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  1. Beautifully said @Hungry Best wishes to your future and thank you for all of your contributions to Shy!
  2. thinking that i don’t want to say goodbye to Shy. i’m so freggin grateful for all of the awesome woman i’ve met through this forum who have become not only a support system to me, but trusted friends. Hopeful that this powerful community of like minded women (who have the resources) and have benefited from the community will step up and keep it going. i also want to say a huge Thank you to them women who have donated their time to making and protecting this forum on a daily basis to make it the amazing, safe space it is for all of us to be our true selves. From the bottom of my heart...thank you..
  3. i understand what you are trying to articulate. I never thought i could or would have “romantic” feelings for a woman - but that all changed when the right one came into my world. for me - the romance started after the initial physical attraction & interaction. i never ever expected to get romantic feelings for a best girl friend - but it happened and to be honest....as a previously “straight” woman who has been with the same man since 18....it took me by complete storm BUT is one of the most fulfilling feelings i’ve ever felt. we get to be bff’s and add all the cheesy, romantic, feeling exchanging gestures we want and always seems to lift us up. AND the kissing.....it’s a highlight ;)
  4. Welcome, you found a great and safe place to communicate with women who feel the same as you and are in similar situations. We all navigate it differently, but the discussion and openness has been a saving grace for many of us, self included.
  5. welcome back!
  6. omg - this is exactly how i feel!!! Chick on the outside but sometimes i have the maturity level of a teenage boy! lol (not always, but it takes a certain level of appreciation to “get me”)
  7. can we morph the subject to top 5 lists by decade???? I’m sure we can each find 5 solid rock songs from 60s - 2010’s! Just an idea!
  8. Keep healing @Ambrosia, lifting a weight by sharing and being well received is such a great feeling! Keep being your authentic self and you will continue to be surrounded by lots of love and acceptance.
  9. Will see them in concert this summer!!! Can’t wait
  10. Love me some rock! Foo Fighters - Everlong Dave Matthews Band - Crush 311: Love Song (Cure Cover) REM: Losing my religion Pearl Jam: Black
  11. I f-n LOOOOVE this one! i had the privledge of seeing it live with Disclosure & Sam Smith and wow!