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  1. Hey there, chicky. How are you doing? :)

  2. Welcome!!!
  3. I'm the kind of woman that loves to wear lots of makeup and do my hair. That said, my entire wardrobe is shorts, yoga pants, and black tank tops, and I wear either flip flops or converse. All the time. 90% of the time, I like women who are the same way. Dressing up is nice, but I'm from So Cal. so, relaxed style is more realistic. I don't mind makeup, extensions, fake boobs, etc. In fact I am attracted to it, but don't have a prissy attitude, THAT is a turn off. I agree with some of you, don't like long claw nails though. I do find androgynous women to be super attractive also. I loved Annie Lennox growing up. There's something so beautiful about androgyny.
  4. Welcome!!! You will love it here! I've been here a short time and I love it!
  5. Sometimes it would be nice to just be held and comforted when I'm feeling down. I had such a bad day today, my ankle and heel are killing me, and my guy is snoozing away.

    1. rankiec26


      Aww *hugs* I'm sorry to hear that you're in pain. :( I hope that the pain goes away soon and that you'll get lots of hugs when your man wakes up. :)

    2. tizoodle


      hope you've had better days since

  6. I like to watch the ones where they massage just slightly around the lips, and then a finger slightly touches it, then eventually full on massaging it, slowly. I always think, why don't any of my massages go like that? Lol. Especially when the masseuse is super attractive. There is a porn that I used to watch that had these two girls doing yoga, and one of them was new to it, and she needed help with her stretches and stuff. None the less, it turned into a sensual massage that lead to sex. It was so sexy, it was one of my favorites. And of course, it was on my old phone, and when it died I lost it. But one day, I hope to need that kind of help during yoga. Haha
  7. Hi!!!
  8. Nothing can prevent you from saying what you want other than you. If people reject you, then they do not deserve to be in your life!
  9. Staying up late watching porn and completely bored by it. I put on Will and Grace instead, now I'm laughing my ass off. Not how I intended my night to be, but who doesn't love Will and Grace! Xo

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    2. LuchaBella


      Me too! She's my favorite. Jack cracks me up too.

    3. tizoodle


      Miss that show. Too good. :)

    4. tizoodle


      Miss that show. Too good. :)

  10. Where were you in the relationship when you did it the first time? Maybe there's more emotional attachment now?
  11. I told my husband in the beginning of our relationship. And he is ok with me having a girlfriend as long as I don't stop loving him.
  12. I had a migraine so bad today that I couldn't see. Its finally gone now. Now I'm watching Scandal before I'm off to bed.

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    2. justonekiss


      :( I hate caffeine but sometimes that helps for me. Does that help you at all? Maybe keep a Cola or Mt. Dew

    3. LuchaBella


      I drank some strong coffee. But .mostly water, coconut water and Gatorade. It didn't go away until late last night. It sucked really bad.

    4. justonekiss
  13. Its my favorite fantasy. It doesn't take me long when I'm thinking of that haha