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  1. Such sweet torture. That first real life explosion might trigger a chain reaction. Or an earthquake.
  2. Agree. Lately my socializing has been fueled more by beans than beers. Which has the added benefit of making the trip home less complicated.
  3. I've liked some Crashpadseries pairings, and certainly appreciate its founder Shine Louise Houston's commitment to women's sexuality and inclusiveness. Some of the performers are too much on the sexual frontier and, frankly, too pierced and tattooed for my personal taste. I've found some girl/girl clips featuring Melissa Monet to be a guilty pleasure. She's closer to my age and seems to have a good sense of humor. She also approaches her work with, shall we say, gusto. When she cums, her eyes roll back in a way that is funny, alarming, and hot - all at the same time.
  4. I like that ... I'm skeptical without being cynical. I can be disappointed by people but seldom hate them. I've become a good cook by learning from my mistakes. I'm a loyal friend.
  5. You've got that right, Sister. You'd think that I'd get tired of the same greatest hits mix tape over and over again. :girlinlove:
  6. As with other people responding here, I cannot conceive of my husband making such a change. I fully support people being who they deeply feel themselves to be. It is without much cost to me to use whatever pronoun people want and treat them how they want to be treated. On the other hand, I'm both bi and binary. I've spent a lifetime dealing with either men or women. The non-gendered confuse me a bit, which is my problem, not theirs.
  7. I've had sex in the woods around Walden Pond. Despite the mosquitoes, we Thoreau-ly enjoyed ourselves.
  8. I've joked that if posted on a dating site I'd put fifty-five, look fifty-four. I'm in good shape and look good in the right light, after enough sleep. As people age, they often look like tired versions of themselves.
  9. Many thanks, trueme and TBD78. I feel well and truly welcomed.
  10. Welcome, fellow New England newbie. I'm not the biggest sports fan, but I appreciate the local pride shown in your hat and user name.
  11. Appreciate it, BiTriMama. Reading a couple of your spicier posts have given me flashbacks. Of an entirely agreeable kind.
  12. Thank you, Flirty. So far so good. People proclaiming their orgasmic propensity takes just a minute of adjustment.
  13. Thanks for the welcome, Shebop. From this side of the Atlantic, Westmeath, Ireland sounds lovely and exotic, even if its your everyday place to buy groceries and pay bills.
  14. Hello everyone. I may not be a typical newcomer here, but I'm happy to find this community. I'm married and in my 50s. In my late teens and twenties I had a couple of mind-blowing relationships with women that confirmed my inclinations in that direction. In my thirties and forties, with my husband's acceptance, I engaged in a few sexual relationships with women. I am currently monogamous with my husband, and am not looking to hook up with anyone else. I am able to bond emotionally with both men and women, but I am much more sexually attracted to women. I see this forum as an opportunity to exchange friendship and support, and to enjoy some of its flirty content. Nice to meet you all.