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  1. assuming ur not looking for the demo of me and my god given hands... here u go ;) https://womanizer.com/experience
  2. i thought i was good at it with my god given hands, never leave myself unsatisfied..but then i went out and bought “The Womanizer”....Best Toy Ever and DANG....total body orgasm in under a minute!!!! this is very useful for time strapped multi-tasker’s like me.
  3. best advise i can offer is this....when your first time rolls around, do to her what you like done to you. adjust to her body language (her movements, her breathing and her noises) and if u really aren’t sure...ask what she likes and see if she is willing to guide u a bit!
  4. i agree with @Ona on this one. Pull back and don’t give her the attention if she is going to play hot and cold, it is not fair to you. If she wants to engage in sex talk, put on your best poker face (even if dying inside) and don’t give her the satisfaction. when she is done playing games and sees u pulling away....her true intentions may shine on through. either way a good excersize for you creating space and protecting yourself!
  5. OMG YES! love me a good make out session. i also find it ok if it doesn’t always lead to more! Making out can be so sensual with the right person.
  6. writing

    Yes!!! Only “she” brings out words i didn’t even know i had. I find myself incredibly inspired to write about her, us, feelings, whatever....i do it with ease bc she makes me feel so much and that emotion comes out very passionately in the writing i find myself doing. Love my muse
  7. you guys are in good company! there are a lot of good posts and threads in the married section of the forum. this site helped me navigate big time. i don’t have all of the answers as my situation is complicated - but i know this is a great outlet to share stories and ask questions. everyone handles confronting it with hubby different. i approached the subject about a year ago and the conversation has morphed somewhat. i am finally at a place where i can explore without guilt bc i have a green light. my biggest thing was not wanting to share details of the experience (who, what, when, where).... that made it easier. welcome and best of luck!
  8. i’m going to go with Chris Cornell Nothing Compares to you
  9. Definite sub with hubby. i am a total switch with her and it is a lot of fun being in both roles, being comfortable and being vulnerable
  10. ahh crazy med school chicks....i’ve kissed a few of those in my days... keep the story goin!
  11. Go for it!! the hood piercing didn’t hurt all that much bc there is minimal skin the needle needs to go through. for me, it healed very quickly. i recommend you go to a very reputable place to get it done. i had it done 15+ years ago and never ever regretted it!
  12. @JadeBleu15 #perfection for sport...
  13. @JadeBleu15 how do u feel about this 90’s tune????
  14. yes @JadeBleu15 u can rub me the right way! lol
  15. uggg i have such a negative visceral reaction to this one!!