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  1. Hello Everyone, Is been a while since I've logged in, last I posted about was about my Hubs Betrayal and my friends betrayal they were involved in his cheating lies! Anywho as of today is been about 8months since it all came to light I lost alot and i was so hurt by it all. I cut all relationships that had to do with those snakes I once considred family. Accept my kids father I've tried to hold on to this relationship for the sake of my kids but is not easy! I feel happy at times but then the hurt comes back when I remember what he did to me, to my family. It was alot He not only cheated he cheated on me with a friend a close friend she was part of my family and to make it worse it was like they were in a relationship while he did all that the womens husband knew of the affair and allowed it to go on,he was okay with it as it was nothing! he asked for him to talk to her to be there for her! sick! all three lie to me.. Well now We are going to couples and family counseling we are trying to fix this wreck! but is so Hard. I feel like I stay because of my kids but it's getting very difficult to make this work im not sure how can I survive such pressure!. Anyone else gone thru this? stayed for your kids, made something work for them? or atleast felt like you have to give it your all before you decide to call it quits just because you have a family ?;
  2. Hello my girlies, Well I have been going through some tough stuff lately and I literally have no one to reach out to, I recently found out my spouse was in some weird love triangle with our so called friends, and in the mix of all the drama I have decided to try to make things work with my spouse, but it has not been easy, I have days were I'm okay with him and we get along but then I start to remember the things I read between them and I turn to hating him to the point I feel like I'm loosing my cool. I knew it was going to be hard but I never thought it would be this difficult. I try to remember why I'm trying to make it work and try to hear him out each time because I know he is sorry, he tells me every time I'm feeling down but then it angers me like he doesn't mean it. I feel like his explanations are just lame excuses. I hear him speak with so much remorse yet I don't feel like I care to hear it at times, I see his tears and I know he feels bad in away but I still don't care I want him to hurt. I try to just make sense of it all in my head like I need to force on this closure hoping it will happen soon but it doesn't I have a good week then I am back to feeling this hurt, I lost so much in all this, they were family so called friends and they all did this lie. I ask myself why am I trying now if it was broken already, during the time me and my spouse were already splitting up for good, I tell myself sometimes we should've just stayed split up instead of him confessing and trying to work it out. Is there any one who has gone through something similar? Does it get any easier? What was your reasoning to stay?
  3. Yes that it is. Unfortanally not at the moment. I have tried to hide it all from my family so I don't have anyone to count on with this my mom has a feeling but she hasn't said it directly. I just kinda want to keep it to myself for now.
  4. Thank you. I have been trying to suppress it. In all is more the lies that get to me they all lied and continue to lie. I just want it all to go away but I know that's not possible. I told my hub why couldn't have been a stranger i wouldn't care for it much, but a close family friend I was betrayed by all 3 and now the hurt is horrible. I have to cut out people from my life that I thought we were gonna grow old and watch our kids grow together.
  5. We were split up during and as we are now as well. we are trying to fix the relationship for our kids but sadly it seems like is not worth it even though the whole ordeal was only a month before he came clean, to me it feels like longer, like they where together for ever. I do know we neglect our relationship, we stop sleeping in the same bed we stop calling each other BABE and in all stop being a couple, it was little things that did not bother me during that month but now I seem to miss it all, you know that saying "you don't know what you have until is gone" that's how I'm feeling. I know he did wrong and now regrets it but he says it was all the attention she gave him that he felt that love from her, and that upsets me. He says he didn't want to move on but he was trying to in away unintentionally. I the connection is what kills me inside. In this mix I feel honesty would've been best but it played out differently, he or she could've told me some thing but no. I hope I can trust him again it will be hard but im sure I will. As to my best friend she has step away from the issue and I've done the same. I wouldn't want to put her in this since is her family. I appreciate your advice. Thank you.
  6. Hey my shybi friends. I have been going thru some tough heart break and i wanted to vent. I posted about how my hub was in a relationship with a family friend and in a twist his bestfriend knew and was okay with it. In all this mess they all broke me and took a huge piece of me. They did everything possible to have my hub lie to me until he came clean to me, like why i want answers from everyone not just my hub. As it all came out the bestfriend now claims to be a victim and Neither one of them wants to give me the face. I feel like i need it so i can get closure. Im so hurt i want to forgive them, i hate having this hate in my heart is so not me. I want to believe they are sorry but i honestly dont think they are, Me and my hub are doing ok we came to terms that we were not together and i know we were split up so i know he tried to move on, but didn't do it the right way. We are going to consuling currently and trying to fix the damage that was done even the issues we had before he went on his venture. I never realized how bad our relationship was till all this happened. I feel like my world was destroyed and i want to fix it, but i don't know what to do i feel numb like all the yearz and memories we made with these 2 people is nothing to them. I know ill move on it just feels like a terrible heart break. I just wish they would all come altogether and try to fix all this damage but i know in my heart they wont and most likely it will never be fixed. It just sux her sister is my bestfriend and married to my cousin we will forever be connected in some way and yet they dont even care to try and see if its fixable. Is there anyone who can relate? Any one have any advice on this. Am i wrong? Should i block them out like i never knew them? Im so weak i feel so broken.
  7. Thank you for your advice.
  8. Im sorry your feeling that way. Is a horrible feeling. doing it all alone is just not fair. Ive learned that commication is key in a relationship, is something i failed at with mine and trust i wish i didn't stay quite. Try talking to your spouse let him know your feelings and were there coming from even though he might put you to the side and ignore you push for him to hear you out. You need his support and he needs to know that.
  9. I agree. I just cant help but think it will hurt him as much as he hurted me in a way. I keep getting this thought that it will make me feel better. I guess im just in the heat of the momment since i did just find out 2 weeks ago. Is all still fresh in my head.
  10. Hello,. I have been up and down about this issue and it has me a bit crazy. So my husband of 10 years cheated on me with a friend it went on for a month untill i caught him. In a way i knew and i neglected the issue i kicked him out several times and she knew that. I would kick him out she would be there for him. I feel like im weird because the sex part dont hurt me more than the txt and lies. I told him you want to mess with some one is fine just as long as im there and he went back on my agreement. Right now is a rocky place for us but honestly im a bit over it now. Im to the point where im willing to forgive both of them. Well actually all 3 the husband of hers knew and also allowed it.! Why. Idk!. But they did me quite dirty. Im pissed at that. . Am i crazy for feeling this way. Like i just don't care about the sex just the fact he gave her attention. ? I feel like im weird for getting over it a bit. Im still up and down with my emotions but feel like ill be okay and stay with him. But then i want to have revenge on him and sleep with his friend so he knows the feeling.
  11. Strawberry