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  1. Here’s another one I like. It’s real, out-of-focus... but the sounds get me going.
  2. I visited our local strip club on Saturday and I totally blew a chance with a hot chick! Grrrrr!! The ex-hubby and I decided- at the last moment- to go drop in. Like m, he hasn't had much luck in the girly department. So, we go and get there close to midnight. When we arrive, there aren't any seats on the club floor, so we snag the last two stools at the bar. For a few minutes, I don't know who's sitting next to us until the seat next to me becomes vacant and I notice a very pretty young woman with a banging body. A minute later, she turns to me, stares me up and down, and smiles. A minute later, she turns to me and winks. My ex-hubby also sees this and is elbowing me on my side, whispering, "She's into you." The guy she's with comes back from the bathroom and she's leaning forward on the bar, looking around him at me. And you know what I did? Not a damn thing. I totally froze. up. I had just told my ex-hubby, that very damn day, that I kinda had a fantasy about banging a chick AT THE STRIP CLUB!! Precisely, in the strip club bathroom. And then this happened and I flaked out. She went to the restroom, after looking right at me, multiple damn times! And my ex-hubby was like, "Even I'm seeing she wants to hook-up? Why aren't you doing anything?" Ugh. I left to get a lap dance and had a nice time and all, but I"m kicking myself in the butt after this. The stripper was really hot. Her ass was perfect. She told me she prefers women more and talked about her experiences, which I found interesting. She kissed up and down my neck and smelled me and once you touch my n neck... all bets are off. Lol. I went home extremely wet and horny, but no action. Still can't believe I froze up like that. Ugh!!
  3. I have to check that out. Been interested in it.
  4. This gets right to the point. Allegedly, it’s a girl virgin being serviced by an escort. No frills. Just love to hear them cum for reals.
  5. And do share the homemade variety of porn. Love it.
  6. Which do you guys prefer? Tribbing Or scissoring? None of which I’ve done yet IRL. God. I cum hard enough watching it.
  7. Doesn’t it though?! Geez. You think that it wouldn’t be as intense, but nope, it’s still an animal I can barely control.
  8. Haha, right?
  9. Ugh! I feel ya. It totally sucks. Lol.
  10. I think it’s got a little dom/sub theme going onto it. And I think the chick on top is so hot. I love a nice butt!!
  11. Omg. I’m going through a “longing” and “aching” for it stage, right now. I haven’t had sex with a woman since April of last year. I’ve officially created a new record of the longest time w/o doing the nasty. In the meantime, I’ve turned to porn to get some jollies. Lol. I’m absolutely obsessed with real, homemade porn. I LOVE it when I can hear the girl cumming. I love how she rides her face. Ugh. And since I have no one else to share it with in my real life (my straight friends would think I’m prob trying t throw a hint their way):
  12. What sexy, sultry songs do you enjoy? Not talking about Pony by Ginuwine or anything by Beyonce. Thinking more like Glory Box by Portishead. Anything similar, with that kind of vibe?
  13. So how much does a belly button piercing hurt? I finally got my ears pierced and I have two very small tattoos on each flank (that was painful for me)...I know pain is relative, but how painful was it for you? Any advice? I intend to get it when I reach my goal weight.
  14. I scribbled this last night when I had some writers block going on...decided to add a background to it. A Woman, Rising.pdf
  15. Hi there. I'm okay. I ran into twice a few weeks ago or so. Not the happiest of moments for me, lol, and it kinda felt like a band-aid being ripped off. Still, I think it was good to see her and become desensitized to running into her...I do live in a small valley. Other than that, I'm hanging in there...doing a lot of healing work on my inner child. Good times and fun stuff (not really)