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  1. Hi Elaine, Welcome along! This is a fab place to be and I'm sure you'll soon find your way round and hopefully get some answers and some confidence to get out there and explore your Bi side. You're never to old to start by the way!
  2. Thanks Vampire!
  3. Thank you BiTriMama
  4. Hey Welcome to the forum! It's a great place to be and hopefully you can get some help and advice along the way! I'm very similar to you, consider myself Bi but only came to realise this recently and I'm embracing the new me!!! I'm single with 2 kids and 2 dogs!!
  5. Hey everyone, Not been active on here for a while as well life got a little complicated with the woman I have a huge crush on so needed some time out to try sort my head out! Anyway things have settled (sort of) and I figured actually by hiding away from how I'm feeling is just hurting my own thoughts and I've taken some steps to keep out of her way (she's my daughters nursery worker so I've changed my daughters hours to avoid her completely)although it's nothing she has done I just need to do this for me! Sooo I'm back and this time I'm staying x
  6. Hi Sarah, Welcome along! This is a great place to be! I'm in England too!