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  1. I've been through that as well and certainly feel for you. He freaked out as soon as I started talking to someone and it was okay with him. Things w/that particular woman took off, as did my feelings and I couldn't contain them. After being with a woman and the feeling of being with her, feelings for my hubby dwindled. I tried as hard as I could to maintain them, but I just couldn't. It was a very hard decision to leave, but it ended up being the right thing to do for the both of us. It's not easy. During sex, I found myself fantasizing more and more. I'd be on top of him, picturing what I could do w/a woman.
  2. Awwwww, thanks for the kudos. I did start out just like you describe now. Maybe you have can have a friend go with you? Once inside, all attention is on the ladies, that's for sure. They also dance differently for us, as I think it's a welcomed change of pace. I really hope you can try one out, even if you just sit for a drink
  3. The way ur smiley is wagging its Never mind. Haha.
  4. So, it's regular dancer is long gone, leaving because- what I can only assume to be- a falling out w/that particular club. I've since returned to a couple of strip clubs. I received my first all nude dance, which wasn't quite "all nude" and more like topless. Fully nude clubs don't serve alcohol, so the atmosphere was a bit tense and strange. The dance was...different. She led me to a row of rooms that were shielded by a drape, for privacy. I set my things down next to a dimly lit lamp atop a night stand. Lying down on a leather chaise lounge, she climbs on top of me and performs the most robotic dance ever. The only time I was really turned on was when her boob was on my arm. Second gal, whom I rec'd a "regular" dance from is blonde and cute, a few tattoos, and reminds me of a gal I had sex with. Third gal was something else. Last night, I relax at the club and intend on just having a drink or two. Men at these clubs are so strange...they line up like 7th grade boys, huddled against the wall at school dance with no intention of any real interaction w/any of the dancers. I notice that these men also enjoy watching their buddies get lap dances, as they frequently peer over the partition that separates the club floor from the private lap dance area. At many points, men just stand with their arm draped over the boundary wall, watching others get dances. Kinda weird. I think I'm about to get up and leave for the night, when I notice that the hottest woman there is free and passing right in front of me. She's gorgeous, but I"m skeptical as to whether she's a good dancer or not. She has straight jet black hair, a slim figure, firm thighs, a very nice ass and (I'm guessing) DDD breasts. I touch her arm and ask her for a dance and as usual, she's a bit surprised. We go back to the dance area, she asks me for my name and allows me to choose my seat. We sit for a moment before the song starts and then she spreads my legs open, adjusting my body to the position she likes. She grinds her ass into my crotch and leans back, sliding down to the floor. She puts her breasts in my face and against my lips. At one point, she puts her boobs on mine and bounces up and down. I start to moan in her ear and she starts to moan with me. "You're fucking turning me on!! I love you moaning for me!!" she says excitedly. I apologize, for some reason, and she says I don't need to be sorry...she likes it. I grab her ass and sit up, positioning her knee to where it can feel the best against me. I look to my left and the guy getting a dance in the next chair is completely oblivious to his own dancer and is watching us go at it.
  5. Warning! Caution! Don't read this thread when you're horny AF. I haven't had sex since April and now I can't stop thinking about it (I almost wrote, "I can't stop thinking about tit"). Mmmmm, the softness of a woman. Her curves. Every inch of her. Her moans. The catch of her breath when she starts to get really into it....
  6. Finally someone that also watches GoT in here. Hello!

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      Haha, hello!


  7. Yes, it's possible. Very painful. Been there.
  8. Finding Nemo is the answer to your question in Chatbox. I did google it to verify lol but tank was the clue for me lol

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      Lol, you got it!! Hahahahaha!!

  9. I'm horny AF right now, not having sex for going on 4 months. Agh! Soooo, I'm a little reminiscent this afternoon. She's younger than me, very pretty, with blonde hair. She has a firm body, that while thin is on the fuller side of that spectrum. Her small diamond of a nose piercing isn't very noticeable on this evening and she texts me if I'm going to be in the back seat. I'm pulled over on the side of the road, across the street from a church no less. I text her back that I'm a little apprehensive, being that I'm sticking out like a sore thumb on a residential seat. I see her approaching and unlock the doors. She gets in and I ask her how shes's been. She tells me as I caress her inner thigh with my finger tips; we're not wasting any time here and I'm nervous. She's my favorite kisser so far. Just a hint of tongue as things get going. I begin to kiss her neck and my hand works my way to her collarbone, stroking every so lightly. She wants to get in the back, she says, It's more comfortable back there, she pleads. I'm wary, but acquiesce to her invitation. I put the sunshade up to give us some modicum of privacy and we get in my backseat. Getting comfortable, we quickly begin to go at it, making out. I get down to the floor, perched on my knees and pull down her shirt, taking her breasts in my hands and a nipple in my mouth. She's moaning and I feel myself getting wet. She wants me to go down on her, but she doesn't want any digital penetration, which I'm okay with. She slides down on the seat and I take her hips, adjusting her to where I want her, and move her panties to the side. She's not all the way shaved, but nearly there. I kiss around her thighs and then decide to just go for it...I'm worried about someone seeing us...and I spread her legs further apart and start to suck on her clit. A few minutes later, she has both of her hands on my head, pressing my face down to get me to suck harder and deeper. I'm eating her pussy while playing with her nipples. When she cums, I look up and all the windows have fogged over, it's hot, and we both have a glimmer of sticky sweat on our skin. I miss her, lol.
  10. Went to the strip club last night. My regular dancer, to my shock, doesn't work there anymore although the bouncer said she might be back. Very disappointed. I decided to try a new girl. And I proceeded to have the most boring dance of my life. Oh my God. Yeah, if it ain't my regular dancer, I'll just watch. Thanks.
  11. I think most of us have been in your shoes and if I were to do things over again, I'd just tell the friend that I was, indeed, interested. I can't recall if your friend has been w/women before or not, but the ladies that I've talked to who are first-timers are very, very skittish...just like I was (and the majority probably are, being the "first time" and all) and that didn't require sex. It could be just kissing or talking. My advice remains the same in that if you can't confess your feelings for her, you at least tell her that you're bi. If you're nervous, you could always pawn it off to having to tell her, who you consider a close friend or something. I still think that if you wanna continue to fish, you gotta put the bait on the hook and put the line in the water.
  12. There are so many women when I go and most seem to be straight and feminine and tbh, they look more into it than the men. Last time I went, there was a woman in a skirt getting a table dance (rare to see) and she was gettin' it in!
  13. Thank you for your beautiful compliment!! It makes my heart jump for joy.