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  1. TBD78

    New and bi-curious

    This is a great place to work through and better understand these curious feelings. Lots of the ladies here can relate and there are many different stories and outcomes to explore if you set out on a journey to discover more. Enjoy the forum.
  2. TBD78

    Cyber Sex And Sexting...

    Amen! And i conquer
  3. TBD78

    Advice... for the hubby

    This is super complicated and i think depends on the woman and her relationship with sex. For many women in this newly discovered and acceptance of their bi/gay side - if passion with their male partner is gone as is many fundamental aspects of what is a good relationship is also gone, it is very hard to regain the desire. However, if the marriage and sex is good and this is just a yearning that needs to be satisfied and she can still desire her man and they maintain the passion - then it is totally possible for it to be balanced. my advise to him is to manages his insecurities and jealousy and try not to alienate himself from her. As for her, i’d advise her to be real to herself and her reality if she starts to lean in one direction or the other... Hope that makes sense. It is very complicated but sounds like her H has a good understanding of his wife and sounds open to sorting it... just my $0.02
  4. TBD78

    Music really is a universal language.

    I love music, it is my salvation. It is a great way to express yourself when you can’t find words of your own, it can instantly change my mood. Live music is my happy place - being at a show can transport me to such a happy free place. there is a lot of really awesome music to discover.
  5. TBD78


    Take your time, figure out what you want and then make sure you have boundaries with your H re: your and his expectations of how much or little you share once you meet someone. Just some hind sight stuff/perspective I wish i had.
  6. TBD78

    Cyber Sex And Sexting...

    did it and enjoyed it in the early days with my bestie - but we don’t/can’t/fear getting caught with a naughty exchange (her H doesn’t approve).... it is a dead topic which is so sad bc the few times we did sext it was so very delicious and exciting! Especially during a boring work day ;)
  7. Wow i felt that... i’m sorry you are going through such pain/loss, sounds like she was very special. Sending love and light to you.
  8. TBD78


    I very much enjoyed this act - just from the sheer intimacy and vulnerability and bc it was with my soul mate - it was a very erotic/passionate experience, the eye contact alone was enough to weaken the knees
  9. TBD78

    Is this all a fantasy

    I too married in 40’s, my journey started a few years ago and joined shy for some clarity..I had some support at home on the matter and a bestie that i developed an insane, unexplainable crush on at the time (also 40’s/mom/wife...). I went for it - just to divulge the “feelings” part bc i thought if i put it out there it would lessen the crush and it would set me free OR I’d be humiliated OR i would learn it was reciprocal and headed for the most wild ride of my life.... i got lucky... my fate was behind door 3 and i am one happy 40 year old baseball (not soccer) mom
  10. TBD78

    Tough to meet bi women

    Same @MidnightBabe Same Very grateful for that.
  11. TBD78


    Nothing you wrote sounds dumb. There are many women here in the same boat. There are also many woman here who started in your boat but with time, courage and advice from this network of amazing women, have had the chance to experience finally being intimate with a woman. My advice, sort through it all mentally/emotionally, this will help you think a little clearly and help you make choices to go for it or to accept the idea as fantasy. No wrong answer. GL!
  12. Prior to my self discovery, this idea of being in a relationship that was far beyond a typical best friendship (with another married woman) couldn’t have been more off my radar as a thing, a possibility, a balance. It also made me question many things about my marriage, many of the answers have taken time to uncover layers of truths. To me this dynamic makes sense. It isn’t always rainbows & butterflies, but there is an understanding of priorities that make it balanced. There are shared emotions that are hard to navigate (jealously, insecurity) but bc those emotions emerge from a good,healthy and normal place, the goodness always outweighs the heavy. As two woman, neither aware of their desires towards women, it has been a really exciting journey of firsts to enjoy together. I think if the balance was off (single woman & married woman) the single woman would potentially require more patience, unless it was casual enough for all of the negative emotions to not surface. There is no right or wrong answers here - it is more about what works best for the people in the relationship. I think I would have a hard time (as a married woman) with a single woman bc of expectations and always feeling like i couldn’t give the person enough attention. I think it’s important to know what “bucket” your needs fall into: Emotional Only, Emotional & Physical (this is very powerful) or just physical. I think many of us need/crave the emotional before able to dabble in physical, which makes these relationships complicated and they require strong communication and trust.
  13. I agree with points one and two in a big way. I was spinning so much when I first admitted to myself I may be bi or bi curious at the time. I also shared too much before I could really understand myself and what i was missing. It took a lot of soul searching and work to be ok with who I am and i realize it is something I choose to keep incredibly quiet. I’ve gone in reverse with the dialog with my husband. While internally, i know exactly who I am, externally, I crawled right back into my shell and will stay there.
  14. TBD78

    Tough to meet bi women

    Amen @blueberry!