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  1. Mmmhmm lots of fun;)
  2. Any New York bi girls?
  3. I will go to messenger!
  4. I keep going back and fourth ! Takes forever!
  5. Think it's all delayed. Bout to give u my cell number!!
  6. Ohhh nurses, don't get me started!!
  7. Yep. Guess we will figure it out eventually!
  8. Health care? No I don't think there is many opportunities there. But hey, u never know!
  9. God I wish. There are a few I'd love to throw in a dressing room!! Lol!!
  10. Had a huge crush on a trainer at my gym. She gone now. She was hot. She flirted but I got freaked. Staring at each other, but like I said, that hesitation!! Just don't have that nerve to do anything. Just not 100% sure!
  11. I work in retail. Very famous retail store;)
  12. Ohh jeez. You have Fallin hard! She sounds hot. And very sweet. Now how we gonna get u in this girls pants?? Ahah. Jk. Hmm;)
  13. Wish I knew what she looked like!
  14. Ya. I would do same. Lemme tell ya, sometimes texting can be taken out of text!! Lol. Did that make sense??? Oh and thank u!!! Muahh!! That's why I say for u to keep pic up!! Those blue eyes!!
  15. Yesss, why not, right?