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  1. Hey ladies, just wondering what :over the counter" hair dye you like? I'm partial to reddish brunette shades. Thanks!
  2. How beautifully written! What amazing love you have. Lots of hugs!
  3. Good luck, and don;t forget to report back! ;)
  4. The best thing for blackheads for me is to use an old fashioned washcloth, and Dove soap with warm water and just scrub. Follow with a good moisturizer.
  5. I'm thinking it's nice I don;t have to cook dinner, that I'm here on this forum and chat won;t work for me, and that I'm looking forward to a sexy evening.
  6. I do love both, though.... preferred to give, lately.
  7. It's hard when it's an almost-perfect kind of thing, right? There have been a couple of missed connections for me and my husband- where something was almost there but not- be it distance, or the other person only wanting one of us (we also insist on together), or that they had baggage. But I have enjoyed the encounters we've had together, and who knows what we'll be comfortable with in the future. I'd stay in touch, at least, in case anything changes. Who knows. But congrats on the mind blowing sex you're already having!
  8. Leopard... any big cat, really.
  9. After, but he's been very understanding so far!
  10. Lacy black tank top and black panties...
  11. So sorry you're having to deal with this! It gets easier with time.
  12. Initially my husband was into the threesome idea, but it never really went anywhere. Fast forward a few years, and his own confession that he, too, is bi, and we did go out an experiment with another bi couple. That way everyone was happy.
  13. Um, WOW! My husband is in serious trouble tonight.
  14. I've done that with three different women, and the first three tasted wonderfully. The third.... not so much. But it didnlt put me off the entire practice. I'd definitely do it again.