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  1. Mexico, Peru, Chile, Bolivia (the whole South America basically :-D) Greece, Tunisia, Cambodia, Iran...

    1. Violetta


      I absolutely love this!! And haven't heard it in years!!

    2. Velvetheart


      Yes, me too, it's just so beautiful :-)

  3. Your sixth sense is finding the good side of every situation! You are a very positive, enthusiastic and warm person. Your spirit is always up, you love helping others, laughing and live life to the fullest. Your sixth sense helps you to see the good side in everything, and that is basically all you need in order to be happy! But besides this, I know that something is going to happen and how and why, and I have this uneasy feeling about some people the moment I meet them and I know they will cause me problems, but I unfortunately don't listen to my intuition.
  4. It's almost spring.