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  1. Tara69


    Im bi, i came on this site as im in the closet and this site is my outlet for my bi side 2 come out and chat openly within this community and obviously im focused on talking about women. Im free to talk to the world and his brother about my male partner but not about my girlfriend, which is my choice as i just dont feel comfortable coming out x
  2. Tara69

    Has Your Fantasy Ever Come True?

    All mine have apart from 1 which i dont think will ever happen because my girlfriend doesn't want a 3sum with another woman, so that will jus have 2 remain as a fantasy for me x
  3. Definitely !! Id like 2 watch at 1st then join in x
  4. Tara69

    Curiosity And Strap-Ons

    I had some strapon fun with my girlfriend on monday......she loves giving and im more than happy to receive
  5. I used 2 always fantasize about receiving off another woman and preferred it that way when it happened in reality, until i met my current girlfriend and all i want to do is please her, i cant get enough of her !!
  6. Tara69

    Who's out who's in

    Im totally in the closet, only you's n my girlfriend know x
  7. Tara69

    What All Girls Think About Their Boobs

    Im exactly the same.....cud of wrote that post myself x
  8. Tara69

    Your bi story

    It is.... but there's still a lot of guilt on my part as i do love my hubby very much !!
  9. Tara69

    Did Anyone Used To Watch Bad Girls??

    Omg i used 2 love bad girls........fancied the scottish prison officer, helen i think her name was !!!
  10. Tara69

    Anyone from the Midlands here?

    North west, liverpool area x
  11. Tara69

    Curious to know where you are all from!

    Liverpool, UK
  12. Tara69

    Your bi story

    I knew from about 15 i was very curious about having sex with another woman. The desire would come and go, had my 1st kiss with a woman in my late 20's.Although ive always been in relationships and marriages with men throughout my life (im 50) the desire still popped up and in my early 40's i joined a dating site for women only and had a few encounters, i just wanted no strings and fun . Ive never told anybody inc my current husband that im bisexual. I love being with a woman but wouldnt want an out of the closet open relationship with her. Im having an affair with another married woman at the moment and we are both on the same page about what we want with each other. She is the 1st woman ive ever had feelings for and we do love each other n want stay together long-term. Its hard trying to find time to get together, juggling home, kids and work life so sometimes it will just be an hour a week for a cuppa but we always set aside 1 monday afternoon once a month and book a hotel room so we can spend the afternoon together having sex x
  13. Im 50 and my girlfriends 50. When i was a teenager i always fantasized about older women x
  14. Tara69

    Can't believe I did it

    @Shyychick07 how amazing that you felt able to come out to your husband, and he took it so well. You must feel like a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders x