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  1. Hey thanks for passing, hope you don't mind the add x

  2. I just used the image icon and entered in the actual url rather than uploading a saved photo ;). So it essentially just links to the image at whatever size it is online. I guess I just picked huge images...not complaining though ;)
  3. LOL! Those came out HUGE! Margot Robbie and Jason Momoa.....droool.
  4. This sounds like fun! I was actually working with a personal trainer after I had my baby. Breastfeeding did not make me lose any weight unfortunately and I was hanging on to about 35 extra pounds of fat, and I was REALLY out of shape. I wasn't really "big" but I was not in shape at all. I got serious with my diet and started jogging and lifting weights and the results were phenomenal. I didn't just lose the fat but I got toned and strong, and just overall felt awesome. My skin was better, my nails were stronger, my hair was shinier. I've been slacking the last few months, and over the holidays gained an extra 10 pounds as well, my skin has broken out, and I just feel bleh. Not a single pair of my jeans fits....So yeah....time to get on it again! My goal right now is to get back on the weights, lose the bit of weight I gained, and just keep working on toning up and FEELING GOOD. Current: 145 pounds Target: 130 pounds p.s. the one tip I will give anyone reading this, is try not to be concerned about the scale. If you are doing any weighted exercise you are going to lose fat and build muscle at the same time, and that is where the toning comes from. But muscle weighs a lot more than fat, and I have found that there is an initial drop in weight, and then the loss is very slow after that, or the scale doesn't budge because the muscle is building. Just focus on how you FEEL and how your clothes are fitting, not how much you weigh, the scale can be a real mind F$%&, and can easily become an obsession! If anyone wants any tips for weight loss, muscle growth and toning, I am happy to share what I learned that worked! Cheers!
  5. It sounds like she has already expressed the interest, and your mutual attraction has already been established, so I would say definitely start the conversation! I myself have never flirted with another woman (unfortunately), but if I were in your shoes I would start with small innocent compliments, and let the conversation naturally take it's course after that. You could start by just telling her how attractive she is, or what you like about her, and then see how it goes from there. I completely understand overthinking it all and not having a clue how to talk to a woman (Hence the fact I still haven't hahaha). But I think deep down we know what the other woman wants to hear, how to talk to each other (We are women, we understand each other after all!), and you are exactly right we just overthink it. If I were in your shoes, I would start with safe compliments, see how she reacts, and I am sure the conversation will just take it's natural course after that. Here is a quote I found today that I shared with a lovely friend, I'd like to share it with you as well! "They say, "Look before you leap." So look. But do not look for too long. Do not look into the void of uncertainty trying to predict each and every possible outcome, to evaluate every possibly mistake, to prevent each possible failure. Look for the opportunity to leap, and leap faster than your fear can grab you. Leap before you talk yourself out of it, before you convince yourself to set up a temporary camp that turns into permanent delay on your journey into your own heart." - Vironika Tugaleva
  6. Because I am here to gain more of it, when it comes to myself and my sexuality
  7. Deep fried scorpions...Bankok Thailand. I was 18. Passed the cart of fried bugs and oddities when I was sober...and said eww, NO WAY!...passed it again later that night after way too many beers....I was a little more open minded then If you could sleep with any female celebrity, who would it be?
  8. The amazing thing about love is its infinite. There is no finite amount of love to go around. Just like we love all of our children with the same deepness, our hearts only grow, we don't divide the love, we just love MORE. I agree, I am also a little scared that being with a woman will be an emotional experience for me that may lead to me falling for her. It's difficult for me to separate the two and JUST have sex. I do have some fear there as well because my hubby fears this could take away from our primary relationship. I do however believe we have the capacity to love and enjoy more than one person without it taking love away from the other, but it's likely not an easy path to take. Then again...neither is monogamy. I love both the femininity of women, and the masculinity of men as well, both equally, but differently. I have a feeling my experimenting with a woman may lead to deep feelings, and I am not sure how that could even be avoided. I do have some fear here, of what this could lead to. It's definitely not just you caliwoman. Women are emotional creatures. Our sex drives are primarily in our heads, we have a harder time separating emotions from sex than men do. I've learned in a short amount of time through reading forums on this website that this is a very real and common concern, and that the majority of the women on here are looking for some sort of emotional connection, not just a purely physical experience.
