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  1. Hi all, very new here, and I was just wondering if any of you had tried swinging as a way to explore your bisexuality? My husband came out as bi recently, and pretty much immediately wanted to try swinging. (I had been out for a few years, but never acted on it.) I was curious and didn't take much convincing. We met two lovely couples that way, and both had experiences with the same sex. (And the opposite sex, too.) It was a lot of fun, and initially, I was really glad it had happened. But I'd be lying if I said we hadn't run into problems as a result of it. Jealousy has pretty much reared its head for both of us, and we agreed to take a break while we re-evaluated things. Our marriage seems solid, but I still feel like doing it again would be playing with fire, even though the husband would probably love to do it again. So I was just wondering if any pf you had experience with swinging, and if so, how did it impact your relationship? How did you navigate all the issues that crop up? And would you do it again? Thanks!