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  1. Hello fellow yorkshire lass
  2. Leeds area here.. it is sort of East England
  3. My mum does tarot now and again and her readings for me have been relatively accurate but I guess it is the way you interpret the cards I.e. a death card could have many different meanings.
  4. I would say I am 50/50. I would happily be in a relationship with either a man or a woman
  5. bicurious

    Hope it all works out for you things can get a little tough when more than two people are involved
  6. Rainy days
  7. Love your picture so green and wintry just the best for a walk around that lake

    1. Cherished


      I would rather be walking round that lake than be setting off to work right now 

    2. Leopard


      I love walking in nature

  8. I have really gotten into neverwinter.. It was free on ps4 but I'm not sure about xbox/pc. It's definitely worth a try
  9. Crisping in the sun loving this weather
  10. I have an openly gay uncle who happened to be one of the cast of queer eye of the straight guy uk which was aired quite some time ago now.
  11. My partner isn't circumcised and I don't mind it.. it looks like it is circumcised when it is erect so it doesn't bother me. He keeps it clean and washes It even after showering. I suppose it matters more if they have bad personal hygiene
  12. Maths, science and PE lol I was nerdy when I was at school
  13. Haha true; more difficult I should say
  14. I honestly think girth is more important than length.. if it's too thin then it's harder to feel anything
  15. I'm Gemini.. I'm probably the complete opposite to what a Gemini is supposed to be like