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  1. Throwing some love at your profile :)

    1. reckless


      Throwing some right back! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I liked this part a lot: "Believe me when I say: we would not choose an objectively more difficult path in life unless the opposite --not being true to ourselves -wasn’t even more so."
  3. Hey! Saw you peeking, hope all is well =)

    1. reckless


      Hi! I'm doing great! Enjoying your weekend?

  4. Hello ,hello ..saw you visited. .come by to say hi * waves* :)

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    2. sweettotheheart


      Sure thing hun, I did indeed have a nice day, hope you did too...

      And are enjoying shys . :)

    3. reckless


      Loving shys! I had a long day actually.. I am glad you had a nice one though!

    4. sweettotheheart


      Glad your liking shys ...sounds like a glass of wine to end that long day..thanks again

      hope the rest of your evening is better.

  5. Wow. I know many of you have already said this but it is so great to know that I'm not alone! All I can think about is being with a women. Driving myself crazy! This is an older post but I definitely needed to some encouragement today. Glad I came across this!
  6. Hey! Welcome to Shys! I understand how you feel on some of the things you said. I am a Christian but I am also attracted to women. I have recently come to terms with these feelings. I think I have hidden it from myself for a long time and am just now trying to figure out what it means to me. I feel scared like I'm sinning all the time. I don't feel close to God. But I can't stop how I feel. I haven't told anyone in my life how I feel due to fear of what the consequences might be. There are some really supportive and kind people on here. You came to a safe place. I haven't been able to talk about my religion on here yet.. I have been too scared. Thanks for doing what I couldn't.
  7. Wow. That was beautiful. Good luck climbing your mountain.
  8. So exciting! Proud of you girl! i know that took a lot of courage! Even if she doesn't reciprocate your feelings you still did an amazing thing!
  9. Your pic on the spotlight is very pretty. I really like your eyes:-)

    1. reckless


      Thank you! That's very sweet of you to say! Took a lot of nerves to post that! :)

    2. dolphinprincess


      Well you have nothing to be nervous about:-)

  10. Hmmm tough question. I'm 50/50. I think if it was purely sexual I would choose an experienced women. But if it was an emotional connection that I had built with her especially if we had a good friendship prior to 'liking' each other I would want it to both be our first time. But what do I know? Lol
  11. I love hearing about the signals!!! It's not boring at all! All of your examples seem like she is waiting for you to take the lead. Just how I thought it sounded... Sounds like It's a lot of her putting these sexy, flirty ideas/comments out there and seeing what you do with them. Lol. I love it!!
  12. I'm new too! Welcome to Shys! Saw you peeked! :) Here if you wanna chat!

    1. MusicAddict


      I really should change my "About me", cuz I've been here for more than a year.. but thank you for this comment :)

      Welcome to Shys too! Hope you're enjoying your time here! And I'm returning your proposition as well, if you wanna chat :)

  13. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Shys! A good book and great music, two of my favorite things. :) muah xx

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    2. reckless


      Yes there are! :) hmmm that's a hard question but I would say The Kite Runner is on of my favs. I have so many it's hard to choose. I will have to read a Confederacy of Dunces. I just googled it! It looks great! :)

    3. Inside my head

      Inside my head

      I agree, so many to choose from. I liked The Kite Runner also. :)

      Confederacy is full of characters. Let me know if you like it. muah xx

    4. Inside my head

      Inside my head

      Thanks for the add, lovely. :D muah and another muah. xx

  14. Yeah I agree with Vampire. Turn it around a little bit on her ask her where her love life is and see what she says. I think from what you've explained she's definitely interested! Keep us updated on what happens! Sounds amazing! Haha
  15. Returning the peek :) Hello from a fellow runner!

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    2. Girlygirl


      Sound nice, right?! Not too far at that pace. I'd say about 5-6 miles. I bet you can't wait!

      I hope that you're able to get out there soon :)

    3. reckless


      Wow. 5-6 miles!? That's pretty far at that kind of pace. I'm lucky if I run that in 9 lol. You must be ripped! :)

    4. Girlygirl


      9 is still really good! I just got to that pace recently, after really pushing myself. LOL, my legs are definitely pretty toned! Let's be running buddies :)

      So, what else do you like to do?