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  1. Yes, I do love a dance from this gal in particular. Ha ha. And she delivers a great experience. I've seen people try and take her home, but no cigar...ever. Even for the guys that I know drop $1200+ on her in one night. I wouldn't have the cajones (balls) to ask her, though. Lol., so hot and gorgeous. I am gonna take a break for a bit, because I did find myself getting a little jealous when she went to dance for another gal, who she seemed to know. That's a big no-no on my part. I'll need to chill for a bit before going back or maybe go on a day she isn't there (she seems like she's the top-earner and is primarily there on the weekends).
  2. Yay, I got her tonight!! This girl is so beautiful. She looks thin from far, but damn, when she straddles me...she's built. Her legs and butt are heaven. I approach her this time (I ain't waiting) and she hugs me, grabs my boob and says, "There you are. I missed you!" She takes me back and gives me a few great dances. I bury my head down between her breasts and whisper to her, in between my moaning, "You're really good at your job." She laughs and says, "I like dancing for you!" I think she senses my apprehension and looks at me and says, "No ,that isn't stripper talk. I don't dance like this for anyone." True or not, I enjoy the sentiment. I pay her and tip her and take a seat. Later, I get a few more dances and she tells me, "I so want to f-ckin' kiss you right now, but I'd get fired." Ughhhhhhh...I was very turned on to say the least. She complimented my boobs again. I ask her for permission to put $1 bills in her g-string and bra, to which she tells me, "This is your time. Do whatever you want." She's writhing against me, knee against my p-ssy and I"m throbbing. I lean upwards, holding her, burying my face in her boobs. I leave and take a seat at my table. A minute later, I feel her hug me from behind and she proceeds to kiss my cleavage. Ugh. She's so damn hot. I can still smell her on me right now, as I type this.
  3. Visited the strip club on Friday night. I guess I don't quite understand how it works, fully, because unbeknownst to me, the gal who dances for me was "booked" all night long by one high-roller type of guy. I should have figured it out, being as though she never got up to the regular floor and was seated in the VIP section all night. She got up to the stage to dance and the guy who had booked her all night began to get ice from a bucket, kinda tossed it around in his hands and then throw it on stage. He was throwing one ice cube at a time, but as I was watching, he did this at least 4-5 times and it bothered me because I didn't want her to fall. I don't think she liked it either because she made a face and then began to perform at the other end of the stage, away from him. He was gonna do it again, so I got up and began to throw some money on the stage. This made him stop rather quickly. Finally. Jerk. She recognized me and even said, "Heyyyyyyyy girl, I see you!" but I had begun walking away, because I just wanted to get the guy to stop throwing the ice. When I walked back to the table, my friend said, "Why did you walk away so quickly, she was talking to you, go back!!" I went back, tossed some more money, and she talked to me a bit and did a little extra dance directly @ me. Eventually, I had another dancer attempt to go request her for me (I HATE going up to get her in front of a room full of inebriated men) and one minute later, I just feel someone wrap their arm around me and kiss me on the lips and all over my face. I got up, she hugged me, but broke the bad news to me: "He booked me all night long. Get me another night, okay?" and I said okay, was very disappointed and sat down. The night ended with me running into another group of people that I know and us standing outside of the club, when the guy who was throwing the ice at the dancer stumbled outside. His group and the group I was with, kinda hung out for like half an hour. They are from Los Angeles, come to our area once a month and book dancers for themselves all night long. By the end of the night, one of the guys of the other group asked me, "Are you down?" I was a little lost, because he had been interacting with my gay male friend. "For what?" And then he told me that my gay male friend wanted to f-ck him and he's okay with that, but he wanted a woman to be involved and for it to be me. It was an odd convo to have in front of 9-10 other people as the strippers left the club. I left a little after that and my friends walked those guys back to their Tesla and were trying to convince them to continue partying...but not my thang, so I left. So disappointed...I love the way she dances.
