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  1. Sorry to hear that :( ^^^^^ I'm cold :/ why is it soo cold for this time of year grr
  2. Beautiful ;)
  3. I'm a marmite fan
  4. I was really into pc gaming about 10 years ago.. there was one particular shooter where everyone knew eachother, played together regularly and got together on teamspeak. We even attended LANs around the country. Nowadays there isnt much of a community and most people have switched to console gaming :( sad really
  5. new

    Hello Linda, Hopefully this forum can help you with your questions and don't be afraid to share your story! I love reading about others' experiences
  6. 24 still a small fry
  7. That is so sad to hear.. I don't understand how people can be like that. .. Be there for you as a friend and then just stop caring.
  8. Hmm yes, it seems like men just pay attention to profile pictures and ignore the text that goes with it. Annoying really..
  9. Mmhm I love older mature women that know what they're doing ;)
  10. Hmm, my eye draws towards people with the same body shape as me and I don't look twice if they are on the extreme end of thin/fat. However, I have a thing for curvy red heads at the moment
  11. I got green.. sounds about right
  12. Good on you! You should do something that pleases you now and again otherwise you will just feel down.
  13. My beautiful beagle.. she may be cute but she can be a pain sometimes
  14. Ooh I'm going to take a look at this app. I love running but I struggle to find motivation sometimes.. maybe this will help