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  1. Thought the ladies on here may be interested. Deals with some of the topics we discuss on here regularly
  2. Awww. That's so sweet! I relate to this a lot as I also identify as demisexual. And I guess sapiosexual too, although I never thought much about it. its so great that you were obsessed with this woman and then were rationally able to let go when you decided she was straight. I don't think it necessarily means she is straight because you can't find her online. People often try to stay anonymous online, or just browse and don't post, so there may still be hope. But good for you for letting it go and using it to grow. i unfortunately couldn't handle my crush as gracefully. But am still grateful for leading me to this site and many other realizations and just leading me on a journey that's made me more comfortable in my own skin. i will be forever grateful to her for that.
  3. Welcome! You will see there is a lot of stories like yours. It's great that you've been able to share with your guy how you feel and that he is so accepting. That's already more than half the battle!
  4. You need to use the search function and read caliwoman's stories of lap dances on here.They are pretty amazing
  5. Yay for you! that sounds lovely!
  6. I am going to go against the grain here and say that I always way more enjoyed receiving. But I was recently pleasantly surprised during my first time with a woman to learn that I actually very much enjoyed giving.
  7. Search for my thread "friend crush" and then decide how you want to proceed.... Options: she could be into you and wanting more she could be into you and scared she could just be messing with you she could be oblivious and just doing what's normal in her culture. But Only she knows.... and unless she decides to tell you, unfortunately there is no way a bunch of people on the internet can know.
  8. Of course I would want to know. But like other people have said, it's a rather biased sample here. I would most of all try to make her comfortable after telling me. Because I have been on the other side and know how hard it is to say something and how little effort it takes to be kind. Whether I reciprocate the feelings or not.
  9. Flashback! I was totally into the rave culture in the 90s. PLUR and all that ! Was actually at the large rave in Florida in the late 90s that got busted and effectively outlawed them in the state. Ha! Feels like a lifetime ago.
  10. Being in 2 relationships (husband and relatively new long distance girlfriend) at the same time as well, I also think it's different. Some of it is the newness, but some of it is just that I love different thing about them. but I do actually think I am in love with both of them. It's so strange but awesome to still keep discovering new things about yourself.
  11. A hug to you! I am at almost a year away from not speaking to my friend after she messed with me in a similar way. I don't think she will ever get it. THats on her though, not me. I have learned so much from that experience tho, that I can almost say that I was glad it happened. I have learned about what I want and don't want and he kind of people I want and don't want in my life and just become a lot more comfortable with who I am. So in a way I am grateful to have had that experience. But it hurt so much at the time and for months after. A hug!
  12. I think what you did was brave and you should feel proud of it. It's on her that she couldn't take it as a compliment but had to take her own sense of confusion out on you. And yeah at least you know where you stand.
  13. Argggghhh! I wish this woman had balls so I could kick her there! But she obviously doesn't and is not a very nice person.This is horrible! At least when my crush was cruel to me I could rationalize that she was just confused. This woman is straight up fucking with your emotions. I don't care if she is confused, it's just not nice to treat another human, let alone a friend like that. You did nothing wrong. She is a manipulator. Under no circumstances should you appologize to her. you need to let your self heal and stay away from her. Her loss for losing you as a friend. Maybe she needs to do some growning up and appologize. i am so sorry this happened to you. People can be so cruel to each other.
  14. I think Michelle Gurevich is like the godmother of this whole forum with songs like these... it seems like she is reading our minds.... I'll be your woman and To be with others
  15. I feel like there is 2 levels of "clicking": the superficial click you can have with people you meet for the first time and you have lots of things in common like interests/hobbies, etc and you can talk for hours and the conversation is easy. but there is a deeper click you can have with people you at first didn't necessarily have much to talk about. but once you start talking about world views and your deepest beliefs and thoughts and you are on the same page. That's the really profound one. although the first kind is fun. And for a long time I used to confuse it for the second one. But not the same thing at all. The second one is amazing