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  1. caliwoman

    I had my first date

    @MusicLove1044 Have a great time!
  2. caliwoman

    I had my first date

    Dude, that’s amazing!!!!! Keep us posted. I have to live vicariously through someone! Lol
  3. It wasn’t what I wanted either (at the time). I had my heart set on a serious relationship and found the world of same-sex dating to be much more complicated and difficult to navigate. I went into hermit mode for a time, refusing to budge because I couldn’t engage in sex with a woman and not have a deep connection. That lasted for a bit and then it changed. I did the very thing I did not want to explore. In the end, it’s what I needed. Sometimes we end up doing the very thing we refuse to lean into, in order to gain more knowledge about ourselves and the very situation we are asking to manifest into our lives. At least, that’s my experience. I’ve hooked up more than I’ve actually dated, but that’s worked for me in the past. I take my time more, now- geared to find someone who wants to spend the time to get to know one another. We shall see. That’s just my path. Let yours go where it’s meant to and you’ll be alright
  4. I was pretty much in the exact same situation as you. Even about the connection and disinterest in hooking up. What ended up happening for me? I ended up hooking up.
  5. I no longer identify as bi and I’m not married anymore, either- but this question was posed on here when I was and it always made me think. Short answer: No, I probably wouldn’t have been okay with it. And yes, I would have been hypocritical AF for it.
  6. caliwoman

    Weirdest date you've ever been on....

    I went out with a guy and we walked past his ex-girlfriend’s work. Then we went in to his ex-girlfriend’s work (I wasn’t aware of this as it was happening). Long story short, he dropped me off. With his ex-girlfriend in the backseat- now his girlfriend. They got back together on our date. He used me to get her jealous. So weird and something I haven’t thought of in a while, lol.
  7. When I first came out as bi (and resided there for about two years), watching two women in a porno did NOTHING for me. In my case, it was getting acclimated to my sexuality and comfortable with my same-sex feelings and that it was much more of an emotional component for me. Eventually, I grew to become more interested in it (to say the least) and when I have lapses of sexual experiences with women, I kinda need it lol Not all women are into porn and also completely normal.
  8. caliwoman

    Gay Bar in Pomona (California)

    My friend and I are hitting up a gay bar in Pomona this Friday. If anyone is interested in meeting us there, PM me.
  9. It’s ironic that the women I’ve found super attractive, I’ve shared no emotional connection with. I’ve had the deepest connection with women who are not my typical type. The most fulfilling have been the latter, when I’m emotionally invested- in which case, the physical attraction grows.
  10. I get that. That’s what I was looking for at one time, too. For me now, I don’t want to be involved with the person unless they are completely single. I was referring to what happened to me last night and not making it a universal analogy. I do wish dating apps like Tinder and Bumble had some form of a sorting mechanism because of this.
  11. caliwoman

    Los Angelinos Ladies :)

    A brewery night event.
  12. I get that. My post was very specific to my last interaction (the night I posted it). The thing is I don’t want to be involved in any multi-party situation, even in a casual sense. If you’re bi and married/partnered and I knew that ahead of time, I would ignore the message- but I’ve had women straight up lie to me. I only want to talk to other single bi/lesbian women and have that in my profile, but the women I hear from the most are from situations I explicitly stated I am not interested in. It’s happened so much over the course of years, it makes me question why these particular women feel so entitled to lie or cross boundaries.
  13. I wish there was a way to filter out couples on Tinder. Or any of the dating apps. No, I don't want to be your unicorn. I don't want him to watch. It doesn’t matter if he knows or not- I understand you're bisexual and married, but just because I'm single doesn't mean I want to engage in that. Note: This is not a universal analogy that all LGBT married women are only seeking this or that. This is just what happened to me last night (after many other instances) and is specific to me.
  14. caliwoman

    Los Angelinos Ladies :)

    I'm going to a meet-up in Montclair- not this week, but next. If anyone is interested in going.