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  1. I am so with you @annak i was surprised at how i didn’t hesitate and loved it too. We were both first timers and she made the move and had me first. I was stunned, what a turn on. I immediately reciprocated - there was no way in hell i was going to miss out on an opportunity to experience something so sensual so I was delighted to return the favor. I was also pretty surprised that we both navigated and did quite well for newbies! it was all quite natural
  2. think about it way too much.... my first time was actually in a car - so ya cross that off the list ;) But yes, being into the person and watching them enjoy the pleasure you are giving them makes you want to do it all the time!!! Ok cold shower time...
  3. Good luck @FlaGrl08, you got this. You are right in that you deserve to be treated better by her. You are not her toy and she should be more considerate of your feelings as her “best friend” regardless of any sexual history. I know how hard this is and that any little crumb is worth scooping up....but no more! Focus on you. The sad thing is with girls like her...she prob loves the chase and will try and suck you back in as soon as you try to break free of her invisible chains!!!! Fight the urge to give in, find a healthier distraction! You Got This!
  4. ya maybe she feels in her head that she has given all the signals & is maybe waiting for you to reciprocate in some capacity
  5. i have so much to say about this scenario from my own experiences (which started the same way). Not sure if you have ability to message yet but when you do, we can get into some detail on this bc i am living it (and have) for quite some time. What I can share publicly is that this arrangement is amazing and very very complicated especially bc of the kids that drew you close. Many honest dialogs need to happen but obviously addressing the attraction and mutual nature of it is first (cart before horse). i am excited for you, could be an amazing, beautiful thing...however, my best advise is to proceed with caution, really communicate well with each other and make sure kids are always top priority. this can be complex especially if one or both of you are in lackluster marriages. Also the NRE (new relationship energy) from this is also something that can send you into a tail spin when things heat up. i am available to go into more detail privately but want to direct you to a chain of mine in the Married Forum (there are two), start with What’s Going On? & What’s Going On Update. The entire journey isn’t updated but the earlier portions that relate to your post are similar: Good luck and welcome!
  6. mine tend to vary but rarely do i fail alone (it happens) and never can achieve through intercourse (so sad). For me in order to have one there needs to be clitoral stimulation (u need to give that Womanizer another chance....for me that drew on a slow and steady full body tremble!) so let me ask, is there a difference in types of O’s u get manually vs with a partner? Mentally are you relaxed and present or mind elsewhere? you know the old saying...”Practice makes perfect” i would say just really get acquainted with your body alone for starters. don’t put pressure on yourself but over time experiment and see what feels good and what creates discomfort. maybe u just need to train your body, i’ve had a wide range of O’s from... eh, i got the job done to... dang that sh*t was body trembling, in sweaty and convulsing off the hook kinda way :)) (those r the best) if you are really concerned find a way to talk to your doctor during next OBGYN exam to make sure all is ok. they look at vaginas all day and sexual health is their experitise there is rarely a topic they don’t hear about... can you explain what the discomfort is? pain? internal or external discomfort?
  7. I hate labels but don’t know that i’d define myself as femme... maybe femme(ish)? i hate heels, dresses and makeup....however, that doesn’t mean i’m not feminine. i like to look and feel good in a hard/soft kinda way. i enjoy fun shoes but comfort is important! i fall into the femme(ish) hippie/sporty chick scenario i guess.
  8. i think i’d go as young as 30 and as old as 50, wild age swing on that +/- 10yrs. but if the attraction, maturity and compatibility were there i think going younger or older can each have their benefits ;)
  9. So many scattered thoughts re: this chain, will try and keep it coherent.... My situation is the same in that me and my GF or BFWB (we don’t really have a label) have found something in each other that we just don’t get from our H’s. We are both married but I wouldn’t say either of us are “happily married.” We don’t have the long distance thing, we have the opposite issue... lives too entwined. But I do (lately) dream of a different life, one in which we are together and we all live happily ever after... I think in my haze of happiness with her, I’ve completely detached myself from my marriage and it feels very problematic for me right now. I haven’t figured out if this is a sexuality thing or just a compatibility issue i am having. For me i’m taking the time and trying to being honest with myself for right now and just gathering information as it pertains to my happiness. Situations further complicated with young children involved... I think if things were better in my marriage i wouldn’t have been left vulnerable and wouldn’t allowed someone else to steal my heart. My advice is to take the time for yourself to really look within the confines of your current life and decide if making no drastic changes will lead you to happiness or a lack of fulfillment.
  10. ok jumping in here! this has to be some kind of reciprocal thing going on here and i get it is terrifying but if the friendship and feelings are there why not talk about them. if this person truly is a best friend she will be gentle with you no matter what her feelings are. the only way you will know is to be vulnerable and take a risk. i did.... and it was the most terrifying yet rewarding moment that changed so much for me. there will be bumps and complications but if you are as close as you are describing, you ride those waves together...hold on tight when things get hard but enjoy the thrill of the good times. happy to help based on my experience.
  11. good luck! it will be a very good thing and either way you come out stronger. it is a safe space to say what you feel and work through. i am going through it myself and although we just started i am confident it will be money well spent!
  12. this is so much fun to read!!! You got this! enjoy the chase tho, that part is a lot of fun too ;)