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  1. love rubbing myself and feeling that tickling sensation. mmmmmmm.....
  2. i love sitting in a chair in front of my floor length mirror...such a wonderful sight to sexy watching myself have my way with myself!
  3. I haven't posted here in ages!  Hi, y'all!!!

    1. Girlygirl


      Hi! I took a long break from this site too. Welcome back! 

    2. CravingCuriosity
  4. Happy Mother's Day, everyone!!!  

  5. Hi, y'all!  Just checking out the newly renovated website!

    1. Smly


      Morning! Me too.....

      cute cherry mouth :)

      thought you were describing me in your profile with the exception of the runner bit :D 

    2. CravingCuriosity
  6. Like the Nike ad says, "JUST DO IT!!!" Get out and get out not waste another second on this piece of garbage.
  7. Was she at least hot? :-)
  8. Moms say that kinda stuff. You just gotta let it go. Then, all is right in the world!!! ;-)
  9. Enjoy watching a woman riding either her man or a dildo.....just that image of a woman riding and arching her back with nipples poking out is hot.
  10. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Hangouts, a fitness social media site that I use, Shys, Daily Horoscope, Zillow (love looking at homes for sale), and two coloring book apps on my phone.
  11. Last night I had two really pervy dreams. One wasabout being in a DOM/SUB relationship with a couple. The other dream was about swinging with another couple and the wife dragged me into the ladies room all excited asking a bunch of questions. Both were so realistic!!

  12. Yes, I do it at my desk sometimes and sometimes in the ladies room. I love doing it at work.
  13. What's with all this jacked up spam? Annoying!

    1. wolfbigrl88


      I know it does get annoying but the mods are doing the best they can, hopefully the admin will come back and set back up the spam filters but until then hang in there :)

    2. CravingCuriosity


      She's never coming back. They need to re-think that.