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  1. I always go incognito.........and make sure the tabs closed when ive finished catchin up with u all
  2. Tara69

    I'm cheating on my husband.

    @LanaH102 i still love my hubby very much, we hav a great relationship but i know from previous conversations he wouldnt like me seeing another woman. If 1 day he confessed to being bi curious/sexual i would be open to letting him explore. I do feel very guilty but my needs for a woman at times totally overrides it
  3. Tara69

    Secrets are the best.

    @Tallishhmmm , so so. I really cant cope with her neediness. She said she hardly sees me as it is n its hard enough having a mostly txt only relationship as it is. She has a lot more time on her hands than me but i was clear and straight from day 1 about what i wanted and have now been accused of moving goal posts n playing with her feelings. Ive done no such thing but noticed she twists things round and blames me........we still msg but feel its only a matter of time before i get another shitty msg from her because im not attentive enough towards her but each time she sends 1 i just back off more x
  4. Yesterday morning while i had the house to myself x
  5. My girlfriend gets very wet.......i love it
  6. Tara69

    Secrets are the best.

    We met up yday and had a good ole heart 2 heart n listened 2 each other and sorted things out. I explained how i felt pressured with her if i wasnt txting all the time but at the same time ive got lots of stress going on around my home life and she seemed 2 understand but says its hard having a relationship thats based mostly on txting, so explained that is wot its like wen ur having a secret affair n prob wud b the same if it wer a man 2. Boundaries dont always work feelings are gonna get in the way. The hardest part of it for me is when shez txting and feeling horny and im not but i havent got the heart 2 say im not feeling that way at the moment but on the same token dont wanna b a fake n jus go along with the sex txting ......anybody else experienced that
  7. Ive joined lots of different online dating sites and the only 1 ive ever had any luck on is Pink Cupid, ive had my profile on there for about 6 yrs now. Theres still dodgy fakes on it and ppl that dont take on board what my profile says Ive deleted my profile from all the other sites, as mentioned above bloody men msgin ........no thanku x
  8. Tara69

    Age and a little about yourself

    Im from liverpool 50, 5ft, slim, long brown highlighted hair. Im a bubbly adventurous flirty person. I like to look after myself and exercise when possible im a waitress and love my job which also keeps me in shape. Ive got 2 daughters and 1 grandson. Been with my partner for 6yrs and we hav a great relationship
  9. I like the thort of my man with another not so much having anal ......more giving each other oral and hand jobs !!
  10. Tara69

    Secrets are the best.

    Some women are just hard work this isnt the 1st time its happened with her. I told her from day 1 my family will always come 1st and she was going 2 end it the other week because my daughter ended up being rushed into hospital so i cancelled our date. Im half hoping she just doesnt get in touch again haha she stresses me out. It was meant 2 be just fun and friendship altho i did care about her alot
  11. Tara69

    Secrets are the best.

    Im currently in that type of relationship and thort we had clear boundaries with each other about our wants n needs as a "couple", apparently not ......i txt her last night apologising for not being in contact all afternoon as i had worked an 8hr shift and been very busy and said i was really tired and going 2 bed soon and hoped she had enjoyed her day off and received a very blunt txt back 2 which i replied and not heard from her since as she has said previously she is very needy and wants constant contact
  12. Tara69

    Has Your Fantasy Ever Come True?

    All mine have apart from 1 which i dont think will ever happen because my girlfriend doesn't want a 3sum with another woman, so that will jus have 2 remain as a fantasy for me x