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  1. TBD78

    The frustration is real, too real!

    While it may feel like a missed opportunity...sounds more like you dodged a bullet! The right opportunity will come along!! Also, good for you for having the judgment and pulling back and not taking advantage of someone not of sound mind.
  2. This probably won’t help but as a married bi woman i will weigh in. Conceptually a Unicorn sounds wonderful and in a perfect world all 3 participants will be fulfilled. For me, I would not want to share. But I’ve also dug in and did the work and know a threesome for me would not end well. I also think many woman who want this experience haven’t taken the time to really know what it is they seek. Some feel a 3some will “spice it up” while some use “3some” to gather information about their attractions to woman.” As a married woman the last thing i want to do is Share. But i also think it is so taboo that married women feel compelled in some way to make their “man” feel less intimidated by the situation. I also think people are too afraid of the “information” that comes out of the experience...especially the women in the equation & they use their husbands as the crutch or lifeline to explore.... There is no way in hell i would want my husband to watch or participate, i could barely handle the request for details when it came down to it. I think (unfortunately) for you, you need to keep the power of the experience you are seeking and are incredibly selective based on your personal boundaries. .
  3. TBD78

    Newly bi advice

    i started a dialog by asking if she had ever kissed a girl. It was a good topic starter.
  4. TBD78

    Newly bi advice

    I can only share from my experience. I was in a similar position when i discovered an attraction toward a friend. I was spinning for a few weeks once it hit me but also paid attention to our dynamic. I took a risk - i knew that regardless of whether or not she felt the same way, she would protect the confession and be gentle with me. Bc i had thst confidence, I told her what I was feeling and was very vulnerable....it was the most terrifying but rewarding moment when I learned it was mutual. I would say, think of all outcomes and question how you think the person would respond and react to you reguardless of her response and really gauge the situation. My other piece of advice is try to avoid being too impulsive until you sort through all the rollercoaster emotions.
  5. Didn’t know i was LGBT until she came along and dayum my whole world got flipped upside down....for me it isn’t a gay or straight thing it was the discovery of this person that became so many things to me, beyond just finding a new best friend, partner, lover...A soul mate was discovered and the anatomy/gender was secondary. However, having opened pandora’s box with this person - i question where on the spectrum i truly am having gathered a lot of “data” and so i don’t label myself and just embrace it and have arrived at a shame-free place. If she was no longer my lover - she would remain my best friend and it would take a lot of work and healing and fighting of urges...but i’d keep my mind and heart healthy and i’d allow myself to heal and mourn should intimacy ever go away beteeen us. We had a few instances where we did have to end it and it hurt so badly - but the connection never failed and ultimately we found our way back. I am blessed we found each other.