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  1. CuriousJenny

    New York!

  2. CuriousJenny

    New York!

    Awe! Lots of dogs!! Hate that slush :-/
  3. CuriousJenny

    New York!

    Heyyy Levittown
  4. CuriousJenny

    New York!

    Nooo snow! Lots of rain. Long Island is nice area. Small suburban towns. Close to city so it’s good! Ohh your dog must love the snow! My big old Lab loves it too!
  5. CuriousJenny

    New York!

    That’s a lot of damn snow!
  6. CuriousJenny

    New York!

    Omg! I am on Long Island NY. Tiny little area very close to nyc
  7. CuriousJenny

    New York!

    Hey! We did not get any snow, thank god. But the cold is crazy. It’s rediculous. What about u?
  8. CuriousJenny

    New York!

    We seem to be the only ones!
  9. CuriousJenny

    New York!

    Anyone from New York?
  10. CuriousJenny

    Tattoos how much is too much?

    Looove tattoos, got quite a few myself! Tattoos on woman are sexy, empowering.