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  1. delightful34

    Facial piercings. Do you like or not like?

    Hair is cute! I like my nose piercing. I have the smallest one that you can get. I love to dye my hair too. Purple is my favorite color so violet sounds cool!
  2. delightful34

    Facial piercings. Do you like or not like?

    I like most piercings but on women. Once a man starts piercing anything other than his ears I feel slightly uncomfortable. The nose piercing on men I do NOT like..that is way too much for me. The eyebrows, ears, chin are ok though. I heard that dermals hurt. Do you have one?
  3. I just received a free Michael Kors lipstick....I will try it but love and prefer lip gloss. I will probably put gloss over it anyway..LOLOL!
  4. delightful34

    Perimenopause relief

    I need something. Any side effects of black cohosh?
  5. I have an addiction. I love flavored glosses, such as vanilla, mint, chocolate, and let's not forget berries! I would say that I have at least 30. In fact, I bought a new one today. Is there a support group available?
  6. You're my kind of girl! I could go lip gloss shopping any day. LOL
  7. delightful34

    Perimenopause relief

    I will do so! Thanks! Now for the weight gain....lol
  8. delightful34

    The Shybi fitness thread

    You can do it!
  9. delightful34

    Perimenopause relief

    Yes! The nausea is crazy! I thought the flashes...ok I can handle it but the nausea I was unprepared for that! I do have powdered ginger at home. Perhaps, I should try that. It is winter and I still sleep with the fan on because having to have the heat on is pretty brutal and I need relief. Is it weird that my feet stay cold though? Here's hoping that it gets better for both if us.
  10. delightful34

    My neighbor

    Wow! You guys have to talk about it because that is just super awkward imo! I have been with a good friend of mine and we discussed it right after. We laughed and said what we liked and didn't like. Then friendship back to normal. We do not have feelings for one another so I guess it made it easier for both of us. Obviously, you guys enjoyed it and both are nervous discussing it but eventually you may find yourself in the same position again. It doesn't mean you want a relationship but you should at least see where the other person's head is at. She may feel like she did something wrong. You never know...ijs
  11. delightful34

    New Year Resolutions

    Nice goals!
  12. delightful34

    New to this, a little bit nervous and a lot bit shy!

    You're welcome! Always nice to meet new ladies here and form new friendships.
  13. delightful34

    The Shybi fitness thread

    Update*** I have had my surgery two weeks ago but it will be slow. I am trying not to gain any weight in the meantime. My hand surgeon says my recovery will be about 3 months. Right now I can only use my legs but am bored with that. Any suggestions ladies? Any exercises that will not result in me falling and hurting my wrist again? LOL!!!!!
  14. delightful34

    The Shybi fitness thread

    Nice! I drink a lot of water but struggling with lowering carbs!