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  1. She knew exactly what to do next. Tara poured warm oil down my stomach to my pussy. Tara opened my lips and said "Your clit is so ready for this" she the proceeded to pour the warm oil on my clit. It was a sensation I never felt before. "Now let's see what this oil tastes like" the magical masseuse said. Tara began to lick all of the oil off of my pussy she began to focus on my erect clit. She flicked it back and forth up and down. I said" I am going to cummmmm." Tara stopped abrutly. I was still on the brink of orgasm. It was torture. Tara took both of my legs and climbed on top of me. She positioned herself so that her clit that was clearly visible through her pussy lips lined up with mine. Am electrical surge went through my body as our clits touched. She began to grind her clit with mine. I exploded.
  2. Here you go you naughty naughty girls.... She took her tongue and began to lick my neck. She then took her tongue and licked my lips until I opened them. Her toungue felt like velvet. We deeply and passionately kissed for what felt like a blissful eternity. I felt bold. I reached out and rubbed the outside of her pants. I grabbed her ass. She moaned. I then put my fingers inside her pants. She was so wet. I massaged her slit and slid my finger into her pussy. She stopped kissing me and gasped. She pulled her pants and panties off. Her pussy was shaved with just a little hair on her mound. I took my thumb and started to massage her clit. I could feel it pulse with each stroke. I rolled onto my side to get a better look. I reached behind her and put my other finger near her ass. I took some of her pussy juice and massaged her ass hole. I thought she was going to explode. She brought her pussy to my face and I began to lick her clit. I took my finger and kept massaging her asshole while I licked and sucked her clit. Just as she was about to cum I stuck my tounge into her pussy and tongue fucked her to orgasm. She came so hard I could have sworn she squirted. At this point my pussy was so ready to be touched. She....
  3. Just the right spot spa The just the right spot spa opened in our town a couple of months ago. I have been hearing such great reviews that I decided to make an appointment. I called and the receptionist told me the only available opening was at 9:30am on a Tuesday. I decided to take it. I couldn't wait. It was a much needed treat. When Tuesday finally arrived I was full of excitement. I showered and shaved with sweet anticipation. I knew this was going to be relaxing but little did I know just how relaxing it would be. I arrived at the spa 15 minutes early. I walked in and the scent was heavenly. I was greeted by a handsome man. "Mrs.M your room is ready follow me." I walked into the dimly lit room with anticipation. "Take off all of your clothes and put this robe on. Your masseuse will be with you in a moment." I proceeded to do as he said. I sat on the plush chair when the door opened. A beautiful woman with sparkling eyes and a warm smile greeted me. "Hi my name is Tara". I smiled at her and I felt a little tingle. What is wrong with me? Why am I getting a little tingly. "Please remove your robe and lay face down on the table." Tara put a towel across my ass and grabbed the bottle of oil. "Now just relax and enjoy" The atmosphere was set. The smell of lavender was intoxicating. Tara put the warm oil on my back and began to work her magic. It was heavenly. She began to work her way down the back of my leg. She poured the warm oil on my leg and began to massage. She was really into it. I suddenly felt her fingertips graze my freshly shaved pussy as she moved to my other leg. That sent a shock through my body. I instantly became wet. I was a little embarrased. I didn't know why I responded like that. Tara asked if I was ok and all I could do was moan. "I'll take that as a yes" Tara giggled. She began working on my other leg and worked her way up to my pussy again. By now I was obviously turned on. She began massaging the lips of my pussy slowly. I let out a deep moan to let her know she was doing a great job. Tara asked me to put a sleep mask on. "It will heighten your senses" Tara said. I put the mask on. "Now lay on your back" As I lay on the table totally naked I felt so horny. My chocolate nipples were so hard and my pussy was dripping wet. Tara dripped the warm oil on one of my breasts. She took her fingers and flicked my nipple back and forth back and forth. She did the same to the other breast. I almost came from her playing with my nipples. All of a sudden I felt a warm wet tounge on my nipple. She was circling her tounge around each chocolate drop. She whispered" I love your nipples they are so sensitive and responsive ." I said " Mmmm thank you and your toungue is magic" she said "oh you just wait".........
  4. I have become fascinated with tantric sex. I love the idea of heightening pleasure and being in a tingly state all day. Does anyone have experience with this?