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  1. TBD78

    personal relationships

    Yes I have met several amazing women on this site and have nurtured several friendships over the last few years. Super grateful for my shy peeps.
  2. One night stand definitely sounds fun and can be as much enjoyable as horrible bc u never know how it’s going to go. For me- having that special bestie to grow and learn and experience new things sexually with....wow, definitely my choice on the matter. With that extra emotional connection & attraction - the intimacy can be off the charts with desire....
  3. TBD78

    Am I bi

    Script your first experience however you like, however, what I will say from my experience as discovering this later in life and triggered by rocky patches (not infidelity), get an understanding of what you want and how you want to experience. There is a very big difference in an erotic one night stand vs. connecting deeply with someone on both the emotional and physical level. There is no right or wrong and you can also experience both - but my advice is don’t do it as revenge, bc that could result in a lot of hurt for a lot of people. Be mindful of the woman you end up with and her situation (especially if stakes are high and family/kids are involved). If handled well, it is a beautiful and fulfilling experience.
  4. TBD78

    Yeah, I think I'm def bi

    Welcome, i was there 3 years ago when I had my epiphany! Fun journey, enjoy the ride!
  5. You should include a walk in the Highline and end up in or around Chelsea or Meat Packing for nice shopping and food and night life. You can rent bikes all over the city and can do a really nice ride up and down the West Side. I am not sure if they have tours. If your crew is into Craft Beer or live music scene - plenty of cool options for a fun night out. As far as the statue... just my opinion... i’ve lived here my whole entire 41 years of life and never did it - i have always seen it from a dad (ferry or the bridge) but never went to walk up it...i don’t feel deprived... Have an amazing trip!!! Feel free to PM me with any questions
  6. TBD78

    Just Sex Vs Making Love

    @YellowHeart18 i have no advice - just wanted to share that you are not alone and i know this feeling and it’s a major internal struggle and i can relate
  7. As much as I embrace myself, i am not ready or interested in sharing it with many, definitely relate to you @justonekiss I’ve never been asked point blank about it. My husband and my girl are the only ones who really know - everyone else it is either un assumed (as I am married +kids and always presented as straight/feminine) at this stage in my life i am not interested in sharing this newish discovery quite yet (& maybe never). Something about the privacy of it all is also kind of enjoyable for me. I like having the secret and I also like listening to what my people really think on the topic so i will know over time (if i am ever ready)who are the safe ones. Some of my friends were aware that i had been involved with a female friend, however. i think the perception was curious/confused/troubled marriage/best friend connection. None of these friends ever once had an honest dialog with me about my sexuality.
  8. TBD78

    I want to start a new life

    Unfortunately the feeling you have @browneyedgirl146 is a hard one to shake but i recommend what these ladies are saying - take time but also do the work on/for yourself.. Do the work on yourself with a therapist (if that is an option) and really dig in and see how you can find the balance you need to feel fulfilled. this is not about you being broken or fixing you - it’s about you identifying things that aren’t working for you in your current role/life and figure what what kind if change (that takes your current responsibilities into consideration) and find a way to seek the happiness and fulfillment you desire. Children (especially younger ones) can be exhausting, mentally draining, hard....but they are our little people who need to be loved. nurtured and taught by the adults around them (not just mom) and it takes a village. (i am so grateful for my tribe who helped lift me up when i was feeling the same way and for my therapist who helped me dig in and see all things good/bad). Gain clarity when you get yourself into a good headspace. If it is an option,find some balance that gives you time to experience and sort through life’s big issues or gives you time to soul search. You got this! I know it’s hard, but whatever choice you make, make one that sits well with you and gives you some relief to how you are currently feeling. Good luck.
  9. I just had multiple trips to your coast last month!! I enjoyed the Cali vibe! it was not quite as hot a month ago :(
  10. lol well then i’m loving it! I never knew how awesome 40’s were! I’ll embrace it ROAR!
  11. TBD78

    Tough to meet bi women

    It is so very hard, especially after you are “woken up” and any gender is suddenly fair game and you never know if a new friend is digging on you or just trying to find a new pal to get a drink and complain about their spouses....
  12. Ya cougars! Wait, is 41 Cougar in training or am i there??
  13. TBD78

    Is this a girl crush?

    This is an interesting thread and relate to you @Lookingformyself2014 my “journey” started the same way with a fellow married mom friend. I’m not telling you what to do, just sharing my experience... I couldn’t ignore the volume of daily texts, the giddy i felt when we saw each other or the gut feeling that told me it was deeper than a typical best friendship and that there was an attraction. I was bold and spoke up.(after weeks of soul searching and Shybi). I was willing to take the risk bc i was able to reconcile if the feelings weren’t mutual and I was very careful with my words to not scare her with my confession. I also needed to free myself from it regardless of the outcome. I have no regrets. What i will say is read this and determine if this is the line or you would want to take it physical. https://www.scarymommy.com/platonic-intimacy-beyond-friendship/
  14. TBD78

    New York!

    Rani to answer some of your questions re: where to stay - depending on your budget and comfort needs- check out Kayak to compare rates around the city. AirBnB is also a good option if you have a particular neighborhood in mind i.e Chelsea (big lgbt community) or perhaps East/West Village - for a more authentic/less tourist trap kind of experience. Generally if u stick to Manhattan anywhere from downtown World Trade all the way up to Upper East or Upper West you will be ok. If you want swanky try Tribeca area or Meat Packing (home of Chelsea Markets and Google offices)....you get a nice mix of people, food, nightlife and shopping!