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  1. What I wouldn’t give to hear her sweet voice again with her cute accent. 

    ...come pull my hair ;) I’m upstairs 

    makes my heart ache thinking about it 

  2. There are many things that complicate this question. Hard to explain. Most of all I miss my friend so much. I know that I have hurt her. I hate feeling like a piece of me is missing. I hate knowing that I have hurt her in any way. I miss her voice, her laugh, how she made me feel, I miss our inside jokes, and spending time together. Any time. I miss my best friend so much it hurts every single day. She gets me like no one else has. There isn’t any option I know of where I could talk to her that doesn’t involve lying or hurting someone I care about in the process. I’ve had so many dreams lately about reaching out to her. More than usual. They are so real. I wake up feeling so alone and pathetic. She deserves better. I know that is still very vague and doesn’t answer many of your questions. I guess I was wondering what a gut reaction would be to my question.
  3. Missing her... can't let go. 

  4. Throwing some love at your profile :)

    1. reckless


      Throwing some right back! :)