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  1. Wow @FlaGrl08 go you! I am so happy to read this - sounds like she is getting more comfortable with it all! I hope u guys can sustain and that she treats you right! 4 days of silence is harsh!
  2. She is my person. She gets me through the good, bad and ugly. She knows just what to say and do to put a smile on my face and a pep in my step. She is more then just a best friend and a fwb. She is a soulmate. She is connected to me emotionally, spiritually and physically. Our affections and intimacy allow me to be freed and she gets to experience the "real me." Our chemistry is off the charts and we are almost always in sync. She is a special love, one that is real and honest and understands the complexity and balance of our "traditional lives" and our "secret life." She is my lover, my burst of erotic and my pleasure and I am hers. She is compassionate and always makes me feel safe. She lets me vulnerable. She is my fun, my side kick, the music that lifts me up. She is my girl and she is way more then just sex. She is the piece to my ultimate happiness. So not a straight forward answer, but one that fully describes what I need and want with a woman.
  3. Try not to take it personally, she did u a favor and didn't leave you guessing! Way better frame of mind to move on to someone more deserving!
  4. Hi @Curious-bi-dreamer welcome and rest assured you are in good company. Most of the background of my story can be found in the Married section and is titled What's going on? And a second one What's Going On Update. You should read those. The short answer is that after 3 yrs of friendship and discovering I had these feelings...I felt it out a little with cautious but flirty txts/convos until I was brave enough to tell her that I was feeling something as we grew closer and didn't understand it but needed to share it (thought it would give me closure and she would be flattered and then we would move on) lol...silly me...
  5. Yah @VirgoGirl love this And can totally relate. I agree with @Ambrosia be patient sounds like this will happen for u guys!
  6. This all resonates and having "made it to the other side" I can say, create your fate. My experience started very similarly in that I opened up to H about it as a fantasy, he was supportive. At first the rules were very clear "full disclosure" and in the beginning I didn't have awareness as to why it would be hard.... I began crushing on a best friend of about 3 years. We met Bc if our kids. Things moved very quickly once I had a green light and in the beginning it was fine to share Bc much of what we did was relatively innocent (kissing). As soon as I realized that our chemistry and connection was well beyond an experiment.... I stopped disclosing and her and I ended up having a whirlwind romance that was only for us. It imploded Bc her H caught wind and it was pretty devestating. But I learned a lot from it. I was able to have conversations with my H informing him that should I go down this path again I wouldn't be able to share, I'd need this for me and over time, he agreed. Needless to say, after 7 months of torture and rebuilding a friendship, her and I held on tight to boundaries... but finally did crumble. Moral of story, sometimes you have to make things happen and when you want something so badly and all the signs are pointing in the direction that yes indeed you can have it, make it happen. Life is too short.
  7. Ya it's clear she has arranged it so you are alone and she already has laid the ground work of the flirting and connection... catch her eye and if it lasts longer then normal eye contact, I'd go for it. Based on what u r describing as long as you are open and relaxed, she may already be planning to plant her kisses on you!
  8. Don't really have a preference, from me, you can always expect either a flavored chapstick or burts bees. For her- as long as we are insync she can wear whatever on her lips as long as she helps me clean off the evidence ;)
  9. So I don't want to bring this chain down, but also thought it was a good one to talk about the flip side of crying after sex.... My H and I have had a rough go the last year and a half and We are trying to hang on (we have been together since college, 2 young kids, jobs yada yada... )and sex has been a challenge for me (with him). I feel the connection has faded. We went away for a night to reconnect and I felt an overwhelming anxiety to "perform" and show him I was still into him by being intimate. With a little help from my friend Kettle One, I loosened up and we had a good time. There were definitely expectations for us to have sex...and we did. After sex, I escaped to the bathroom for a unclear period of time to cry. He didn't see or have ANY awareness of how hard it was for me (perhaps that is my fault for not communicating...) and it was so hard for me emotionally. Not sure how he would have reacted if he saw me cry bc he felt everything was rainbows and butterflies and I felt empty. Such a huge discrepancy in feelings and perception. I wish it was a happy cry, but it wasn't, it was a broken cry and it freaked me out. This happen to anyone else here?
  10. Tied up and twisted the way I'd like to be...

    1. Girlygirl


      Crash into me!!

      Love DMB

    2. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      Sounds like a lot of potential energy just waiting to be released...

    3. TBD78


      You know it ;)

  11. I have never formally "outted" myself with a label. People important to me who I am comfortable sharing with know I've been involved with a woman. I don't think I need to disclose or define anything beyond the information I need or want to share.
  12. If it doesn't feel right, don't stay in it or settle. I'm sure there is another woman who can give you want you want and need emotionally and sexually. Something else that was concerning wbout your post was the sleeping with her friend part. Not sure of your arrangement or position on safe sex...but for your and your husband's safety - I'd be sure to make sure all parties have been tested and clean.
  13. Agree with @JadeBleu15 you probably have a pretty good idea of what you want and that there needs to be a connection as well as a natural progression...I find men do not get this at all. Good things come to those who wait, keep your eyes open and nurture budding relationships and try and encourage your H not to rush or pressure you.
  14. OMG @Ambrosia I am so fucking happy for you!!!!! Sounds like four years of pent up energy went to good use!!!!! Im sure you rocked her world as much as she rocked yours!!!! Cheers to you! oh and btw welcome to the world of addiction.... Bc memories of a night like that is going to prompt a lot more wanting ;)
  15. Welcome @Stuck42 . What makes you think you are more into it? Is this both your first time exploring women? With these kinds of scenarios it is very exciting and easy to get caught up quickly, is it possible that she is just being more cautious or maybe just trying to keep things at a slower or less intense/exclusive pace given the married status?