  9. I live in a big city right now, and I can't wait to move to a small town! I grew up in a TINY town as a young child, until I was 10, then moved to a bigger, but still fairly small town (from about 800 people to 8,000 people). As a child I LOVED growing up in a small town and I want that same experience for my children. We were able to run and play in the forests and ponds all day without any supervision, as long as we came back at a certain time. No chance in hell of that happening in a city. I want my child to have that same sort of freedom to just go be a kid for awhile and not have to worry about busy traffic, getting lost, running out onto a busy road, or the general worries we would have raising them where we are now. I absolutely love that picture and the scenery! I love peace and quiet, and looking up into the sky at night and seeing stars without the glow of the city. It feels like home to me. You are right, there are disadvantages like you mentioned. I would seriously give anything to have a view like that from my backyard! So jealous! Where I am from, you pay an arm and a leg to get a view like that. Even when we eventually move to a small town, I still live in such an expensive part of Canada that small town prices aren't much lower than the city prices. But I live in a beautiful part of the Country, and It's still worth it to me to make the commute, and deal with all of the disadvantages, for the quiet, the space, and being closer to nature
  10. Ooohh I have a few depending on what meal! - Peanut butter and banana with cinnamon sprinkled on top - Avocado with lime/lemon juice spritzed on top, salt and pepper, sliced tomatoes, and fresh cilantro. - Fried egg and salsa yummmmm
  11. Haha...FYI, I tried to save money one time and I bought a waxing kit thinking I've seen her do it a few times, and I know the type of wax she uses so I'll try it myself. DON'T TRY THIS!!!! I bruised horribly, didn't get all the hair, and it was just plain a pain in the ass and messy. I learned that the hard way hahaha...dumbass me.
  12. It's not really THAT bad. I mean yeah it hurts, but only for a second, and if you have a good waxer, it will be quick. I have a really great waxer where I am. She's more expensive than many around my area but it's worth the money. She makes me feel very comfortable, does the job super quick, uses the best quality wax, and is very professional. I have never bruised and never had any issues. The first time is the worst, and if you let it all grow in again yeah it hurts just like the first time. If you go regularly (like every few weeks) it doesn't hurt nearly as much because the hair is thinned out so much. I've currently let mine grow for about 6 weeks now and I still only have about half my usual bush. And I am a dark haired lady with lots of bush naturally! but yeah TOTALLY worth it. It lasts for at least 3 weeks for me before it starts growing in again. And I hate shaving down there. In fact I need to book another waxing! My waxing sessions are usually like 10 minutes long. Just do your research and find a place that has good reviews.
  13. Mine is pretty simple. I came here to find support on my path to understanding myself better...for clarity and peace of mind. Clarity is also the state of being clear or transparent. It is being easily understood, easily seen, heard, and expressed. Eventually that's where I want to be; In a state of mind where I do not feel the need to hide from anyone, and where I can fully understand, accept, and express who I am. :girlinlove:
  14. I agree with everything Frenchie and many others are saying. Don't do anything you are not comfortable with. You don't have to assume the responsibility of helping this girl to feel better about her situation, even though she clearly needs some support. Also, she doesn't need to speak to someone who's gay/bi etc in order to receive support. Your sister is her friend, if she needs the support, SHE should be offering it to her, regardless of her own sexuality. All she needs to do is be there for her. Be sympathetic for your sister though. I am sure all she is really trying to do is help her friend, and do what she can for her. She obviously trusts and loves you enough to believe that you can help her. It sounds like she's young, and looking up to you. Honour that, but be careful and look out for yourself in this situation. If you aren't comfortable getting involved, you could simply let your sister know that. Getting involved could easily put a lot of weight and responsibility on your shoulders trying to help someone in a difficult situation. That is not an easy thing to do for anyone, especially when you don't know her well. Assuming that sort of responsibility is a lot for your sister to ask of you. She may not think of it as a big deal right now, but you can let her know that is really is.