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  1. Stopped by, saying hi

    1. peony


      Hello sweetie! How are you?? 

  2. Mmmmmm, sending the sexy photos to someone who's aching to see them is soooooo much fun!!
  3. That is exactly what I want! Thank you! Enjoy yours. ;)
  4. Hello ladies, I'm going to give myself a birthday gift- a rabbit eared vibrator.. Are there any that you would recommend or that should be avoided? Ever grateful -especially when I'm playing.
  5. Boobs. Especially the type that quiver and bounce a bit when she walks. Love love love! I've never had the chance though. Still shy....
  6. Of course. There are parts of my mind that I will not share with him.
  7. I kept having to lick my lips. Torture!!
  8. Beautiful breasts are mesmerizing!!
  9. I couldn't tell if the intended audience was men or women, but they were certainly lovely!
  10. Mila Kunis. Oh yeah...
  11. Amazing!
  12. When you're on the subway and you're sitting next to a woman wearing a very low-cut tank top that perfectly framed an amazing pair of big pillowy breasts and you can't stare without being obvious and rude! I can't stop fantasizing about popping them out of that top and licking them!!!! Frustrating!!!