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  1. Before ShyBi, I used to think... I was feeling lost and alone, thinking no one could relate or understand how I was feeling. I would never be able to tell anyone about how I felt. I would never have the strength to be me Still working on it but getting there. When I found ShyBi it was like finding a distant relative I had never met but instantly connected with, it made me believe everything was gonna be alright - I was gonna ok! So thank you to all the wonderful welcoming ladies who have shared their stories, offered words of encouragement, giving me and so many other women here the strength to be ourselves and most of all giving us a voice!
  2. Glad to hear, it must be such a relief to have let go and moved on. Don’t look back cause when you least expect it she (new crush) will come along because you are now open and ready for her all the best!
  3. That’s amazing, happy for you! Thank you so much for sharing, it give me hope that things can and will turn around. New day, new possibilities! All the best
  4. I remember my first crush, she was my sons friend mom, I thought she was simply beautiful inside and out I didn’t really understand what I was feeling back then but I knew I liked to be around her. I remember I couldn’t look her in the eyes. That was a problem for me because I believe when u engage in conversation with a person u should always look them in the eye, shows ur interested in what they have to say. But with her I couldnt in the beginning I always felt if I did she would be able to read my inner thoughts. I know that wasn’t true but that is how I felt. I remembered I kept saying, just be yourself!! It was like a mantra I said when I saw her ....just be urself, til one day I the nerves were gone. I crushed on her for over 10years nothing ever happened and We have been friends for 15 years now. So my advice to you is be Yourself and just breath. You got this ;)
  5. I was raised catholic, I am catholic but less strict and less hard on myself, if that makes sense. Guilt has to be one of the worst emotions, for me anyway. Most of my life has been driving by guilt. Making everyone else happy always putting myself last. Well u could imagine when this side of me started to wake up. I tried so hard to not even acknowledge it and when I did I thought for sure I would go to hell because according to my religion it’s a sin. As time went on, a lot of time I started thinking for myself and not what I was taught. I realized that I am a good person and treat all people with love, kindness and respect. Aside from little white ones, I don’t lie, steal and I have never killed anyone. I thought how can loving someone be a sin. I was taught God loves all his children unconditionally, he (or she) ;) doesn’t pick and choose and if he did he wouldn’t love any of us because no one is perfect we all have faults but loving someone, to me isn’t one of them. It’s not a choice who we fall in love with or who we desire. It’s a feeling we have inside. We were born this way, the way God intended us to be! Just be a good person, love yourself and others!
  6. How's my Canadian peep? Staying warm I hope... :clapping:

  7. That’s awesome! Aren’t you glad you didn’t cancel? Best of luck!
  8. Lindalu thank you for sharing, that’s amazing and brave I am happy that things are going well. You sound very happy. It is so encouraging to others like myself who are at that very crossroad, I too have been married for almost 26 years and realizing I am no longer in love with my husband and trying to find the strength to take that step.
  9. 2017 has been an awaking of inner strengt. It has been slow and steady but at least I have been moving in a forward direction! I realized that I will be ok with whatever choices I make because they will be MY choices. My goal for 2018 is to stay positive and no looking back. Hoping we all have a great 2018!
  10. Didn't feel like saying hello then? X

  11. Good morning Lizzie, how’s things with you?

  12. I totally understand and I still do that too, delete the history on my phone as well and text conversations and sometimes even call history. My H doesn't have my password either it's just the paranoia - I hope one day u and I and everyone else who feels like this can overcome it. Best of luck.
  13. Not that I am an expert but here is my two cents. You are right dating sites are not for everyone. But if u are a married woman, a little shy and terrified that people can see right through you. So flirting with a woman is never an option! Your family knows everyone u do, all ur friends and u never really get time alone to urself and if u do you have to explain where ur going and who ur with! I never thought I would have gone to a dating site either - I guess you could say I used to be very paranoid now I am just a little paranoid! I am not getting any younger so I started thinking about my wants and my needs and I didn't want to have any regrets ! I am not encouraging or discouraging a dating site all I am saying is don't rule out anything until u give it a try. Especially if u feel there is no other way of meeting someone, maybe because ur under a microscope at home, maybe u feel u don't have gaydar or both as was the case for me. All I knew was I was missing something and I needed to try. Remember there are no guarantees in life u have to be smart about everything u do and trust urself. I just wanted to let you know that sometimes a dating site can work. Wishing you the best of luck!