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  1. Hi its been a long time so thought id have a look on the forum and be rude to not drop by and say hey x

    1. lsroses


      Well hey cheeky! Didn't think I'd see that pink pout on my profile again. :) It's good to see you. Thank you for dropping by xx

  2. pretty sure I was like that when I first arrived in shyland lol let the horny times roll!
  3. Amysecret

    What Is Your Sixth Sense?

    recognising faces, if Ihave seen a face in a programme or film or in person I can not see that person for years and still recognise them
  4. ladies are damn sexy beings! ha ha ha
  5. Amysecret

    What is your biggest fear?

    Was literally gonna write the same reply!!
  6. how long has it been since you came out to your husband? I'm a believer that time can help the situation. My husband freaked out completely, so much so he thought our marriage had ended and I was off to run into the sunset with a lady lol Now things are different , we have talked over it and I had to work on making him feel secure and safe in our marriage. this has been no easy task but we are there, he is comfortable and happy and I am happy knowing I can be open about that side of me. It mus be a really hard to comprehend , I try and put the shoe on the other foot sometimes and thank my lucky stars he is so supportive - he knows I will never betray him loyalty is everything to me and he has been hurt horrendously in the past. Hopefully will small mentions and explanations over time he will realise this side is not to hurt him but part of you and will love and all sides of you . I know thats not too much help right now, basically i'm saying hang in there , you are not alone.
  7. More shower sex, hot wet slippery ll great ingredients for a good sesh whilst feeling clean ha
  8. Happy Valentines Day :wub:

    1. lsroses


      Cheeky!:air_kiss: Happy Valentine's day to you too. Hope you've had a wonderful day. Xx 

  9. Xx

    1. lsroses


      You're so cheeky madam!! Xx

  10. I guess its down to whether you act on it or not . I decided that i just couldnt bring myself to . But ... i do have a connection with another lady, she has a beautiful family of her own and we were in the same situation . We didnt want to hurt anyone and loyalty means everything! So instead we have a friendship where we can talk about our girly sides, some and have that deepness in our friendships that only women have. So yes you can still have connections and be attracted to ladies but down to you how you deal with it . Make it ok for you !
  11. Amysecret

    New to this and married

    Hi i dont know if this will help or not but here goes... i jumped on the site over a year ago not expecting much tbh i didnt have a clue about all these new feelings . I didnt know if i wanted to act upon them or not. If i felt guilt or not . All i knew is i wanted to embrace this side of me. Talking to the girls on here made me realise i was ok not a freak and my feelings werent just in my head . I chatted and posted and made a connection with another shy. All this helped me to accept it and i bit the bullet and spoke to my husband about how i felt . We talked at length and it was intense -alot of crying happened! But this was the first big step to accepting myself. I then felt confident enough to talk to my mum and friend and cousin. Not everyone knows and dont be under pressure to announce it , i put it in several conversations it was subtle i didnt hold a party! Anyway... spend time . Build connections with people till you figure out whats right for you . Enjoy shys
  12. Amysecret

    AMA (ask me anything)

    @kairi beach yes i have and had sand in places i never knew existed ! I was young dumb and had a holiday fling with a boy . I wouldnt be that brave now!
  13. Its good to be back 

  14. Amysecret

    One year on

    Wow, ok so we are now well over a year on.... going from the butterflies darting in my tummy everytime i checked shys, to loving my best friend !. The first time we met and those agonising extra twenty minutes you made me wait ... i'm joking! Was such a remarkable day . We walked around as we do now, in our own little bubble, everything a blur around us and just enjoying every second we spend together. I love the fact we set our own standards for our relationship, what was right for us and our families and said forget how others view it. Its down to us! Yes we both have amazing men in our lives and have happy marriages , beautiful children and now have the very best friends-how lucky are we?! I believe it was fate to chat and our paths to cross we needed each other and you came at the perfect time. You will never realise how truly special you are to me as i simply do not have the words . X Shys will always be home and i feel very thankful to the site and the ladies who helped make sense of things for me and made me feel i was not alone.