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  1. pretty sure I was like that when I first arrived in shyland lol let the horny times roll!
  2. recognising faces, if Ihave seen a face in a programme or film or in person I can not see that person for years and still recognise them
  3. ladies are damn sexy beings! ha ha ha
  4. pain
  5. ha ha ha
  6. agreed there are definitely times for straight forward!!
  7. Was literally gonna write the same reply!!
  8. I'm a student , I'm taught to analyse everything @kairi sometimes being hasty is not good either , knowing how to approach a situation tactfully is key ! I used to be a all guns blazing type so I'm officially a grown up now ha ha
  9. More shower sex, hot wet slippery ll great ingredients for a good sesh whilst feeling clean ha
  10. im confused, not in the bi sense lol but I dont know what to make of a situation and that I need to think some more
  11. Happy Valentines Day :wub:

    1. lsroses


      Cheeky!:air_kiss: Happy Valentine's day to you too. Hope you've had a wonderful day. Xx 

  12. Xx

    1. lsroses


      You're so cheeky madam!! Xx

  13. I guess its down to whether you act on it or not . I decided that i just couldnt bring myself to . But ... i do have a connection with another lady, she has a beautiful family of her own and we were in the same situation . We didnt want to hurt anyone and loyalty means everything! So instead we have a friendship where we can talk about our girly sides, some and have that deepness in our friendships that only women have. So yes you can still have connections and be attracted to ladies but down to you how you deal with it . Make it ok for you !
  14. Hi i dont know if this will help or not but here goes... i jumped on the site over a year ago not expecting much tbh i didnt have a clue about all these new feelings . I didnt know if i wanted to act upon them or not. If i felt guilt or not . All i knew is i wanted to embrace this side of me. Talking to the girls on here made me realise i was ok not a freak and my feelings werent just in my head . I chatted and posted and made a connection with another shy. All this helped me to accept it and i bit the bullet and spoke to my husband about how i felt . We talked at length and it was intense -alot of crying happened! But this was the first big step to accepting myself. I then felt confident enough to talk to my mum and friend and cousin. Not everyone knows and dont be under pressure to announce it , i put it in several conversations it was subtle i didnt hold a party! Anyway... spend time . Build connections with people till you figure out whats right for you . Enjoy shys
  15. @kairi beach yes i have and had sand in places i never knew existed ! I was young dumb and had a holiday fling with a boy . I wouldnt be that brave now!