  4. This is how you tell her.
  5. I enjoyed the article because I myself have run into far too many women who will only be with other women if their man watches. It always makes me wonder why this is the case. Do they truly want their man to watch? Are they having sex w/a woman to satisfy their man? Or is this the only way they can be w/a woman? Makes sense. I get it. I was there, myself. It certainly sounded hot from the writer's description and she herself was turned on. After I rec'd my first lap dance, I walked back over to the table that my friends were sitting at and I had a hard time picturing them NOT being turned on, had they been the recipient. You have a beautiful woman writhing on top of you, her only job to make you feel good, and you wouldn't enjoy that? I think, under the right circumstances, any woman would enjoy it...they'd just have to be in that put in that position (lol). Makes me wanna go to a skirt club party! F-ck.
  6. Lol @celeste teal I was gonna post that as well. Makes me wanna go! Sounds like the person writing the article was turned on as well?
  7. I found this topic on another forum, interesting. Most dancers stay far away from lady customers at this club. I'm glad my fave gal remembered me. Hopefully, next time, she'll see me and approach.
  8. It is. So hard to resist. I'm gonna go back to this club for a birthday party in the next few weeks, so just couldn't say no. Lol. She usually faces me to kinda grind me with her knee, but I actually would like her to face away from me for on entire dance, so I can just feel her and lightly stroke my fingertips against her skin, while talking to her a little more than I usually do. She moans in my ear, says "fuck" a lot, and giggles when she gets me to moan at my loudest...she knows exactly how to work me. Lol Her ass and legs...ugh! Perfection.
  9. Awwww, congrats!
  10. I dunno...I guess I wonder if I'm replacing actual human connection with this. It does feel really good. I got the same dancer as last time; she was chatting up a group of guys, so I had another stripper go get her. When she approached our table, she smiled, hugged me and said, "I remember you! I haven't forgotten you!" She put her arm around me and said, "I thought that was you, but wasn't sure." We walked over to her "chair" and she sat me down. She gave me a free half a dance (half a song); this club is a no-freebie zone. They report to a bouncer, who holds a clipboard and tracks all their movement. She sat down facing away from me and I got to graze my fingertips all over her. When the song began, she got on her knees and put her mouth right on my zipper. She did the same as last time, except this time she reached her fingers into my bra (not all the way, my blouse was too tight) and kissed up and down my neck. She brushed my bangs back, which I considered sensual. When done, I paid her and she smiled. "I f-ckin' love you! You're so awesome!" and she spanked my ass twice.
  11. Got another lap dance last night. Think it's the last one for a while. Very nice though.
  12. OMG @Ev33 that's freaking hot!
  13. Wow, how do u hold back not f-cking her right then and there! Lol
  14. Thank you, Hungry. The part in bold is EXACTLY how I feel and I'm still struggling with it. Doesn't help that the girl who gave me the lap dance looks exactly like my therapist. And it's really making me feel like maybe I should look for a new therapist. I don't THINK I've developed feelings for her, but the mere fact that they resemble one another has got me really jacked up.
  15. I went to the strip club with my ex-husband and a group of friends last weekend. Had a blast and got my first lap dance (well, back-to-back dances). The aftermath of this is having to hear judgmental comments about how I looked while at the strip club. Being there in that environment is one of the few places where I can be me. Where I can let my hair down and show that side of me. When it comes to women, the only person who I'm very bluntly honest with is my ex-husband; I'm able to talk to him like I write on this forum (that, in itself, is a work in progress- understandably). The comments I've heard after the fact have been the following: You looked like a dog in heat. No offense to the kids on the little yellow school bus, but you looked like one of those children who drool. You were drooling all over her (the stripper who danced for me). You're hooked (on the strip club). You looked so desperate to rush to the stage and make it rain for that chick who danced for you. And things of that nature. I've never had so many comments geared to my romantic life until I expressed my interest in dating women. And I'm a little over it. I almost feel like some people in my life take too much of an interest re: that part of me. They've never spoken this way until now, when my feelings, interactions, and social situations surround my romantic same-sex feelings. I still have residual shame and guilt regarding how I feel, as evidenced by the fact that if I check-out a woman who I'm unsure is bi/gay, remorse inevitably ensues. For me, I don't find it appropriate to look at women unless I know they have an interest in women...that doesn't mean I don't do it, I fight myself w/it all the time because I know that the fall-out will be me, beating myself up for it. I just don't recall anyone saying much about my sexual preferences, before. I know that by opening myself up to this, as with anything, will come comments and judgments, but I've always been this way. So damn frustrating for me, because this has been anything but a walk in the park. I def need to make more bi/gay friends...