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  1. caliwoman

    Anyone watching Gentleman Jack? SO HOT.

    I’m gonna watch it tonight. I started it a while back but then got consumed with Fleabag.
  2. caliwoman

    Killing Eve

    A clip from today’s show:
  3. caliwoman

    Killing Eve

    Anyone watching it? It’s a television series.
  4. I prefer women to be shaved, but I’ve been with women who have a bit of growth. Nothing too long. Im typically completely shaved.
  5. caliwoman

    Femme vs Butch

    I’m “femme for femme.”
  6. Which one do you want more?
  7. I’m sorry. That’s such a tough position (been there myself). Do you want to remain just her friend?
  8. This is the unsexiest description of a couple seeking a threesome that I’ve ever read... level threesome completed
  9. It seems many of the women I’ve been talking to want to have their ass eaten out. I’ve never given it, but would love to. I’ve seen it in porn, but it almost looks like they are stabbing the chick with their tongue, lol. Anybody wanna chime in with tips?
  10. Can you expand on women blocking you from the LGBTQ community?
  11. caliwoman


    FYI: There are a few lesbians on this board, myself included. I started out as bi and then came out a few years later... but since this is the community where I began to accept myself, I’ve stuck around Just so there are no surprises ;)
  12. @VirgoGirl Thank you! Ugh. The vetting process is hard because I already ask enough questions about them to make sure they are who they say they are. Or I’m not gonna have their man sprung on me when I arrive. This would be a first in that she was with “her crew.” I’m not trying to party with y’all. We met on Tinder and she’s sending me pics of her in handcuffs and a garter belt. I don’t wanna chat it up with her gal pals or end up with a car full of inebriated strange women.
  13. Another update: was supposed to meet a woman at a local gay club. We kept missing each other as far as being able to nail a time down. She messaged around midnight to tell me she was at the club and would be there until closing. When I got there, she mentioned she and her friends had a VIP table. That irked me. We’re on Tinder and trying to hook-up. I don’t want to be introduced to ur friends. As I was thinking about what to do, she said she and her friends were gonna leave. They’re vacationing in the area and had been drinking. It sounded like they wanted me to be their Uber. I took off.
  14. @Tuesday472 Hmmm. Maybe I should as well. The only thing is I live in a resort city and straight chicks flood the couple of clubs we have. It does sound more fun than swiping. I “texted” with someone for a few hours the other night and then didn’t hear back from them (although the did change their profile pic). Where do they all go? lol.
  15. Here are my latest replies: 1. Married woman who wants to put on a show for her male partner. 2. I don’t know what this is.