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  1. Hey girl do you remember me? Cake by the ocean.. I thought you left ... Good to see you around here .. :-)

    1. bi-the-ocean


      Sure do! I'm in and out all the time, get busy and come back when i get a chance,Thanks for checking in on me ;) 

  2. I'm all hormonal here too.. I can tell it's bad when i'm listening to sad 80's music and crying randomly and even knowing logically that it's partly a hormonal response, it doesn't help at the time. The feelings are real, the depression is real and intense.. It will pass though, hang in there!
  3. I've had a year of ups and downs and would love some stability and peace next year. I'm heading to the beach with kids and friends to watch the fireworks from across the bay and see what we can see locally. My resolution is to stop with the drinking that's crept up slowly to become a regular thing. It doesn't make me happy or relaxed, doesn't help me sleep, it's just become a stupid habit and it will be done tonight! Wish you happiness and love Vampire . Happy New Year!
  4. Sara - Starship troopers Love me like no one has ever loved me before hurt me, no one could ever hurt me more I'll never find another girl like you.. for happy endings it takes two we're fire and ice A dream won't come true... No time is a good time for goodbyes
  5. sometimes
  6. How are you and how is the clean up going post cyclone in Queensland? How easily we forget and move on when those impacted will remember for many years and live with the consequences of nature!

    1. bi-the-ocean


      cyclone :blink: guess I missed something ... I'm in NSW but I don't think the last cyclone did too much damage. Both states are more likely to still be cleaning up flood damage from the recent and not so recent rains. Ahh Australia.. gotta love it, the only place that can go from bushfires to storms and floods, sometimes in the same week!


    2. Leopard


      For sure but the floods were the tail end of a cyclone I believe. Yes thats our amazing nature in Australia

  7. I love your username. I'm jealous and wish I was near the ocean :)

    1. bi-the-ocean


      Thanks.. just do it, move and I promise you will never regret it!

  8. Relax.. it happens! Maybe you're trying too hard and making yourself anxious. I've always been shy and awkward, and have found that if i focus more on other people, I can almost forget my own worries and insecurities. Hope it helps and welcome to the forum!
  9. Black leaf tea, no milk or sugar, with some fresh choc mint leaves added to the mix.. yumm
  10. I saw it.. has some nice scenes.. but... SPOILER ALERT... Honestly, a commitment phobic casual player sees a woman from a rooftop, makes a rude catcalling comment that outdoes the wolf whistles from the men, and then decides after one brief meeting in a bar that she's the one person in the world she can really love and change for! *shakes head* It's not quite a romantic fairytale!
  11. Surfers......Always! The ocean gives your skin a tan and a glow that you can pick out in a crowd of people
  12. Definitely eye contact... but a light touch on the inside of my wrist can make me melt!
  13. I've been crushing on her since she dated Marilyn Manson... I couldn't decide who was prettier at the time... now it's definitely her!
  14. omg she's so soft.. and gentle, and she tastes so good and this is so perfect.... mmm don't let it end.. ok.. need to breathe now... whisper "let's go home"......... Our relationship now is complicated, she's far away but will be back soon and I hope we can find peace and happiness together.
  15. Alison Moyet - Only You Selena Gomez has made a cover of this song for the heartbreaking 13 Reasons Netflix TV series, but the original is so much better and I must have played it 30 times this week!