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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. Nidalaeh


      Thank you! It's been good so far

  2. Love giving but not opposed to receiving either! Bring it!
  3. This is a sweet story and I love it, it is how I felt in my relationship with my bestie. While we did explore beyond kissing - we did do a lot of just kissing and I agree - such an amazing feeling to have that closeness. I think if you are open to closeness and can keep a level head about the boundaries - it could be a lovely thing.
  4. I am best friends with my former crush/lover. We crossed the line for ~4 months and had to stop the physical due to the fact we were both married to men and her husband was not ok with it. I am not going to lie - it is very very hard at times to nurture the friendship when strong romantic emotions are involved, but it possible. You have to train your brain to accept the "terms" of the friendship. There is an element of "torture" when your heart is at the helm. It has taken me almost 6 months to get to an OK place to it, time and boundaries and mental focus will help to balance a friendship and your "crush"
  5. Welcome and totally agree with the other ladies here, you should have a level "playing field" (no pun intended), good luck!
  6. I am on the fence with this one. As I try and figure out my own sexuality (or just accept it's fluid), I can absolutely relate to the topic. I had my realization later in life (38), married to a man and it was triggered by one woman. Hit me like a ton of bricks and I was fortunate enough to explore it bc the feelings were mutual. While our romantic relationship did not work out, I am still left wondering if I will ever feel attracted to another woman again. I still feel desire from time to time with this particular woman, but do feel it waning bc we can't be together. I do not find myself hungry to meet another lady, or actively seeking someone out. Not sure if It is bc I only had eyes for one woman, if I'm still healing from that experience, if I just don't have the confidence/vibe/courage to meet someone else or if I'm afraid of what impact it will have on my busy life if I find someone new. Right now I am of the mindset that if a woman who I connect with comes along I wouldn't reject the notion of exploring it.
  7. Both! IPAs for beer, red for wine (Cali cab or Pinot noir)
  8. Happy Mother's Day to all the MILF's & Mother F*ckers today! :lol:

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      celeste teal

      Happy Mother's Day TBD78 :)

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      Right back atcha Celeste Teal!

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      Happy Mother's Day! :D

  9. Welcome Alex
  10. Keep writing! It has helped me heal so much too. Sounds like this person is toxic to you but left a mark. Don't rush it, in time it will mske better sense and you will be at peace.
  11. Wow Nudous, I feel your pain through the screen.... in time it will get easier. Breathe through it, write through it and cry through it.
  12. All for it! Have very much connected with a more spiritual side of myself since my whole world has changed... bring it!
  13. That totally sucks - I don't understand how a person can do that! Don't regret being vulnerable or truthful, think of the freedom you got out of your experience with her - look at it as a gateway to an even better (unknown) adventure you have yet to embark on! Try to separate from her and get some clarity and fresh perspective on the situation. Perhaps she is emotionally incapable of being close to you in the way you hoped for. Better you know now before you took a plunge with her. Hang in there.
  14. Stay positive, receive all the love Shy, friends and your special lady has to give. Don't beat yourself up for having a bad day, try and focus more on the good that happens in any given day. Thank you for sharing your story and being vulnerable with us. We will help lift you up whenever things start to feel heavy.
  15. Need to move forward