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  1. Her husband found out and was not ok, my private matters were sacrificed. I am just thankful it didn't turn into a bigger scandal. Our kids r bff and young..,we r entwined in community - could have been even more deveststing than it was..
  2. This is a tough one. My hubby is sorta ok but I'm not willing to be proactive about dating or seeking a special friend. I jumped into something local and it did not end well. But I also learned, despite hubby support....I found it very difficult to be honest and share with him. I held a lot in and will continue to. The best way to find someone is to nurture a connection. Whether near or far. Are there activities, girls nights, places to go where like minded people can interact? However you guys proceed - enjoy the journey... sometimes it's not always about the destination.
  3. I wish I had a confident answer to this question... I think dissatisfaction played a role in how and who I chose to explore with. But I also think confusion, curiosity and chemistry also played a role. I think the true tell for me will be the path ahead. If i can solve marriage issues and still desire women I'll know. If I can't resolve and need to go out on my own, I'll be sure to explore both men and women and be true to myself regardless of what direction it gender prevails.
  4. It was amazing... it was after a slow and steady month build of getting comfortable with each other. It was unplanned and unexpected which added to the excitement. We had went out for a couple of beers and then decided to park the car on some residential block for some kissing. Well..... one thing led to the next and we were in the back of my truck...and that's how I lost my girlginity and it was hot!
  5. @softdeedee no loss of sensation, enhanced sensation
  6. Well speaking with experience of having a horizontal hood piercing - it is quite enjoyable for me and apparently it is a lot of fun to play with on the giving end too.
  7. Brilliant... been there done that :(
  8. Wouldn't worry to much about labels. I think the more important piece to think about, focus on, consider, ponder is whether or not you can or want to pursue exploring it.
  9. @Cute&Curious we don't talk about trying to pursue anything bc of our kids and family and circle of friends anything more really isn't an option. Her husband is not ok with it, never will be and feels threatened by our friendship. Right now I am lucky to still have her in my life at all... my husband has dropped comments, I'm pretty sure that despite my denial, he knows i still want to be with her...but for the sake of the friendship and our kids (mine and her son are best friends..) I need to keep it all in check. Both her and I have different, but big issues in our marriages that we r both navigating. I need to figure out how to accept it isn't supposed to be and move on. I have a green light from my H to pursue someone else...but haven't tried nor thought about that bc I don't want to force it or accidentally hurt someone if they catch feelings and my heart and mind is elsewhere. Appreciate everyone's thoughtful responses. I wish there was a magical timeline to mourn a fallen relationship and start anew
  10. Thanks all for responding. A month later and still no more solutions. Same ole torture.
  11. It is all so confusing and complicated. For those of us who have had the good fortune to explore and find an unimaginable connection with another women, it feels impossible at times. On one hand we have wonderful men in our lives who fathered our children and love us...on the other hand, no matter how hard they try..they can never be "her." There are no easy or good answers other then live each day loving and hope that one day balance can make it all work.
  12. All I have to say as a married woman who also accepted this part of myself recently...it is tricky. I think the majority of us married & curious or bi feel it necessary to have a "connection" before even considering any exploration. I think a forum to discuss ideas with like minded ladies is a great start to meet people and exchange ideas. Some folks are braver than others and will put themselves out there on a dating app, others, more private may need to establish friendships and comfort levels and connections ahead of time. No good answer other then, make friends here, establish connections and exchange ideas....or personal information ;) my advice is take your time, figure out yourselves and ultimately what you want and what u r willing to act on and then go for it! just my $0.02
  13. You have to do what works for you and it may result in some hard choices and potentially guilt. I have shared my interest with my H and I had his support. What I learned was that despite all of that, when given the opportunity I was unable to be 100% honest about my experiences with him and ended up hiding much of the truth. This is and will always be on me to carry the burdeon. I don't regret the experiences but do have some guilt. good luck.
  14. "Cool for the Summer!"

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      Ya as in the Demi song -  I'm in the spirit of the season :)

    3. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      :) I'm with you! Summer should be formally and widely celebrated as the season for women to have passionate affairs with other women 

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      @celeste teal I wish!  Just need to find her :)

  15. I was surprised how natural it felt for me. I felt safe and was able to fully endulge without hesitation or regret. I was stunned at how much I enjoyed pleasing my partner. I enjoyed how vulnerable I was able to be. I enjoyed both the soft moments and the erotic ones. I enjoyed being in control but also giving up control. I learned sex does not always need to involve "intercourse" for it to be amazing sex. I learned thst being with a woman and having a powerful connection results in really incredible orgasms