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  1. Can't sleep. Thinking to much :(

    1. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      Reads Goodnight Moon to you :)
    2. bluebell


      aww, hope you could get some sleep

      I found meditation very hepful against sleeplessness and restlessness, now practice it more and more and find it more and more relaxing and joyful

    3. Stargazer04


      I did eventually thanks, I've just started meditation need to do it more I think. 

  2. This is gonna take some getting used to!

    1. bluebell
    2. Stargazer04


      Won't take long hopefully, 

    3. bluebell


      want to give you average scientific estimates? no, just kidding


  3. i see you popped in. How are you?

    1. Stargazer04


      I'm good, how are you?

  4. Still in need of a coffee? X

  5. Still laughing about last night.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Stargazer04


      Just had a really good night out. Not laughed like I did, for ages. Certain bits of the night kept coming back to me lol x

    3. Vampire


      Tickled your fancy ay? Lol

    4. Stargazer04


      Sure did lol x

  6. Just dropped by to say hello x

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    2. Stargazer04


      Hi, it is a good month. Turned 40 :) and loving it!!



    3. Vampire


      40 wasn't bad. I'm 54 going on 24. I wish.

    4. Stargazer04


      I don't feel 40, still feel like I'm 23 In my head. Body gives it away tho lol

  7. Have a lovely day/evening ladies x

  8. Used to sleep naked, but now its a pair of PJs or T-shirt.
  9. Its so varied, I have a mixture of old dance tunes, The Killers, Muse, Stone Roses and more.
  10. I'd love to learn Italian or Spanish.
  11. I love tattoos on women, I have one myself and want more. But not ready to rush into just having one for the sake of it. x
  12. It has to be Blue Monday by New Order. Just love it x
  13. Another beautiful day. Enjoy your Sunday ladies x

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    2. Stargazer04


      I love all our seasons, but just wish we got a little bit more sun.

    3. shazza21


      I don't like it hot Vampire so any time with the hose lol ;)

    4. Vampire