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  1. I'm bi, but strictly monogamous and leaning more and more towards women, so yes I can see myself in a serious committed relationship with a woman.
  2. INFJ
  3. Body lotions, scarfs and sushi.
  4. I like Tori Amos too. Nice to meet you :)

    1. Velvetheart


      Aaaa, great, nice to meet you too. Don't know much people that like her :-)))

  5. Hi how are you? Happy New year 

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    2. Velvetheart


      It's usually shitty :-D , but I am now in my home country, Croatia, a lot more stable weather here :-)

    3. blackflameblue


      Oh wow that sounds good I have never been there this is probably a silly question but what's the food like? 

    4. Velvetheart


      No, it's not silly, where in Croatia or Deutschland? It is very good in restaurants, but I don't like most of what you can find in German stores, except cheese and bagels, bread :-). Food in Croatia is great, but maybe it is because I am used to it...who knows.

  6. Taught in high school.
  7. Yes. We were in our early twenties. She was my first. Met her through her mother (me and her mother used to walk our dogs together :-) ). Became instant friends, lost contact, met again in a bus to Alanis Morissette concert, she was with her female friend, I thought I saw some sparks between them. Few months later we were at some party together, had enough drinks to have courage to do something...and we came out to each other and one thing let to another... :-D
  9. I forgot it was in kindergarten :-D