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  1. I was “allowed” to experiment but it came at (what i felt like) was a cost. What I needed to be very private so i could experience my curiosity, understand it & process it turned into an ongoin inquisition. Every time “her and i” were out or together “he” would ask too many questions and needed to know all... that didn’t work for me. While there remains acceptance, a lot has been done to lose trust in the “allowed” part & has resulted in lots of information and withheld details...
  2. yay @FlaGrl08!!!! You deserve fun and to be treated properly! Hopefully u will find some summer lovin!!!!! :( @zzz_girl I hope in time and on your terms, you can restore the friendship.
  3. I’ve never used Slack, how confidential/private is it?
  4. Miss ya kid - always kept it light and colorful! Best of luck on all your future journeys!
  5. I totally and 100% get it. It is a life altering experience (in the best way possible)!
  6. Go you!!!! Enjoy and savor every second of it. There is NOTHING more incredible then acting on the heat between two best friends who love and lust for each other!!! So happy u got to experience this!
  7. It is possible, but doesn’t come without complications. It can be very emotionally & sexually fulfilling but both parties must be strong communicators and mature about the arrangement they are entering if they want to preserve a healthy balance . It is very easy to fall for your bestie in these scenarios. Managing emotions is important.
  8. touché! truth be told @BenedettaC, i would never go, but fun to think about! Quite happy in my situation ;)
  9. Doh @BenedettaC, just took the exam and i scored a 3.
  10. @BenedettaC what was that about NYC next week ;)
  11. Welcome @LaurieB and @Bruna_V you both are in great company here. There are lots of women here who have experienced this and processed what works for them thanks to the amazing ladies and support here. Spend some time reading the forums and posts and don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  12. Turn on, definitely not a turn off. It is a glorious sign for the other woman to discover how turned on her lady lover is.
  13. 100% u helped me so much when i was spinning out of control last year and i am forever grateful @BenedettaC
  14. ugh this conversation is so hard. i have the husband who says he is ok with it (but i’m not convinced), i have the girl (and we r so scared of consequences), i have me and my very jumbled up and confused mind (which is probably the biggest enemy bc it is afraid of the raw truth) and then i have a lot of data....sadly, no conclusions other then wanting both & knowing it is the balance that keeps me going. girls... we r all in this and trying to navigate what we need, want and feel. we also have responsibilities, commitments and morals that are constantly challenged. everyone’s story is unique - but the more “we” all talk, share and understand this piece of our lives, the closer we get to being fulfilled and free (hopefully)... or we can all remain tortured and there for each other Apologies for the ramble and mind dump... needed to get it out somewhere and this seamed like the most ideal spot...