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  1. Has anyone ever felt like they have been someone's bisexual experiment and bit of fun? The other person has been rotten towards You. Like a game. And you end up in a mess emotionally from them (not now thankfully though).
  2. Always new possibilities. When you have had a bad experience it's hard to trust again. But worth it.
  3. It's taken time to sort me out. It's been really hard though. Positive steps myself and together as a couple.
  4. I've had the most turmoil I've ever had in my life in the past year and a half. I was in a long term relationship which was dead emotionally. I fell in love with a woman who treated me like crap in the end which I didn't deserve after standing by her. That nearly destroyed me. I left my long term partner and stored my entire life away and lived with a friend. I met a beautiful woman 7 months ago and she has been wonderful for me. She has supported me with lots of things and I've done the same with her. We've been living together for about 3 months now and we get on well. Last week I finally got the keys to my new home and I'm dealing with that with her support. Life takes many twists and turns and is hard sometimes. Sometimes someone has that glimmer of light and they are there for you and you for her. I'm now looking forward in life, more than I've done in a long time. I'll get there. Never lose hope or sight of who you are and keep going no matter how hard it seems sometimes. You will get there.
  5. Is the forum working I can't sign in?

    1. SioRan


      No, it's not working properly. It should be fixed by October. Just kidding. Apparently it's being worked on.
  6. I met my girlfriend in a hotel on a first date. We got on really well, there was an instant spark and attraction. When we said goodnight I knew we wanted to kiss each other and we did. It was the best decision I've ever made. Been together 3 months and see each other most days. Shes introduced me to her family and is a big part of my life. Things look good and the the spark is still there.
  7. It is the most wonderful feeling. She reveals things as we go along and I take it in my stride. I know she has other responsibilities, I understand. But we still have that special time together. We want it together. We have separate interests which is healthy and joint ones. I'm pleased you've also found what you were looking for. It's hard to find. Here's to both our happy futures with our partners.
  8. There is baggage, I will help carry her if she wants it but she's a strong lady who has fought really hard in life to get where she is now. My partner includes me and trusts me. I've keys to her flat, we've connected well from the beginning.
  9. It's small steps together. She tells me everything. It is healthy together. Hurt does gets misinterpreted but it's a perfectly normal reaction to some situations and people. It's not a red flag it shows you are a human with emotions. They are past events which have changed us in some way. We accept who each other is now and we build from there.
  10. Thanks. It is. She involves me in her life. I look after her and she looks after me. Who knew you could have that lol
  11. I've found a lady who actually understands me. She is decent and loves me and I do with her. We have no secrets from each other and we are true to our word with one another. She's taken the big step of introducing me to her mum and brother. She's never done this before. We've both come from rubbish situations where we are rebuilding ourselves after difficult previous relationships. We are now doing this together. It's early days but all the signs are good for us both. Here's hoping this continues as I've been burned badly before with a woman and it almost destroyed me. For the first time in a long time I feel positive again for the future. Hope it continues.
  12. It's been a battle but I'm still standing. Have a great 2018
  13. Thanks, hope you both have an amazing 2018
  14. Thanks and to you x