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  1. How does everyone find a date that isn't looking on Craigslist, because that's creepy, I looked. I want to experiment with a woman, my first, without expectations. I want someone who I can just be their friend first and if something or nothing happens we are still friends. I am in Ohio
  2. 34
  3. I love my menstrual cup! There are some good pages on Face Book like, cup love and Put a Cup in it. There is even a quiz to help you choose the best size and style you you. I save lots of money not getting fem products every month. There are also reusable cloth pads which feel less plastic, don't smell bad like other pads can sometimes. I am a fan of both.
  4. I am happily married to a man and our intimate life is good. I have had feelings for a woman for about 12 years and finally told my husband. He seems interested in my feelings and says he doesn't care if I want to experience a woman. He would not even be involved. So my question is do I just find a "hookup" because that's not me style. I feel like a sexual experience, randomly is not appropriate. I don't want to be rude. I also don't want to lead someone on that they will have a relation. I feel guilty that I am looking for sex and not love. I do feel that we are sexual beings and crave those emotional and felins. What do I do?
  5. I would like the same! I don't usually have too many friends that are girls because I am not super girly. I wish I knew how to find those people!
  6. Just started cutting my hair short. It makes me feel more confident and pretty. I like different styles, depends on the face I guess.
  7. I have not kissed another woman before but would like to someday.
  8. I have not kissed another woman before but would like to someday.
  9. I am in the same boat. My husband told me years ago to just see what it's like to be with a woman. He feels that it's not cheating but he doesn't want to know either. I am so lost. Maybe just an experience with a woman and I would know more how I feel? This is so hard!
  10. Hello I am new to this scene! A friend of mine was talking about this site so I thought I would check it out. I am married, 4 children, bicurious, no pets, my marriage to a man is good. I am not out to anyone except this site! Bah, it makes me a little nervous but excited at the same time. Hoping to find other bi mothers that I can talk to and maybe find a local group in my area.