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  1. I appreciate @zzz_girl‘s sharing her experiences but I don’t think those are the only options for everyone: either have to go chasing sex every night with random people or have daily sex with one person while fantasizing about other people and feeling guilty about it. i mean you could have a partner who is ok with you having other experiences. You could open up to a friend and they can be accepting of your feelings. You could have a long term loving relationship with more than one person at a time... there are a lot more possible outcomes and you can read about many of them on this site. It’s of course good to be careful and consider the consequences, but I would just caution thinking those are the only possible outcomes.
  2. Ladies, you can read many stories here of women crushing on friends. Especially if you search further into the past. Some of them work out, some don’t, so I will not say that it’s impossible for them to work out in some way. but I will leave my story here as a cautionary tale... think it through...I know all too well where you are now. I’ve been there and it’s exciting and frustrating all at the same time!
  3. At least Mormons are cool with the poly part of all this ;)
  4. I mean I would just say, “no, that didn’t go well for me. “ I don’t date and I don’t do friends with benefits. So I don’t know why I am even responding to this. Ha! But from there there is a number of things you can say to make sure they don’t contact you ever again. if that is your goal being straight forward is a lot more likely to achieve it in my experience
  5. I would guess it would depend on what exactly you are rejecting as to how you do it, but in general I am very much against the slow fade towards anyone you have any kind of respect for. Its just not what I would want done to me so I couldn’t in clear conscience do it to someone else.
  6. So you are trying to chose between a guy who ghosted you and made up some story about losing a password and who you have never met in person and who you don’t feel a strong connection to and a woman who travels to be with you, makes you food does your laundry, wants to have your kids and who you feel strongly connected to. And all this on top of knowing you like women more than men. Do I have this right??
  7. Welcome! This is a great site! It’s helped me come to terms with a lot of my feelings and become a lot more comfortable with who I am. While i don’t think my family was overtly homophobic it like what you describe, it was just not talked about. At all. It took me into my 20s to put 2 and 2 together and figure out my uncle is and has always been pretty openly gay. It just wasn’t talked about. And he was definitely the coolest person in our family....
  8. I think you have two different issues. One is your stuff with your husband. Do you want to stay with him? If he is abusive, why do you want to stay with him? Do you have kids? What are some reasons that are keeping you in the marriage? And then the second part is your girlfriend. How do you see your future with her? What does she want? Would she be comfortable dating a single woman if you were to break up with your husband? Would she be comfortable dating someone whose husband doesn’t know if you decide to continued without his permission? there is a lot of questions to think about...
  9. I of course agree, but does he see it that way? That’s the question...
  10. You singular. What is he getting out of it? It can only work for him if he gets pleasure out of seeing you happy. If he doesn’t care, than what’s in it for him?
  11. Maybe you don’t? Plenty of people don’t tell their significant other because they would not accept it. It’s a lot to accept. I feel the poly thing is a lot more taboo than the bi thing. Plus The person you quoted said the husbands don’t know in their situation. if your husband is not fine with it, you have a few choices 1. Not tell him 2. Try to talk to him about it hoping he will eventually come around to being ok with it. He may or he may not and there is no guarantee how long that will take. 3. Don’t act on it. you have to decide which one makes the most sense for your situation.
  12. Sure, but you want to know because of her.... i’ve Been there. Lots of women on this site have been there. you said... So that’s definitely a good reason to ask...