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  1. Lizzie1967

    Travelling to Toronto

    Toronto is a beautiful city. There is so much to see and do. First what time of the year are you planning? Right now it’s still cold so pack appropriately ;) There is the CN tower it gives you a great view of the city. Ripley’s aquarium. The distillery district. We have museums, art gallery’s, then there is Centre island, if u like shopping check out The Eaton Centre, if u like the theatre, there are great shows to choose from, sporting events, great food, so many varieties of restaurants! Omg I could go on and on but I am not sure what u are looking for so I suggest u go on Toronto tourism. See for urself. You will have a great time no matter what u decide to see. We are all friendly here eh!
  2. I think if she had grown over the last couple of years she would be reaching out to you in a more personal way rather than back door on social media. I agree with TBD78 feed urself with people who are genuine and ones who don’t play games. In my opinion it seems like she is still playing games, look how fast she has gotten back in ur head, don’t give her that power. And ur not being rude, ur just reinforcing the silent message u sent her two years ago when u close ur social media accounts and then blocked her. You moved on then, keep moving in a forward direction.
  3. Lizzie1967

    Waiting on the Blindside

    I am nearing the end of a 28 year marriage because of being too honest. If I had to do it over again I would have never admitted to the way I felt/feel, even though he Initiated the conversation! I am not saying that it never works I am sure that there are understanding / supportive men out there, hell I thought I had one! Based on my experience I think men are insecure and I believe they are possessive! Meaning as long as it works for them than it’s ok. I know my advice doesn’t help u now but if u want to save ur marriage try to downplay how u feel about being with a woman. I know it’s not right but sometimes being too honest hurts more than it helps.
  4. Sorry u lost yr puppy dear that sucks.. Maybe someday u can get another when time is right.. 

  5. Lizzie1967

    Inspiring Pictures Of Women With Women

    Thank you for always posting such great pics - not only are they beautiful and inspirational but gives me hope that one day I will no longer be confined by my own fear and free to live and be that happy!
  6. Lizzie1967

    He found out about my girlfriend

    My story is a little different, it started off as a mutual want. We had talked about a threesome. I thought I was the luckiest woman having the most supportive, understanding H in the world! The conversation of it went on for years til it finally happened lets just say not the way he fantasized it. We had been together a few time and I was alone with herher a few times. When I was I shared all the details just like he asked and like we talked about. But he slowly began to change, I saw it happening and I stopped sharing that side of me. It slowly pecked away at what I thought was the strongest marriage anyone I have known. If I could go back yes I would have done things differentl. I only regret sharing that side of me now because of the way he turned. If I had known or suspected anything like this I wouldn’t have shown him how important it was to me. I wouldn’t have shown him how much I enjoyed being with a woman. I DEFINITELY wouldn’t have had a threesome. How did your husband find out about you GF. Why do you think he rejects your fluidity? Is he insecure? As for your husband wanting to know EVERYTHING about ur relationship with ur GF, I don’t think u should tell him. In my opinion and based on my own experience that won’t help him with understanding you more. Have u told ur gf what he has asked and is she ok with u sharing ur intimate details? I know the girl I started seeing after our threesome made it clear to me she did not want me to share any initiate or personal details with my H. Sending you strength, I know it’s a difficult situation. Good luck!
  7. There is just that something she has that I can’t quite put into words but draws me to her! If i had to say something about her physical attributes it would be her eyes and the way she looks at me, the fullness of her lips that invites me in to kiss her and the softness of her skin along with just how comfortable she makes me.
  8. Lizzie1967

    On the brink

    I thought that way too, Brin! I saw what is now happening to my marriage coming when my oldest started high school. I remember thinking we don’t have much in common anymore and I said to my husband we need to find common interests and start doing thing together for us not with just the kids. It fell on deaf ears and honestly I didn’t do much about it either. I was tired of putting in all the effort - that’s how I felt. Anyway, all I am saying is if u want to keep ur marriage together in the future start fighting now. Try to find common interests and do them together, have a date night start with once a month. Trust me if u don’t try now it’s definitely going to be that much harder when the kids are older.
  9. I thought I did 27 years ago and at the time it seemed right. I believe that true loves evolves. The two of you grow and become stronger together, remaining independent at the same time. I now know that I haven’t. We may find a love that is right for us at that time but becomes apparent whether it’s sooner or later, it’s not making us a better person. That’s when we need to decide do we hold on because it’s convenient and comfortable or do we look back with loving memories and start to search again for the one! I agree with you that The One is out there waiting to be found and searching as well we just need to stay positive and live the best lives we can while we are waiting for our paths to cross.
  10. It’s not so much the distance but the fact we hardly got to see one another. We could have met mid way more or weekends at her place. But I don’t have the freedom to come and go. My H has been very difficult and hasn’t been hearing me. I have told him exactly what I wanted so there was no mistaking how I felt. I have always answered to him and he has always know where I am, who I am with and what I’m doing. So to keep the peace and to not give him any reason to poison my kids minds I have remained obedient like always. However he can come and go as he pleases. I tried to keep my response short bc I didn’t want go so off topic on the original post. Thanks midnight for asking
  11. Kissing is amazing period! Man or woman if done right. But the softness of a woman’s lips, the feeling that u could be lost in that moment forever! The desire mounting between u from just a slow, soft, wet kiss is indescribable! So if I had to choose...
  12. Thank you Rani I have tried a few times, I know what u mean about our imagination having no limits ;) But until I can physically get to see her that door has closed. It’s been so long since I was able to tap into those thoughts not sure I even remember how to anymore. Getting to see her anytime soon is a bit difficult as I am going through a separation and I have to be careful with H. Been stressful all the way around.
  13. Lizzie1967


    Definitely one to be repeated
  14. I couldn’t agree more it’s very erotic! I used to love it, most of my conversations always ended up there. I would create fantasies, I knew how to turn her on and I knew she loved it. But for a while now she has just shut that door! Like slammed it. She will not go there with me. We live far from each other and don’t get to see one another often. She said it’s too hard, that it makes her miss me more. I don’t know what to do anymore. I am being loyal to her. I miss it, I don’t want to push her but I feel like my imagination is dying. Ur so right Rani the possibles are endless! Damn I miss it!