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  1. I turned it off when that happened! Couldn’t watch it!
  2. Now I’m sure this is a really good film, in fact I was really looking forward to watching it.. John Wick. Omg they killed a puppy 15mins in!! Well that was it for me! I was sobbing! It may have scared me for life. I think the sentiment behind the puppy (you’ll know what I mean if you’ve watched the film) topped me off! I was a mess lol.
  3. What’s to much for one may not be enough for another! IMO the better quality the art is, the more you can get away with!
  4. I’m 5”4 and perfectly mature.. most of the time to be fair I do always wish I was a little taller! I’d be happy with 5”6. Height isn’t something on my tick list though!
  5. n

    I love this! It’s like movie material! Make sure you keep us posted!!
  6. Funnily enough after posting on here I decided to login to SL last week! I think it depends on the time of day. Lots of users are US so early morning UK time is, and always was very quiet! After having said that it’s possible that you’re right.. decline in users! It’s also about finding the right places to go! Most of the places on the destination guide are quiet! Many a fun night spent in SL!!
  7. I love an Irish accent!!.. and if they play guitar then I’m sold lol. Where about in the UK are you from, Violetta?
  8. Sexting is so much fun! For me it does intensify the want for real life physical contact though! I’m more of a “let me show you rather than tell you” sort of person lol. When my husband and I first got together we lived far enough apart that we only saw each other at the weekend... omg can he sext lol.
  9. This ^^^ that’s whats going on! You’re finally seeing it for what it is. It hurt and you’re probably feeling mad at yourself for letting it happen for so long.. don’t be to hard on yourself, there’s a reason we all say “the heart rules the head”
  10. I think sometimes when an illness doesn’t give you pain it can be harder for you to be tight about avoiding the things that trigger your symptoms. And when one of those symptoms is depression it makes it even harder... that being said, I suspect from what you’ve written that maybe you need to look at which behaviours are allergy related and which are personality traits. It’s so easy to say “well he’s sick so..” i think the pain of his illness is in your suffering and he need to recognise and address that! And if he can’t then yes, maybe it’s time to ship out!
  11. I’m married to a bi man! I’ll be honest.. he acted on this before we had talked about exploring our sexuality ourselves. So effectively cheated. Now had that happened with a woman his bag would have been packed ASAP! But I got it.. I knew why he had gone about it that way and I completely understood. Now this is where it differs for us (men v’s women).. emotions! For him (and I think I quoted in another post) it’s just something he fancies from time to time, like a peanut butter sandwich! It’s sex without the emotions. I can only speak for myself but I know that the emotional side of a relationship is as much wanted for me as the sex. So even when you have a bi husband the fear of emotions is still there!!
  12. I feel very passionately about raising my Daughter to be a strong, independent woman who’s default is not “I can’t” (insert pink sparkly hearts!)
  13. I watch porn. My husband watches porn. Sometimes, we watch it together it’s not cheating by any stretch of the imagination!!
  14. I think they should make it a national holiday!! We should celebrate and be celebrated Heres to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.
  15. I have 3 tattoos. Back, ankle and the top of my foot... omg! The foot hurt! It was only 25 mins but twice I thought he would have to stop. The one on my back is the biggest but it was a breeze compared to my foot!!