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  1. strap-on

    Not to jack the topic, but I am very curious... as the person wearing the strap-on, can you cum by the friction of it or do you feel anything at all?
  2. I met her once. Wasn't a date and I was clear I was only looking for something casual, at best. As soon as we were done meeting up, she text messaged me (as I was walking to my car): Did that go as great as I think it did? I had asked to leave early and didn't ask for a hug (to which she said, "you're not going to hug me goodbye?") I don't know how to say that I can't offer friendship, let alone anything romantic. The second situation that recently came up was another casual situation (met once, only made out). We hadn't spoken in at least a month or so. She came back, out of the blue, asking how I was. I forgot to reply, then woke up to 6am good morning texts. Later, in the evening, more texts (I hadn't gotten around to replying to the others).
  3. Interesting! In my life, all my serious relationships have come out of FWB relationships. Those had more "friendship" involved in them. All other FWB situations were for sex only. I don't know if it's because I thought I couldn't compartmentalize and worried about possible feelings or I just wasn't interested in friendship. If memory serves, it was the latter. With the people I've spoken to lately, they want to do things like "dinner and a movie" and it freaks me out. I don't want them to expect something I can't provide. Your reply has really got me thinking that I might be more emotionally unavailable than I previously thought. Agh! Now I'm gonna be thinking about it the rest of the day. Am I not giving these women a chance because I'm not into them or I"m completely freaked out that they might ask more from me than I'm willing to provide. Crap! Lol. Right now, I am stuck in how to reply to someone I"m not interested in romantically or friendship. I don't like ghosting, but I don't know how to say it kindly. I'm sure she's a lovely person, but we just don't vibe.
  4. I’ve done a VARIATION of both. I’ve done the way too much explanation thing and then have tried to the slow fade. In my experience, it never ends there either way. They cling- which makes me think of all the times I held onto something, hopeful, ignoring the obvious. We’ve all done it. I’m confused in this day and age because FWB back in my day (early 2000s, lol) meant you only see each other to hook-up. No chatting or hanging out. Now, the FWB relationships I’ve entertained sound almost like dating. Or maybe it’s just me and I like very stern boundaries in FWB relationships. Lol.
  5. See, this is what’s happening to me now. I’m getting messages from people I’ve been clear to. And in the past, I’ve had a couple women become angry and call me a liar (you said you wanted to be friends but I still see you on dating sites). What do you do or say if you don’t want friendship with that person? Usually, I’d fall back on “we can be friends” but what if that isn’t the case?
  6. Do you tell them straight up or do you do the gradual fade?
  7. I often feel worse when I go back on dating sites. Before signing up, I’m hopeful that this time around, I’ll find someone to connect with. Then I get on, it’s okay for about a day, and then I get bummed out allllll over again. How’s it going for everyone else? Have you met someone recently? Any dates?
  8. I’m the same way. Very different with the way I had been with men vs what I want with a woman now.
  9. I have a bit of a crush on Rachel Brosnahan of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I had watched a round table with her involved and had a sneaking suspicion she might be (at least) bisexual. I looked it up online and it directed me to a very hot scene between her and another woman on the show House of Cards. Completely turned on AND smitten. She’s the one on top.
  10. I believe I was in a very spirtitual situation that has yet to resolve itself. I never say “my twin flame,” because I’ve read about and talked to too many people who were wrong (and then devastated). The issue I have with the TF community is that it perpetuates much toxic, unhealthy behavior. What I know of my journey and those walking a similar path: TF’s have much karma together. It usually takes years to resolve. At times, each will run and chase. The “feminine” is the more awakened of the two, but she usually has more wounding and thus, more healing to do. You will not even be thinking of this person when and if they come back to you. When and if they do come back to you, it will not be a “need” for you to be in relationship. You’ll have shed all of that and risen from the ashes. You will choose to be in relationship with them and it will finally be on equal footing. If you’re a true TF, there is a bigger purpose than just a relationship. You’ll have found your life’s calling and you’ll change the world with your love and healing abilities. True TF relationships seem to be rare. I don’t read about many in Union. When I started awakening, I was in a group of people who knew who their TF was. They all ended up being incorrect and one had a restraining order. I was in a karmic marriage. I know how addictive that is and how difficult it can be to leave. You feel chained and can’t escape and you mistake it for love. Then I met a woman and I felt such a connection, I couldn’t explain it. Other worldly. That person was not my TF, but rather a soul catalyst who started me down this path. It took a couple of years to get over that. Then I met someone else and I can’t begin to tell you the odd things that have happened to me. It’s like out of a movie. I don’t talk about it much, knowing most wont believe me. Ive been “shown” I’m meant to be with this person at some point in my life, after karma is healed and Justice is done, but at this point, I’m starting to realize that this isn’t importantly to me and finally, learning to let go. I’ve had to go through a bunch of jacked up lessons, even defying the Universe itself. Like I said, it’s crazy. Lol. People assume a TF relationship is an easy thing. It’s not. If it isn’t fraught with soul crushing difficulty, it’s probably a soulmate relationship (which is also good!). I wouldn’t wish this pain on my worst enemy, even though it’s meant for my highest good. It’s dramatic and chaotic and it changes who you are. You won’t recognize yourself or the other person when all is said and done. It’s that much of a game-changer. Maybe one day, I can tell other people how this story ends, but at this moment, I’m happy to be single and finding myself. And I know the Universe loves and supports me as does my HS.
  11. Grrrrr! So frustrating! WTH am I doing wrong?! I’ve seen girls with pics of themselves in thongs, bikinis, pasties... I don’t have anything remotely similar and yet I keep getting banned Anyone else experience this problem?!
  12. Oh, I just saw this. Good one! Lol. Crazy to think about, huh. Imply someone isn't "the one" and then beg them to stay.
  13. That’s very true. I remember talking to you about that
  14. At the moment I’m talking to a therapist who only wants to be FWB. We still have to meet.