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  1. I identify as a bi and a straight and they're not separate for me. Being attracted to men and women and men = bi for me. But if there's a day I only like men, it's ok to be "straight" on that day or month, I change a lot.
  2. Of course. But some people should not prey upon vulnerable people. The psychics told me what I wanted to hear - that some guy was coming back into my life. Not one could see he was an alcoholic and best to be avoided. I eventually worked that out for myself. Didn't get any more readings on him and stopped reading for myself and others too. There's probably enough hidden talents within anyone, you don't need to be special.
  3. No thanks. If they want to take offence it’s up to them. I’m not changing delivery of how I say things. I haven’t used profanities, abuse or put downs, or derogatory or racist terminology etc.
  4. Since you're Kiwi, Think of me as the Winston Peters or Shane Jones of the forum world. Reliable, forthright, bumbling and an institution - especially Winston. I'm not the Chloe Swarbrick, Jacinda or Marama Davison. I'm probably closer to Helen Clark, too. Think of her on the Ray Avery/Eden Park scandal and you'll see where I stand. Eg. she was a resident, she knew what she was talking about and she was stridently opposed to concerts at Eden Park.
  5. Yes sure, I was a former practioner of tarot, spiritualism etc. I ended up getting a lot of readings, paid for them and they went nowhere. I spent a lot of money and almost all of it was a sham. I've stopped doing my own reading, it doesn't matter if there's any truth in it. If someone wants to get wound up or offended, it's their right.
  6. More below. Someone else should try it! Nothing is impossible. The multiverse is aglow with chaos-driven reactions. Empathy requires exploration. Eons from now, we mystics will exist like never before as we are awakened by the infinite. The goal of expanding wave functions is to plant the seeds of gratitude rather than discontinuity. To follow the vision quest is to become one with it. Self-actualization is the driver of inspiration. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the quantum cycle via ultra-sentient particles. Our conversations with other beings have led to a deepening of supra-infinite consciousness. Who are we? Where on the great story will we be recreated? We are being called to explore the multiverse itself as an interface between starfire and transformation. The future will be a zero-point ennobling of awareness. The world is approaching a tipping point. Humankind has nothing to lose. It is time to take purpose to the next level. Soon there will be an ennobling of serenity the likes of which the infinite has never seen. We must learn how to lead life-affirming lives in the face of pain. Although you may not realize it, you are unlimited. Child, look within and develop yourself. How should you navigate this advanced infinite?
  7. The above site generates New Age Bullshit text. Just press the button where it says "Reonize Electrons.' This is what I got below Guidance is the driver of synchronicity. Consciousness consists of morphic resonance of quantum energy. “Quantum” means a redefining of the pranic. Nothing is impossible. Although you may not realize it, you are quantum. Only a traveller of the nexus may bring forth this rebirth of flow. You must take a stand against bondage. Where there is yearning, serenity cannot thrive. You may be ruled by ego without realizing it. Do not let it erase the birth of your vision quest. We can no longer afford to live with selfishness. Without understanding, one cannot self-actualize. Who are we? Where on the great story will we be reborn? Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the biosphere via supercharged waveforms. Reality has always been overflowing with lifeforms whose lives are baptized in stardust. Our conversations with other beings have led to a flowering of supra-internal consciousness. Greed is born in the gap where self-actualization has been excluded. The complexity of the present time seems to demand an unfolding of our bodies if we are going to survive. Illusion is the antithesis of stardust. It can be difficult to know where to begin. Have you found your story? The planet is calling to you via electromagnetic forces. Can you hear it?
  8. Well, to be honest, I think it's a load of superstition. A lot of that stuff has become commercialised and popularised. Eg. if I get into a "New Age" shop I can buy Angel Cards, a dreamcatcher, books about psychic phenomenon, I can book a psychic reading etc....Someone who is a claimed psychic then has a website offering angel card readings, insight into past lives and a claimed belief in twin flames, and they can apparently find info on my angel guide and an animal spirit guide, or a human spirit guide. The human spirit guide is always Native American (or often is). Then same person or related persons also have a claimed belief in Wiccan philosophy. What is this but a hodge podge of meaningless stuff? There's no rhyme or reason to any of it. It's not cohesive, It's as if they've cherrypicked their practises from a variety of different traditions and made it into one messy "dogma' This dogma enscapulates eastern religions, the Spirtualist church, cherrypicked stuff from other religions etc etc..
  9. That said if someone would prostelyse mainstream religions I’d listen to what they had to say and give them the time of day, the same as I would any other atheist. The late Peter Hitchens, I would listen to (atheist), his brother Christoper (Christian)....theories from the late Professor Hawking.... There is more worth even in reading any books of religion that constantly striving for “true love” etc, obsessively dating etc.
  10. Believing in “twin flames”, Ganesha, Jesus, Allah, Mohammad etc doesn’t seem to eliminate poverty, war, disease or death.
  11. People claim they have met their great love then one or the other cheats or moves on etc. Then the cycle begins again. It is not spiritual, destiny etc with men, it’s simply biological. Same sex attractions are probably very similar. It is chemicals in the brain. People will dispute this but there would be scientific evidence. Humans are not really meant to be monogamous either. Hetrosexual marriage is a man’s way of having a woman as his chattel to secure his bloodlines and creating a subservient woman in the process, following the patriarchal lines of church and state. I am not sure about gay marriage, but if some participants model it on the hetro mould it will be much the same. De facto couples probably think their relationships avoid the norms of hetro marriage but I’d argue in a country like nz with de facto relationships having the same status as marriage and civil unions after 3 years, it is just another version of the same thing. Likewise things like Valentine’s Day are just cynical commercial exploitation of the consumer’s belief in romance. Therefore florists, hotels, restaurants etc make money all in the pursuit of the dollar like any other company in the economy. The same applies to wedding-related businesses of all kinds.
  12. I have been to the uk a number of times. Mostly London but also the following: Newcastle, Dover, Portsmouth, Cambridge, Oxford. I have not been anywhere else outside of England, but went to the Republic of Ireland to see McCartney play in Dublin. I haven’t made it to Liverpool but have seen McCartney here in nz last year. Re Manchester I watch Coronation St which is popular on nz, though it can be strange sometimes. I prefer Coro to Emmerdale which is totally silly. I don’t like Emmerdale at all. Coro screens at night in nz, emmerdale every lunch time.
  13. (Jenny is an ex gf of Angelina ... info in Google,)
  14. Are back together in this story. They are waiting in a hotel in Melbourne for you. There is a catch, though. Behind one door are Jenny and Angie. Behind the other is Brad Pitt. Who opens your door and what will you do? What happens next?
  15. If that was done by someone older to the girl no matter whether they're male or female, that's an offence. Here in NZ the age of consent is 16. I think for people under the age, if there's more than 2 years difference, it's viewed as statutory rape and the offender will be jailed.