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  1. Relax.. it happens! Maybe you're trying too hard and making yourself anxious. I've always been shy and awkward, and have found that if i focus more on other people, I can almost forget my own worries and insecurities. Hope it helps and welcome to the forum!
  2. Black leaf tea, no milk or sugar, with some fresh choc mint leaves added to the mix.. yumm
  3. I saw it.. has some nice scenes.. but... SPOILER ALERT... Honestly, a commitment phobic casual player sees a woman from a rooftop, makes a rude catcalling comment that outdoes the wolf whistles from the men, and then decides after one brief meeting in a bar that she's the one person in the world she can really love and change for! *shakes head* It's not quite a romantic fairytale!
  4. Surfers......Always! The ocean gives your skin a tan and a glow that you can pick out in a crowd of people
  5. Definitely eye contact... but a light touch on the inside of my wrist can make me melt!
  6. I've been crushing on her since she dated Marilyn Manson... I couldn't decide who was prettier at the time... now it's definitely her!
  7. omg she's so soft.. and gentle, and she tastes so good and this is so perfect.... mmm don't let it end.. ok.. need to breathe now... whisper "let's go home"......... Our relationship now is complicated, she's far away but will be back soon and I hope we can find peace and happiness together.
  8. Alison Moyet - Only You Selena Gomez has made a cover of this song for the heartbreaking 13 Reasons Netflix TV series, but the original is so much better and I must have played it 30 times this week!
  9. Hi and Welcome to the group! You're in the right place! I'd like to be a fly on the wall for that dinner party, but don't hold out much hope of changing a life time of Trump's privileged thinking in one evening!
  10. Cake by the Ocean .. Hello my dear.. :-)

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    2. SimplyTrouble


      Doing ok is good.. I'm glad your happy.. :-)

    3. Leopard


      I hope your home has not been damaged by the floods and storms

    4. SimplyTrouble


      Leopard we had some storms/ lightening last night but some fields are flooded.. ty for your concerns..way to follow the weather

  11. You were asking for a little fun and the second woman sounds like she's willing to give it to you! Go for it, keep the options open and expectations low with a plan to move things forward as quick as is comfortable for you both after meeting. If that means coffee or drinks at a bar first, with the option of going back to her place that night if it feels right, that sounds like a perfect situation. Good luck and have fun!
  12. Trying not to ponder the future and all the what if's, attempting a flower still life painting, and listening to love songs...
  13. art supplies.... ebay and I have a love/hate relationship! ... but my new favourite is little presents, lunches, chocolate and flowers for my friends and the people i care about that hopefully say I'm thinking of you and care about you without being 'too much'
  14. I went to the Mardis Gras Fair Day but didn't make it to the parade itself. The Fair day was great. A huge variety of people, gay, straight, cross dressing, couples and singles. Everybody was just wandering around, visiting the stalls that interest them, finding and connecting to people with similar interests and watching the entertainment. I remember seeing a bi-visibilty sign, but can't remember the specifics of the stall or group that were advertising it. Mardis Gras is for everyone.. no need to feel like things aren't relevant because they aren't bi-sexual specific! Go next year and check it out, I'm sure you would have found some interesting things there!
  15. can't believe it's monday again