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  1. Hey hey Dreamy, long time no see. How are you? X

  2. twenty years married, for at least the last ten years for me exactly the same as you, oh my how sex is a chore, I hate it, no sex drive, I do it for him, for me no pleasure. Maybe once every two weeks he says...fancy a shag...and I think 'oh shit' but I say 'yeah fine' and then afterwards I say to myself 'well that's over for another two or three weeks anyway' I gave up communicating a long time ago, my big mistake was to pretend I enjoy it and still do, how can he know I don't and things need to change if I don't tell him? Thing is I don't even know if I want to try.
  3. I clearly need to find whatever it is I've lost because I have no sex drive whatsoever and haven't enjoyed sex with my husband for a very long time. Somewhere inside I know I have the desire to make love with a woman but right now I just feel dead. So when I see how most people here love sex and enjoy it so much I confess I feel very envious and very under confident about being sexual with anyone. I don't even bother pleasing myself. If I'm a raging ball of hormones it's due to the menopause and not in a sexual way....damn!!
  4. You can't go wrong using coconut oil, it's fantastic as a conditioner, you can leave it in your hair overnight for an extra deep condition. Also when you apply the bleach you can rub coconut oil into your hair and scalp first, it doesn't stop the bleach from taking, but it protects while the bleach is working. What bleach do you use? I've tried many over the years but Loreal Platinium is fantastic and I think it's available at Sally's.
  5. He needs reward based training, not punishment. Negative behaviour like chewing and nipping is happening because he just doesn't understand what is expected of him and so the best way to stop this behaviour is to distract him immediately by getting him to do something like calling him to you and giving him a reward for doing so. How do you react when he bites and chews? If you shout or smack or react negatively it will wind him up and make his behaviour worse. Quietly say 'no' and immediately distract him, and through the day and evening spend 5-10 minutes on a regular basis training him one to one. He will quickly learn it's far more positive to get rewards by pleasing you than get told off and maybe punished for bad behavior. At the moment he is a baby that doesn't understand what bad behavior is, and its up to you to teach him. His crate should be the place he goes to chill out, his den, and for you it's a place he can have time out and safety leave him unattended for short periods. Don't make the mistake of telling him off and shutting him in the crate, it will then become a place he dreads. I agree it's a good idea to cover 3 sides of it, and that will help establish his place of quiet time and calmness. If you aren't already doing so it's a good idea to take him puppy training to socialize with other puppies and also learn how to train him in a way that will make a huge bond between you, I agree with Hungry that he needs a routine, and for now to be honest the main priority is not to blame the puppy for this behavior. Yes it's unacceptable but he has no way of knowing that unless you teach him positive behaviour instead and give rewards, not punishment.
  6. Hi Hbird, have you actually had any relationships with women yet or is it that you want to tell him before you do so? I understand what it's like to have all these feelings but unable to discuss it with your husband, you have at least tried to tell him whereas I just feel I couldn't. The problem is if he doesn't do anything for you sexually it will eat away at you and become something you dread happening. Does he know that you feel this way or do you pretend? Sorry for all the questions, it's just to get a better understanding of your situation. Welcome to Shys by the way, I'm sure you will get a lot of good advice and support, plus discover you are not alone in feeling this way. Especially with the added responsibility of children.
  7. Completely agree! Have yet to experience this but even if I never do dreaming about it is wonderful.
  8. To know how it feels to have a soul mate and someone that understands and accepts me completely.
  9. I'm definately a clit girl, I've never been able to come from penetration alone and have always kind of envied women who find penetration so orgasmic. It's just doesn't do it for me, I used to feel a bit cheated having never enjoyed that part of sex with a man, but now I just accept that's the way I am.
  10. HI Vivian, welcome, I'm sure you'll be glad you joined, there's so much good advice, understanding and support here. You'll soon realize you're not alone in now you feel!
  11. Bending the rules here, as I haven't seen this film however.....Fast and Furious....ha ha!
  12. If TV series are allowed then.....Twin Peaks
  13. Up close and personal 😂
  14. Final Destination (fall off my chair laughing)
  15. Memories