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  1. Strawberry
  2. Wow. Im sorry. I know you might find it the hardest thing in the world right now but you might need to step away from the friendship a bit and try to come to terms with it all your still fragile which will make it quite hard to accept that she called it quits. Stay strong hun.
  3. Never done it,but does sound fun
  4. Mine is black
  5. Im so mad my throat is in a not!

  6. Thank you for your advice, you always have great ones.
  7. not really, i just dont want him to know i guess. I feel as he would judge i just wanna meet new people, people i might relate to. Im not looking to find a hook up or a girlfriend just see the scene.
  8. Dont you sometimes feel like everything is done in your relationship? Like you both try to hard now to be in love or act in love it gets exhausting! So much confusion all the time with my spouse is just tiring..

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. StarYolana


      I feel you. Sometimes i wanna be single and just date people but not fall in a relationship again. It just sux

    3. letsbefriends1st


      Yeah life is too short not to be happy :) but when you have kids together it tends to complicate things a little more :/

    4. Vivian


      Yes. Yes and yes.

  9. Ive heard of that being a thing. My fantasy would be a women and man threeway and pleasing me and only me lol. Selfish i know ;)
  10. i would go with someone my bestie she knows all my secrets specially this one. She had the idea to try a gay bar so i might do it just not sure what my spouse would think about it.
  11. I would perfer no bra. But with my boobs it obvious so i feel like every woukd see my nipps or something
  12. Im doing well thank you for asking.No im not new ive been here a bit and yes i agree its pretty fun, all the shared story's are a big plus i love reading posts
  13. So i have been really thinking about going to gay/lesbian bar, kinda nervous to take that step since i feel it would be best to do behind my hubbys back in secret :/. Im not sure if it is a good idea though.. Any tips advice just need a chat.
  14. Hello. And welcome. This site is pretty grate you will love it.