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  1. It felt so natural with her. She is soft and gentle with a little surprise at times. There is no expectation of anything. We can kiss for hours and be lost in each other, The way she holds my hand and wrist blows me away. We just connect so well when we are alone there is a spark that lights me up from inside. I adore her.
  2. Hi Loulou. How's the dating going with your special girl? I'm thinking fireworks :-)

    1. louloulou


      Yeah, it's going really well. We are going away for a holiday together soon. Looking forward to spending more time together.

    2. curiousforknowledge


      Where is your adventure taking you? How exciting it must be for you to enjoy a holiday away with your special lady - I'm thrilled for you. :--) 


  3. I'm dating my first girlfriend and it's going really well for us.
  4. Tea, Earl or lady grey. No milk just 1 sugar.
  5. What are you drinking right now. I'm favouring a gin and tonic.
  6. My girl is more special to me than i could imagine. We had a fantastic night away.

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    2. louloulou



    3. curiousforknowledge


      Sending the happy parade to your door :-)


      That's awesome!!

    4. louloulou


      Thanks, curiousforknowledge. The parade can keep playing, we are really happy together.

  7. Can't wait for tomorrow, having a first night away with my special girl.

  8. Her eyes, the way she holds my hand and strokes my wrist, her intelligence, conversation and the way she kisses me. Wow.
  9. Oh yeah, it can drive you nuts inside but if you've got that connection with that special person then its beyond awesome.
  10. You'll be absolutely fine holding hands over here. If you are in the city no one bothers you. Enjoy it.
  11. I love to dance and I don't need a drink to do it. I dance in the kitchen if I'm making a meal and I've got good tunes on.
  12. A few weeks ago we met for a 2nd time and openly held hands walking along the beach. A first for me like so many things. She's amazing.
  13. The way she does that thing.........blows me away each time.
  14. Her eyes, the way she holds and stokes my arm and hand in the theatre. How she holds my face when we kiss. Pretty much all of her.