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  1. @C00kie and @California shy Oh man guys..just reading these posts all i have to say that when (not if) when you each find a match and have all the goodness of connection and attraction - you will very much enjoy the outcome - pun intended ;)
  2. I find discretion best for my situation, my H supports me but does not get details or information. Also be mindful of his insecurities and try to make sure those are nurtured while you seek out this experience. You will indeed go through many phases of feelings and emotion and it if your husband is in tune with you, may feel jealous or threatened if you don’t reassure him.
  3. Best feeling ever! The gift of giving the powerful orgasm and the reward of watching your girl melt.... so amazing
  4. You have a voice and lots of women who have experiences with the things you have described. This is not a place for people to pass judgement, just support and perspective as it relates to any given topic. You will navigate this how you feel is best based on the inputs you have in your life - we will listen and answer questions when you need/want to process it all.
  5. Hi and welcome - i’m sure you will find all of the content compelling and that you are with good company here.
  6. Hi & welcome - great site, great support and great people!
  7. Welcome and can totally relate. It took me a couple of years to not stress over labeling myself and on that journey all the experiences and information gathered further validated needing a label was far less important than understanding who I was (sexually speaking) and where I was headed and just embracing it all. Enjoy the ride.
  8. My H was supportive but wanted to know more than i was willing to share and it created a lot of conflict.
  9. I’d plan an over the top musical adventure (maybe a festival or something we both dig), a destination away from home and coordinate plenty of VIP accomodations for us as well as plenty of 1:1 private time. The excitement and music alone will become the beginning of what will be hours long of foreplay and teasing and affection...until the time comes to be in private... From there, I’d start real slow to really torture the senses and then i’d focus on her like i did every lyric, note, harmony and melody played in the hours prior to this moment, she will be very taken care of in every way.
  10. You guys aren’t alone, there are lots of women navigating this on Shy. Definitely start reading posts in the married forum. Is this something you want to pursue while being open with H, have you thought about that? Some H’s are cool and will want you to explore, some may feel that they should be involved (eek) and some are so against it that you will either move on with the idea OR privately manage it.... No ones scenario is quite the same but collectively we have a lot of experience in this forum based on lots of different perspectives. Good Luck!
  11. They remain in my top 3, seen them 30+ times and they are awesome live.
  12. the only difference between my feelings now vs when i first felt the jolt (2+ yrs ago) is the awareness to know that it isn’t “a phase” and it isn’t going away(nor do i want or need it to)... I dread the day if I have to get over/move on from her and have no doubt i’ll turn to Shy should i ever need the support. Even tho the question wasn’t directed at me. @just_me_laurie2 the whole experience was so natural it was shocking to me how comfortable I became very quickly and i am rather shy/modest person in the beginning. For the women who have been married a longer time and have lost desire in their male partners/husbands and hoping this exploration will help with regaining that desire....good luck. I found that opening pandora’s box (no pun intended) lol...has completely impacted my relationship with sex (likes/dislikes...) it’s a wild journey but definitely fulfilling if you give yourself the space and time to discover and process it all.
  13. Welcome and how awesome!!! Your beginning sounded like mine in that it “slapped me in the face”. I had a sudden burst of what felt like lightening while standing next to my best friend one night at a concert and it took me a few weeks and lots of Shy reading to sort it. Enjoy the journey and super awesome ur H is cool with it!
  14. Speaking from experience....yes it will be more than worth the wait!
  15. Be patient and play it cool. She is probably very conflicted but is most likely on the same page as you. The best way to navigate is to communicate - good luck. all will fall into place