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  1. Anne Rice has a series which she wrote originally under a different name. It's 3 books and they are a sleeping beauty series.. BDSM - mostly.. but very well written. No offense if you like or have read the Shades of Grey series - these books are much better.
  2. @blueberry Thank you very much for your reply. I really enjoyed your example of the feeling of your bisexuality tapping on your shoulder when you least expected saying "hey, I'm here it's me." - it's so spot on! Sounds like you have a great relationship with your husband. I really do too. I love him very much and I am still very much in love with him as well. We have great intimacy and sex. We are quite busy - and I even wonder if I would even have the time for a GF. -- lol
  3. Just curious to know if there are any ladies out there from my neck of the woods in in P Town.
  4. @BiTriMama - This is a great post and reply - I would love to meet another married woman who is in the same place as I am - I just can't seem to know how to start that process. Any suggestions? -singles are ok too, but they may not understand the level of commitment to hubby and kids. - Make sense?
  5. @HeartChakra Thank you for your reply. My husband knows I find women attractive as well as men. I shared that with him a few years ago. He said he understands, but I am still having a difficult time opening up some of my deeper desires. - I feel that if i say, "I have been really thinking about meeting a woman, and gaining a friendships which may turn into more, but this isn't about our relationship or how I feel about you. Our relationship and family comes first. Oh and I may not want to share this experience with you.. it's only for me." - or something more eloquent.
  6. @Ona Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I will look through and find the posts you have written and hopefully I can gain a bit more insight.
  7. @Shy girl11 I wish I had a good answer for that. Sometimes I feel like I have a good grasp on my feelings; other times, I question everything.. Part of my hesitatation is the feeling of guilt. I don't want to feel like I'm betraying my marriage or husband and I am nervous about asking his opinion on how he would feel if I met a woman and had a "gf"
  8. @Ona May I ask - does your husband know about your gf? - if so how did you have that conversation? May I ask how you met your gf and how she feels about your situation? - just curious- I feel it gives me a better understanding in my own situation.
  9. @Cute&Curious Thank you. It's nice to know I'm not alone. I always feel so awkward explaining it.. It's such a fluid set of emotions and sexual appeal with both sexes, that it's not about preference to one or the other at different times of my life. It's ongoing.
  10. Right there with you. That's why I have enjoyed going to exotic dance clubs because I feel that it's the best way I can "indulge" without feeling guilty.. - make sense?
  11. Our kids are getting older too. We just had one graduate from High School. - I have had these types of feeling for years. It's ongoing. I have only been with a woman twice. And both experiences were with another couple when I was married to my ex husband. - So unfortunately I've never been alone with a woman. I have kissed a few on my own, and flirted but that's it. - -Sometimes I fantasize about what it would be like for me to just be with a woman without anyone else in the room. Just the two of us.
  12. I am bisexual.. I have always had an attraction to both men and women. I have never been in a relationship with a woman, other than friendship and some crushes.. which left me crushed. I am happily married. I met my husband 6 years ago this month. I was open to a deeper type of relationship at the time and looking to settle down. Our relationship isn't perfect, but we are pretty perfect for each other. - We work together as parents and as a couple which is very important to me. So, why do I feel like I still want to be with a woman sexually? - There are times, when it's an overwhelming sensation.. I can't stop thinking about meeting someone in a similar situation and having a sort of "friends with benefits" - "girlfriend" - I even have a difficult time describing it. So can you have both? Can you be happy in your marriage and still be attracted to women? Is this what being truly bisexual really feels like? A tug of war where you find yourself one day looking at a man and thinking "wow.. he is hot." And then another looking at a woman and think "she is so beautiful or sexy." - although 90% of the time I end of having more sexual fantasies when I see a woman than a man. - Perhaps it's because I haven't been sexually with a woman in so long.. - sometimes I just feel a bit lost.
  13. I turned 37 earlier this year, and I seem to hit spurts of sexual peak. About a year ago I had a hysterectomy, but kept my ovaries. I thought that my sexual appetite would change, but it just keeps going. There are times that even after sex I want to keep having orgasms. I masturbate regularly and usually end up with 2 or three orgasms - depending on how much time I have to invest. LOL - I have read that for women; we tend to reach a sexual peak or awakening in our thirties - unlike men who have it earlier in their 20s. My sexual libido has always been high, but I do experience more instances where I just want to keep having sex, or even just being aroused all day long..
  14. - I can't stop thinking about the incredible sex we had last night. You were unhinged, intoxicating, forceful, lustful. - The moment I felt your hands caresssing the curve of my back, my breasts, hips, waist, I knew I was in for a treat. You hauled me from the depths of sleeping and my body responded to every touch until my hips grew restless with anticipation pushing against you for more. - Your hands and fingers working their magic between my legs, inside me, forcing me to breathe harder and faster. You continued to work, determined to hear me scream and gush out until I pleaded for you to fill me from the inside. - When you finally decided to do so, I couldn't help but gush out again, and scream out. I met each continuous thrust rhythmically.. You wanted something from me.. I abliged... and you couldn't contain any longer coming with such force. My body still trembling from the orgasms... and now from feeling you release... I love you we heard each other say, as we drifted off into a wonderful deep sleep in each other's arms.. - Thank you again for last night darling. -Feel free to share yours-