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  1. So how much does a belly button piercing hurt? I finally got my ears pierced and I have two very small tattoos on each flank (that was painful for me)...I know pain is relative, but how painful was it for you? Any advice? I intend to get it when I reach my goal weight.
  2. I scribbled this last night when I had some writers block going on...decided to add a background to it. A Woman, Rising.pdf
  3. Hi there. I'm okay. I ran into twice a few weeks ago or so. Not the happiest of moments for me, lol, and it kinda felt like a band-aid being ripped off. Still, I think it was good to see her and become desensitized to running into her...I do live in a small valley. Other than that, I'm hanging in there...doing a lot of healing work on my inner child. Good times and fun stuff (not really)
  4. I wrote it in another thread (this was a duplicate one). My bad, lol. She ran after her dream with reckless abandon, a woman purely engulfed in fire.She took no prisoners, had no fear, and ran after whatever she desired.This woman, intent on leading, pursued a dream that she had held dear,but little did she know, all that she ever wanted was so very near.She blazed a trail to victory, amassing large sums of recognition and wealth.She carved herself a physique of her own, on her way to perfect health.She made herself a name and always stood out in a crowd,her loved ones reveled in her success and she made them very proud.And as she accomplished her goals and amassed many triumphs, she saw a finish line much closer in she reminisced on all her successes and realized that now, they were much different than she once knew.See, it wasn't the money, the fame, the accolades or even a certain was the human connections that she had forged which had made her feel alive.It was that her very being was embedded in the hearts of the souls she had touched,people who also held her very dear and valued her very much.These people would look back, too, and think of her as well,and when they did, they thought of her so fondly, their hearts began to swell.Her greatest achievements were those lives she had impacted and the memory rested in their mutual hearts,connections that even though may have been dormant, were never truly too far apart.This woman, intent on leading, never had to run too far or overly pursue...all that she wanted was in her from the start, and now a little is in me, because of you.
  5. Hey there. How are you? Have you found a new therapist yet?

    1. caliwoman


      Hi. I'm good, thank you. 

      Ive gone through 4-5 other therapists since her and I've yet to commit to one, lol. I just haven't felt a connection with any of them. 

    2. ChemFem


      Fair enough, take your time. Glad to hear you're doing well.

  6. Ex-husband invited me out to the strip club last weekend. An acquaintance like friend invited me next weekend. It was meh. Ever since my regular dancer left, it's not the same. I'd like to believe there was mutual chemistry between us, but maybe it was just that I was super attracted to her?! I rec'd some lap dances and she did okay. She actually kinda hurt me with her hip bone in between my legs, but I'm a trooper like that. Because I wasn't super into it, I was able to ask her what the difference was in dancing for a woman vs. a man. She said, "Well, you're so much smaller!" And then went onto say that it totally depends on the situation. Such as is the man forcing the woman to get one? Is she dancing for a couple? Does she want one and he reluctantly obliged? If it's a woman by herself, has she had a dance before or is she the kinda woman who knows what she wants? I liked her answer lol
  7. BTW, I haven't had sex in 5 months...I'm gonna need you to be more descriptive. Like much, much more. Lmao...
  8. You hooked up with ur BFF?
  9. I can usually tell when she's feeling me up. Just sayin' lol
  10. I just got my first tattoo on my rib cage area. It hurt!! Lol. Is there an area that was particularly painful for you when you got tattooed? I'm interested in maybe the inside of the arm, but not sure yet.
  11. I totally should have read this before getting my first tattoo. Lol
  12. See, I'm not the only one who wonders this. LOL. I was thinking that, too. How can you NOT be turned on by that? Haha.
  13. I loved the sex scene, lol.
  14. I've been through that as well and certainly feel for you. He freaked out as soon as I started talking to someone and it was okay with him. Things w/that particular woman took off, as did my feelings and I couldn't contain them. After being with a woman and the feeling of being with her, feelings for my hubby dwindled. I tried as hard as I could to maintain them, but I just couldn't. It was a very hard decision to leave, but it ended up being the right thing to do for the both of us. It's not easy. During sex, I found myself fantasizing more and more. I'd be on top of him, picturing what I could do w/a woman.
  15. Awwwww, thanks for the kudos. I did start out just like you describe now. Maybe you have can have a friend go with you? Once inside, all attention is on the ladies, that's for sure. They also dance differently for us, as I think it's a welcomed change of pace. I really hope you can try one out, even if you just sit for a drink