart from the obvious...

    2. bikiwi


      well I look at anything I haven't seen before! I've joined all sorts of app things, then deleted them again eg. Bumble, Tinder etc.

      I'd have no reason to say on app only for men, though - I am not a man...I'm disqualified. A gay man told me there was bi men on it, though. Hence the real reason for my curiosity, I'd like to look at the men!

    3. Hungry


      Of course there are, but you can meet bi men on things for swinging and poly that wouldn't disqualify you, I get the curiosity, but you don't meet the requirements, for more go somewhere you can... then you have more data so to speak! 

  2. To be honest, heavily duting policing the rights of other people to be free in their sexuality is a bit silly. It sort of then nullifies and mutes the following kinds of women: bi women who are married to or in a relationship with a man. If two bi women have a casual relationship with each other, but each also has a male partner, are they using each other as sex toys if their bond is not emotional and if it becomes emotional between the two women, then that's cool, it's up to them to negotiate it with each other and their male partners. If a woman occasionally has threesomes if she is with her male partner, are they both using the person if female as a sex toy? If a woman has a casual relationship with a man, is she using him as a sex toy and is he using her as a sex toy? If that relationship is between two single bi women but is not committed, are they using each other as a sex toy? If a person is a swinger, or a member of the fetish community and identifies as bi, is everyone they sleep with if not in a committed relationship with them a sex toy? If a person is a man a woman, a trans or a gender-queer and they then have sex with someone who identifies as binary male or female and it's casual, are they using them as a sex toy? We could go on and on.
  3. You're just angling for a you can have an argument, as I saw what you posted earlier. I've never been with a woman and may never be, so that's a moot point and even if I am with a woman, what goes on with legal, consenting adults is their own choosing.
  4. I'm in an exclusive relationship with a vibrator, it brings me great pleasure, Yet I feel somewhat guilty as I'm only using it as a sex object. It fulfils my needs and I don't feel I'll ever truly commit to it. I hope it doesn't take it too hard, I'll never marry it. I didn't give it the love it needed, it only brings sexual release. To my vibrator, I sincerely apologise, I've been using you for sex only. Can you forgive me? And if you can't, I'll buy another one, just like you - maybe a different colour or brand....It's a cruel world out there. PS what the special blue vibrator doesn't realise is I am cheating on it too from time to time, with a small purple bullet one, a larger black rabbit, a purple rabbit. and a pink rabbit.
  5. I'd sleep with an Indian lady, except, well I have a block on sex with chicks at the moment! But yes if I ever do, I would like an Indian girl.
  6. Half-South Asian/European here, based Down Under, only been with European men (one was half Pacific Islander) and one mixed Indian male, I think. (Or maybe he was a Persian, no idea, he was mixed with something!) No women that I have dated. Americans really seem hung on up on race compared to Down Under (New Zealand.)
  7. I should explain, for all intents and purposes, I present as a straight woman. I am either bisexual closeted, or just bi-curious. I date men currently and have yet to be with a woman - not sure if I ever will be with a woman, even then I would still be primarily attracted to men. I am aware of my straight privilege, viewpoints and stances, it's even a miracle that I've joined here and am beginning to accept my probable bi-ness.. I am not young, at 40, so I've had a long, long journey to even get this far. I'm happy to hang out with queer people if I meet them in real life, not sure if I can make the leap to internet people - still getting to grips with internet dating men, even after years of doing it! I don't really trust online people, so I am very guarded with my privacy etc. (One too many internet men going awry!) All the best, though.
  8. Haha, that was a request for her benefit not mine - but maybe she doesn't need to know! (And I can't speak for her at all - lol.). Suffice to say, I can get that book, or research polyamory myself if I need to! (I've already read a bit in the past, but going off topic.) I just thought it could be outlined as a lot of the thread was about open relationships with bi men included, etc. But, yes you're right, it could open up a few too many questions!
  9. One more thing, it's personal choice also, but it is not necessary to lose your virginity to any escort! That means the sex will be transactional in nature, so the person will be focused on that. I lost my virginity to a man in some house, in some bed, a long time ago and while I'd like to change that, it happened 18 years ago and there's no point dwelling on the circumstances of it not being too romantic, haha. (He wasn't not an escort, just some boring Kiwi guy, lol!) A caring partner, hopefully with a bit of romance may have been better for me, but I am sure many women say that in hindsight, Also within a love relationship, if at all possible! All respect to sex workers, but they're certainly mostly not in a such a job for love or romance!
  10. I'd like to make a request for this thread, if possible a person who understands polyamory could explain it please and also someone who is experienced in lifestyles described in The Ethical Slut, or someone who can speak in terms of things like open relationships etc. If you've read this thread and feel you have something to impart, it would be a good perspective. I've read this and feel it could benefit from such perspectives, however, since I have no valid experiences with such perspectives, personally, I can't give them! Cheers..... PS. One does not need sexual experience with a man or a woman to know you are bi! No label is even needed. Someone who is straight isn't required to prove their sexuality beforehand. So, for me, even if I never have experience with a woman, if I am attracted to them, chances are very high, I am a woman who is attracted to women, even if I never put any label on myself.
  11. I do feel that while people are allowed their opinion on others' sexualities, they're only opinions. No one can change the reasons they feel attracted to different people, as it's unique to them. So what or whom I or you are attracted to today, could change tomorrow, as long as everyone is safe, consensual and an adult, well that's ok with me. I can't influence you and you can't influence me. And the fact that what people write here is written by someone online I am unlikely to meet means that, really, I am my own person, also. The same applies to anyone reading.
  12. one time years ago I was using a vibrator and I thought I wet the bed when I orgasmed. I washed all the sheets etc. Maybe I did wet the bed....I often orgasm really hard. multiple times from various vibrators, especially recently and I've never let out that much moisture since! (I haven't had sex for a few years, so all my action comes from vibrators.) Eg, I was using the vibrator earlier today on a powerful setting, again hard orgasms, multiple times - no big puddles which is good, lol. I guess I am looking for the right man - or woman - for that matter.
  13. I could identify as a straight, a bi-curious, a bisexual but I don't identify as a lesbian if I need to label myself. I think my label is probably bisexual, however as I've always been physically attracted to women, watch porn with women in it, etc! That is a bisexual, I think.
  14. Some posts in here make me realise that if I ever do have sex with a female, make sure it's with a woman who totally identifies as a bisexual or bi curious rather than a lesbian, is either in a relationship with a man, or is open with the fact that her primary romantic interests are with men. In other words, someone on the same page as I am to avoid tricky situations! PS I am single too, but I know if I marry someone or move in with someone it will be a male. So, it's not a cop-out to avoid romantic relationships with females it's simply the truth as to how I identify!
  15. I haven't had sex with a woman, but if I ever do, I will be very clear it's only casual.