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  1. Girl on girl, no doubt. Guy with girl bores me. But watching a woman fingering and licking another woman - oh yes!
  2. peony

    Beautiful breasts

    The thought of licking and sucking a woman's nipple while I squeeze her soft warm breasts .. it takes my breath away. Someday....
  3. peony

    New York!

    NYC here.
  4. peony


    Sexting is delicious! The back and forth gets me so turned on....
  5. Hmm.... 22 hours ago, but who's counting? I may need to go to bed.
  6. peony


    I'd love to try it. I can't get enough of watching it online. Delish!!
  7. Stopped by, saying hi

    1. peony


      Hello sweetie! How are you?? 

  8. peony


    Mmmmmm, sending the sexy photos to someone who's aching to see them is soooooo much fun!!
  9. That is exactly what I want! Thank you! Enjoy yours. ;)
  10. Hello ladies, I'm going to give myself a birthday gift- a rabbit eared vibrator.. Are there any that you would recommend or that should be avoided? Ever grateful -especially when I'm playing.