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  1. I never wanted one when I was younger. I Changed my mind over the last few years but then I thought I was too old to get one. But recently my dog died. She was apart of the family for so long It has been hard on us. I took a print of her paw and decided to get that tattooed on me that way she will always be with me. Deciding to do that has helped with the sadness of loosing her.
  2. I know how difficult situation ur situation is because I am in a similar one. I have been struggling for awhile and we have been together roughly that long as well. I was holding on for the family that was the most important thing to me. I put my happiness and my wants aside far too long. The last couple of years our family dynamics have started to change the kids are growing up and moving out. It just left us alone and that made me see how much we have grown apart and it wasn’t coming back. He had said and done too many unforgivable things. I think I knew what I needed to do I had just been beaten down for lack of a better expression. But my time here and opening up to people closest to me helped me. I made my own decision but talking about what was happening helped to see passsd the trees. For me the hardes part was telling my kids. That was done very recently. For me a weight has been lifted and I know I am totally ready to move on. Whether I am alone or find someone to share my life with I am ok because life is short and all that matters is finding happiness within urself. For me that’s what I am in search of. I am not out of the woods yet we are just beginning our separation process and he is still not on board. I am sorry I went on too long about me but to answer ur question on pushing through, u just need to stay focused on ur needs, ur happiness! Dont worry about being alone or losing people that are In ur life now because the ones that matter to you and love u unconditionally will always be there for you. Keep taking it one day at a time. You will figure it out!
  3. This is a great site for support, to vent and just be urself! You can see by the positive response you have gotten already. I refer to Shy as an extension of my family, I may not get to visit but I know that they are always there when I need them. I would have sunk to the bottom with no light in sight had it not been for the support and acceptance the beautiful women of Shy have given me theough the years. Stay strong, keep ur chin up better days will come. Just know U have a safe place to come to vent, be supported and heard!
  4. Welcome ur going to feel at home here, there are plenty of women that feel the same way and are in the same situation!
  5. I am not going to say DON’T DO IT because I know everyone is different. I will however tell u my story. For me it was amazing! My H and I had a threesome about 6 years ago. We didn’t jump into fast either, we had talked about it for almost 10 years. I believed we had a strong marriage and a great relationship, I thought we were both on the same page. I made sure we were! He brought up the idea in bed one night, I didn’t even know I had those feelings. But I trusted him we had been married for 10yrs at that point. So After 10 yrs of talking about it. Being married for 20, thinking we were so strong, I said I was going to try to find a woman for us. I made sure he was good with it. He was! Or so I thought. That was the beginning of the end. It has taken such a toll on our marriage. We are separating after 27 years. I am not saying that was the only reason but it was the main contributing factor! If u are 100% honest with each other about what u want, what u need and what u expect then I believe it can work. However if u withhold the slightest issue or concern u may have about it, it will NOT work. Write out rules so each of you are crystal clear!
  6. Thank you Midnightbabe. Sorry ur going through this as well. It really is a tough situation.
  7. Thank you myladylove and amandajo. Ur kind words and support means so much. Some days are much tougher than others. Just when I thought we would be moving forward, especially now that we told the kids. But He is still playing games! I can’t believed I lived with a narcissist for over 27 years and it’s only been the last year that I have started to stand up for myself one thing I am afraid of is he will not let me go. I think I could write a book how he has manipulated me and kept me down just these passed few years. I like to think I am a smart woman, how could I have been so stupid! Dont get me wrong I am not giving up. Not now when I just started to find my voice. I just don’t understand how someone can treat a person such a way when they claim they are still in love. I hope one day soon I can write that I am out on my own starting a new chapter in my life.
  8. Thanks so much Kairi yes it has been very tough and I have lost faith over the last couple of years. However, he hasn’t come to his senses. He is still in denial and not taking any responsibility for things that happened to lead us to where we are today. I have somehow found an inner strength I never knew I had and have begun to pushed forward. I don’t know what my future holds but I am looking forward to it now.
  9. I have been on this journey for a while now and have been through so much with my H. There was a time when I thought he would support and accept this side of me, Long story short, I was wrong. I have been married for 27 years and I have realized for the last two that my marriage was over. I kept at it for the sake of my kids and keeping our family together. I am so lucky to have two of the most amazing kids both of whom I love very much. I have been dreading what I knew was going to be inevitable, telling them that our family dynamics was about to change. That day came today, we told them that we are separating. As hard as it was and as sad as I felt to do that to them and to our family I felt a weight lifted. They are sad but both said they saw it coming. They love us and want us to be happy. I know the next few months are going to be tough for many reasons one in particular is that I don’t think H is going to play fair but as long as I know My kids love me and are supportive I will get through this! Thanks for letting me share
  10. I agree with Bi-Curious Wife , ur overthinking it, maybe we all have at one point especially before we actually acted on our desires but believe me anything u desire or want that much when it happens you will enjoy it ;)
  11. I have been with a woman before and I hope to again! Before I was, I must have fantasized so many different scenarios and all were amazing. But I have to say each experience was so much better than any of my fantasies could have played out. Just relax and communicate, everything will be amazing no matter what position.
  12. I believe in love...I just wish I wouldn’t believe in it blindly
  13. That was a great article, its a reminder that we are all unique and we all have much to to offer, It’s our differences that makes this world a great place. Thanks for sharing !