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  1. It is the most wonderful feeling. She reveals things as we go along and I take it in my stride. I know she has other responsibilities, I understand. But we still have that special time together. We want it together. We have separate interests which is healthy and joint ones. I'm pleased you've also found what you were looking for. It's hard to find. Here's to both our happy futures with our partners.
  2. There is baggage, I will help carry her if she wants it but she's a strong lady who has fought really hard in life to get where she is now. My partner includes me and trusts me. I've keys to her flat, we've connected well from the beginning.
  3. It's small steps together. She tells me everything. It is healthy together. Hurt does gets misinterpreted but it's a perfectly normal reaction to some situations and people. It's not a red flag it shows you are a human with emotions. They are past events which have changed us in some way. We accept who each other is now and we build from there.
  4. Thanks. It is. She involves me in her life. I look after her and she looks after me. Who knew you could have that lol
  5. I've found a lady who actually understands me. She is decent and loves me and I do with her. We have no secrets from each other and we are true to our word with one another. She's taken the big step of introducing me to her mum and brother. She's never done this before. We've both come from rubbish situations where we are rebuilding ourselves after difficult previous relationships. We are now doing this together. It's early days but all the signs are good for us both. Here's hoping this continues as I've been burned badly before with a woman and it almost destroyed me. For the first time in a long time I feel positive again for the future. Hope it continues.
  6. It's been a battle but I'm still standing. Have a great 2018
  7. Thanks, hope you both have an amazing 2018
  8. Thanks and to you x
  9. Thank you, 2017 has been a dark year. It just about broke me. 2018 here we go
  10. I know the feeling. I have her my all and that wasn't good enough. I've still no idea what happened in the end. Ghosting is cruel.
  11. Fell in love with a woman. The woman broke my heart. Took steps to change my life completely. Internet dated. Made new friends through internet dating. Met a new fantastic lady.
  12. I've made a massive change in my life in 2017. I finished a dead 26 year relationship with a guy. Fell in love with a lady which went horribly wrong in the end and that almost destroyed me. And I've ended the year on a high. In a new relationship with a beautiful woman who has been true to her word and we have promise together. 2018 is a completely new future for me. Where I've huge decisions again to make. But I'm more settled than I've been in a long time and with a lady who has stood by me and supported me and I have with her. This is going to be a positive time and I'm happy.
  13. It felt so natural with her. She is soft and gentle with a little surprise at times. There is no expectation of anything. We can kiss for hours and be lost in each other, The way she holds my hand and wrist blows me away. We just connect so well when we are alone there is a spark that lights me up from inside. I adore her.
  14. Hi Loulou. How's the dating going with your special girl? I'm thinking fireworks :-)

    1. louloulou


      Yeah, it's going really well. We are going away for a holiday together soon. Looking forward to spending more time together.

    2. curiousforknowledge


      Where is your adventure taking you? How exciting it must be for you to enjoy a holiday away with your special lady - I'm thrilled for you. :--) 


  15. I'm dating my first girlfriend and it's going really well for us.