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  1. Yes!!! A thousand times yes! I bet a whole lot more women here are bisexual (dare I say most!) than lesbians who don't believe bisexuality actually exist would like to believe! this whole line of argument is ludicrous. Just because someone's experiences don't align with yours doesn't mean they "just can't face it" Bisexuality is real. Deal with it! I also don't understand the point of hanging out on a bisexual site if you think everyone there is delusional.
  2. Demisexuality makes it kinda mainstream I know at least a few other people on here identify as Demi, so may find it interesting that there is a very mainstream article talking about it and relate to some of the sentiments in it. I had no idea what demisexual was until joining this site. But it's helped me understand myself a lot better, since someone pointed it out. I don't necessarily care for any of the labels but it's helped me find out I am not alone in feeling this way, and that's always a good feeling. This is not the best writte article, it doesn't really have an ending or anything, but it definitely describe pretty accurately a lot of what being demisexual has felt like for me. anyway... just thought I'd share!
  3. I read this last night. Very cool! Not all that surprised about the mostly negative comments tho.
  4. I relate so much to your whole story. My crush who drove me to seek out this site also behaved very similarly. No, she was not openly bi and we never kissed or anything but she kept initiating contact for a long time. But once I started returning her interest and eventually told her I liked her very much she retreated. I don't know, maybe there are just people who just really like being initiators and freak out when someone shows strong signs of liking them back, or they don't know how to deal with increased expectations. Or something. I don't really know. This may take a while, but I eventually started thinking what a great set of circumstances my crush and her rejection has put into play for me. And I become very grateful to her for that, for all the selfknowlwdge I have gained, for all the reflection, for being a part of this awesome community, and for meeting someone I love deeply and connect on a level that i couldn't have even imagined before. It may take some time but if you can take that from your interaction with her, then maybe the whole thing will have been worth it! i know it's rough right now, it took me months to get here. I wish you the best...
  5. Hi Ona, I have read your comments in various threads, but have never had a chance to say 'hello'.

  6. Love, love love your report. And that you are still together! its so lovely to see. I remember how quickly you both showed up here, found each other and then disappeared. It makes me so happy that you are still together and still in love. Even if it's long distance. But there is something sweet about the distance too!
  7. It's rough. I have been there a few times. And it's the same thing that frustrates me too... "will I ever learn?" To not go there, to not imagine things that are not there. Although it's still hard for me to believe there is nothing there at all and I am completely delusional. But that's really not the point. The point is just like you said... this other person says they are not interested. And that's it. They obviously did some stuff that made us think otherwise, but when it came time to own up, they couldn't. They said no. ao don't feel bad! Feel like you were brave and you put your heart out there. The other person couldn't or didn't want to or whatever. You can't control that. But you know, every time I am able to think clearly.... I know that it shouldn't be that hard. I know that when it works it's easy. There are no games, and there is no guessing. It's just hard to remember that when you are in the middle of the games and guessing! Hoping you find someone who won't be into the games or guessing! It's lovely to run into!
  8. Good for you! And screw him for trying to make you change your one time you picked to have time for yourself. and you should definitely do it once a week!
  9. I mean do you feel guilty about wanting this? Do you want to know about how to go about finding a woman? Do you want to know about arrangements other women have while married? All these things have been talked about on this forum a lot. So I advise searching for those topics, reading them and then asking any specific questions you may have...
  10. Just returning the peek :)

  11. I think you should definitely tell her about your other experience. And despite what happened with my friend I am so glad and proud of myself for having the courage to speak up. And even through that didn't work out, it has opened doors to so many awesome things that have happened to me since. So if I were you, I would do it, I would be honest and tell her how you feel. Unless you get off on this limbo you are in.
  12. Well, the fact that your friend is openly bi and not married is definitely a big positive in your story. You should read my story from about a year ago. It's in a thread called friend crush. There was definitely not much initiation from my friend, and she was also married, but there was an inordinate amount of signs.... I would lean my leg into her and she wouldn't move it away, like every time I saw her. She would tell me I smell good, she would tell me she loved my hugs, she invited me to the gay pride parade with her, told me she feels like she is emotionally cheating on her husband with me. We talked on the phone all the time, and sent messages and hung out multiple times a week. Well, once I told her I really liked her, things didn't turn out too well between us and now we no longer speak. She never told me why exactly and things went on awkwardly a few months after I told her. So all that just to tell you there are people who show all the signs of being into you, but are then not comfortable with themselves. Not that it sounds like your friend has any reasons to be like that. More just to point out the range of human experiences.
  13. I am sorry but having a woman tell you she is bisexual and that she has not confided in anyone else, and then proceeding to holding hands, give back rubs, receive kisses on your neck, and touching inadvertently a million times... and THEN telling her "I love you" a bunch of times in a few days... To me it either means she is into you, or she is an asshole who is messing with your feelings. None of these are things I would do with someone I am not into romantically, let alone after they told me they are struggling with their sexuality... I really can't see how you could be reading too much into this. Unless she is purposefully leading you on.
  14. I mean different people have different needs. Some people want everyone to know, some don't. It seems like you don't think you are living your truth unless everyone knows. If that's true for you let them know. I am fine with just people closest to me knowing. I may tell a few more close people that I haven't, but in general I am ok with the amount I am out. If someone straight up asks me, I will tell them the truth. But, I won't go into super personal details. Because for me that is my truth, to be honest if someone asks, but not more. I don't feel the need to tell people other personal information like how often I have sex or what my favorite positions. But i guess if someone asked I'd tell them. Although that may be a little more awkward. But if you feel you need to let everyone know to really be living your truth, I think you should. It's about what you are comfortable with.